QB play has mostly been solid at Chiefs camp

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he’s been pleased with the play at quarterback through the first five days of training camp, and he has reason to be.

The top three quarterbacks generally have played well. There’s an occasional "What was that?" moment, but mostly Alex Smith, Tyler Bray and rookie Patrick Mahomes II have completed a lot of passes with a fair share of big plays and a few interceptions mixed in.

Reid still has to determine the order of the depth chart behind Smith, the starter. Bray has consistently been the next quarterback into drills, the spot reserved for the No. 2 quarterback. But Mahomes has received an equal number of snaps.

“They’re competing right now,’’ Reid said. “Obviously, Tyler has been here and knows a little bit [more]. I like what I’ve seen really from all three of them. I think all three of them have done a nice job.

The Chiefs have a fourth quarterback, Joel Stave, but he’s getting no work in team periods except for with the scout team.

Here are some of the passing stats for the top three quarterbacks from the three competitive practices the Chiefs conducted on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The other practices were conducted at something less than regular speed and quarterbacks in those conditions usually complete an inordinately high percentage of passes.

Keep in mind that Smith is usually throwing to starters while the other quarterbacks are mostly working with backups. But Smith generally works against the starting defense while Bray and Mahomes work against defensive backups.

It’s possible I missed a throw or two but at the very least these numbers are close.

Smith: 41-of-62 (66.1 percent) with one interception in full-team drills, 32-of-42 (76.2 percent) in 7-on-7 drills.

Bray: 27-of-45 (60 percent) with two interceptions in full-team drills, 21-of-32 (65.6 percent) with one interception in 7-on-7 drills.

Mahomes: 31-of-45 (68.9 percent) in full-team drills, 17-of-28 (60.7 percent) in 7-on-7 drills.

It’s interesting to note Mahomes is the only one who hasn’t thrown an interception in any of the three practices.