Ex-agent offers compromise on Joey Bosa contract stalemate

Good morning.

Former sports agent Joel Corry, writing for CBS Sports, provides a nice breakdown of the Joey Bosa contract dispute and also proposes a possible compromise to the current impasse -- a 75 percent payout of deferred signing bonus money in the calendar year and the inclusion of offset language.

Corry argues that deal is similar to the Chargers’ most favorable contract structure negotiation in Philip Rivers’ contract extension last year, and could get Bosa into camp.

My take: Corry’s proposal seems reasonable. Maybe the two sides could get to a deal like this done at some point before the preseason is over.

Ross Tucker, writing for Sports on Earth, argues in favor of Bosa’s principled stand regarding the contract impasse with the Chargers, and believes his deal can only get better the longer his sits out.

My take: That’s not the read I have. The Chargers have the leverage here if Bosa wants to play this season. And that means he might have to take a deal that’s not as good as previously offered.

In this interview with Mark Willard and Rich Ohrnberger of Xtra 1360 Fox Sports Radio, receiver Wes Welker joins the chorus of current and former NFL players telling Bosa to show up to training camp. “Sometimes you have to take a stand, but then sometimes you just have to show up and play,” Welker said. “Really with the rookie contracts where they are at, these guys are really going to be able to hit it on their second contracts. So to worry about the first contracts as much as they are, they probably shouldn't, because the second one's really where you're going to make your money.”

My take: NFL players usually stay out of other players’ business when it comes to contracts, so it’s been interesting to hear Antonio Gates, LaDainian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie and now Welker come out in favor of the Chargers regarding the Bosa contract situation.

Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith of The Mighty 1090 AM radio talked with Melvin Gordon in this interview. Gordon opens up about his improved play this season and also his relationship with mentor Adrian Peterson.

My take: Gordon is sounding more relaxed and comfortable during interviews this year, and I think that’s a product of how he’s playing on the field.