NFC East Q&A: Does Carson Wentz give the Eagles an edge for the future?

Carson Wentz is the man positioned to lead the Eagles into a bright future, but is Philadelphia in a better position long-term than Dak Prescott and the Cowboys? Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

Today's question: Does the presence of Carson Wentz make the Philadelphia Eagles the best-positioned team in the division for the long term?

Todd Archer, Dallas Cowboys reporter: This will surprise a lot of folks coming from the Cowboys reporter, but I’m going with Dallas and Dak Prescott instead. It’s not so much a knock on Wentz, either. It’s the state of the rosters for both second-year quarterbacks. Ryan Mathews, Darren Sproles and LeGarrette Blount will be free agents after this year. So might four other potential Philadelphia starters. That’s not a recipe for helping Wentz’s long-term success. Those players will help him right now, and I believe the NFL, more than ever, is a "right now" kind of league. But if we’re talking long term, you also have to factor in the age of left tackle Jason Peters. Now look at the Cowboys: They should have their three All-Pro linemen locked up this summer when Zack Martin joins Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick with megadeals. Ezekiel Elliott is signed through 2019 and won’t be going anywhere. Dez Bryant isn’t going anywhere. Terrance Williams re-signed on a four-year deal. Cole Beasley is signed for another two years. And apparently Jason Witten will play forever. To me, Prescott is lined up to be better for the long term.

Jordan Raanan, New York Giants reporter: No, that goes to the Cowboys. They have Prescott, who's maybe not as good as Wentz, but they also have star running back Elliott in his second season and a fairly young and dominant offensive line. It’s hard to imagine the Cowboys' offense not being an elite unit for the next three or four years. Wentz’s future is bright, but he doesn’t have quite the same pieces around him that Prescott has.

John Keim, Washington Redskins reporter: It’s hard for me to say that. So I have to say no, it does not. I think the presence of Wentz provides the Eagles with a good building block, but they're not yet the best-positioned team in the East. Dallas, with its offensive line, Elliott and Prescott, is the best-positioned long term. Wentz still has to prove he can be the guy, though I do believe the Eagles helped him quite a bit in free agency and the draft, especially by adding receivers Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith (as long as he stays healthy). I liked Wentz’s athleticism last season and felt he mostly played with poise. But his decision-making at times was suspect. Of course, having better targets should help in that area. The Eagles are in a good spot, and this answer could look different at this time in 2018. But for now, Prescott & Co. get the nod.