Steady Sam Bradford tops rookie Carson Wentz at Eagles' practice, but it's close

Eagles quarterbacks Carson Wentz (11) and Sam Bradford (7) performed well during practice Tuesday, running the offense with authority. AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Sam Bradford: UP

As the Philadelphia Eagles opened their final minicamp of the offseason, there was a last-week-of-school feeling in the air. That was most noticeable Tuesday when Bradford hit wide receiver Josh Huff behind two defenders for a long gain. Teammates whooped and cheered from the sideline as Huff sprinted into the end zone.

Wow moment: It had to be that deep throw to Huff. Bradford hit Huff right in stride, a step behind defensive backs Leodis McKelvin and Malcolm Jenkins. Bradford also made good throws to Trey Burton in traffic and to Jordan Matthews down the middle of the field.

Whoa moment: As accurate as Bradford was, it stood out when he missed a target. On one play, Bradford took the snap in shotgun formation, stepped back and fired a ball well over the head of wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Again, it wouldn’t have seemed worth mentioning if Bradford hadn’t been so accurate with his other throws.

Chase Daniel: DOWN

Daniel did not have a bad day, really. But he was a bit off on a few throws. He also had trouble with pressure a few times, even though there is no contact in these drills. Daniel wasn’t as consistent as he was in previous practices.

Wow moment: Daniel threw a pass to receiver Jordan Matthews, who was covered by linebacker Deontae Skinner, who jumped and tried to swat the ball away. But Daniel threw the ball high enough to avoid Skinner, then had it drop right into Matthews’ grasp. A good touch pass, in other words.

Whoa moment: Daniel had a little trouble handling snaps. One shotgun snap sailed over his head, prompting speculation that the taller Bradford and Carson Wentz would have had no trouble with it. Under center, Daniel fumbled a snap in the next period.

Wentz: UP

Overall, the rookie quarterback continued to run the offense with authority. If coach Doug Pederson stopped a play to correct something, it wasn’t noticeable. Wentz was accurate and self-assured in his decision-making.

Wow moment: Wentz’s best deep throw was to rookie wide receiver Hunter Sharp. He caught Sharp in stride between defensive backs Denzel Rice and Chris Maragos. Sharp did a nice job of beating the defensive backs to the ball, but Wentz laid it out perfectly for him.

Whoa moment: Wentz didn’t fare as well on another deep pass. He appeared to have a clean pocket and a decent view of the play. When Wentz threw, however, there was no receiver in the area. Safety Chris Maragos was there and made the easy interception. He followed up by running the length of the field with the ball.

Who won the day? Bradford had the overall best day, but it was close. Wentz matched him for the most part, with only a couple of errant throws to detract from his performance. Bradford was consistently accurate, which is his strong suit.