Deontay Wilder: Tyson Fury rematch will end 'controversial talk' over decision

Wilder says he 'did enough' to win fight (0:26)

Deontay Wilder reflects on his fight with Tyson Fury, saying that he failed to make some adjustments, but still felt that he should have won the fight. (0:26)

Deontay Wilder has said a potential rematch with Tyson Fury will end the "controversial talk" surrounding the fight "once and for all".

Saturday's bout between WBC heavyweight champion Wilder and lineal champion Fury ended in a disputed split draw at Staples Center. Although Wilder dropped Fury twice during the fight, the Englishman dominated for long stretches and was ahead on most analysts' scorecards by the end of the 12th round.

Wilder claimed in his postmatch comments that his two knockdowns "definitely won the fight" while Fury said the "world knows" he was on the right end of the result, which was scored 115-111 for Wilder, 114-112 for Fury and 113-113.

The scoring from the judges, Alejandro Rochin, Robert Tapper and Phil Edwards, has been questioned, but Wilder said a rematch will set the record straight.

"I can't wait for #WilderFury2 to end the controversial talk once and for all," Wilder wrote on Instagram.

"It was an amazing fight and I wanted nothing but greatness to come from this. The fight lived up to the hype more than ever. When you put the best against the best, exciting things happen. I take nothing away from this fight but we won the fight.

"To beat the champion you must dominate the champ and to me I was the more aggressive fighter and landed the more effective punches. You saw the best Fury but you did not get the best Wilder and I still managed to get the job done."

Wilder also defended referee Jack Reiss' count for Fury's 12th-round knockdown. Wilder looked to have won the bout as Fury lay motionless on the canvas, with some fans questioning whether the Englishman got to his feet within 10 seconds.

"Did the count start 3-4 seconds too late or was the count too long is the question many are asking and debating about," Wilder added.

"The ref Jack Reiss is an amazing ref in which I've had the pleasure to work with on several occasions and he did a great job."