George Groves insists Chris Eubank Jr. is heading for a 'huge fall from grace'

Chris Eubank Jr, left, and George Groves, right, face off ahead of their WBSS semifinal on February 17. Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

George Groves has laughed off Chris Eubank Jr.'s behaviour and is in strong belief he is detached from reality.

Groves (27-3, 20 KOs), the current WBA world super-middleweight champion, will be making a second defence of his belt against Eubank Jr. in the semifinal of the World Boxing Super Series, an eight-man elimination tournament, on February 17.

And the Londoner believes the social media videos Eubank posts of himself training has created a false image of himself where fans view him as a "formidable force" going into the fight.

"He thinks he's going to win because it's destiny or it's his time," said Groves. "None of that crap exists, it's who is better on the night. It's not his time.

"The documentary which came out this week looks like 'Homes Under The Hammer' [a British TV show auctioning houses]. He's wandering around, opening windows, testing shelves and stuff in this big house.

"He has got to a position where he wants all the things he's wanted for so long, he probably thinks he's going to achieve them.

"But you've got to win some fights first, you know what I mean. There's no point dreaming about stuff which hasn't happened. He's getting a little bit ahead of himself.

"It won't be an easy fight, but the way he has been elevated means it will be a huge fall from grace for him."

Eubank (26-1, 20 KOs), 28, is the son of Chris Sr., who reigned as world middleweight and super-middleweight world champion in the 1990s.

The Brighton-based boxer has regularly posts training videos on Twitter and Groves believes his rival is deluded.

"A lot of things can go on with the Eubanks that I don't understand," Groves said. "It's just not reality.

"TalkSport [a UK radio station] were videoing terrible sparring he was involved in that I would never release then the dad jumps in and it is the blind leading the blind.

"The dad has absolutely lost the plot. He's got his new lease of life through his son. He's always had a desire to be loved.

"The pair of them have got themselves into a position now where some people have bought into it, they believe he is the next coming.

"They believe that he is a genuine article and that not only is he going to win this fight, but he is a formidable force. I don't see it."

Eubank will be boxing in his first world title fight while Groves has won two and lost three in world title fights.

It is the challenger who British bookmakers have the shorter odds for and Groves says it is down to Eubank's social media campaign.

"He has managed to talk himself into a formidable position, maybe even favourite," added Groves. "Why is there such a demand for this fight? Why do people think Eubank can win? I don't know.

"He's created this facade of the Rocky-style training montage. Putting up films of himself doing 98 punches in 11 seconds and stuff like that.

"That's his niche, that's how he's got his success, capturing a certain section of the public's imagination and most importantly, not having a real fight.

"That will capture a fair selection of the public's imagination, but as the fight gets much closer, a lot more people are seeing through it."

The winner of the fight, which is being shown live on ITV Box Office, will face off against either Jurgen Braehmer or Callum Smith in the WBSS final.