Davante Adams: Packers' offense will be 'new-school' under new coach

In December, Davante Adams volunteered the strongest statement in support of Joe Philbin that anyone in the Green Bay Packers’ locker room made during the monthlong tenure of the interim coach.

So who knew what to expect from Adams when the subject of his new coach, Matt LaFleur, came up before Sunday’s Pro Bowl in Orlando?

But Adams, who in late December said he would "love if the search stopped [with Philbin]," apparently came away impressed with LaFleur. The two met for the first time when Adams was in Green Bay before he left for the Pro Bowl.

"It was a great first impression," Adams told ESPN. "Great guy, young cat, which is great. You can be personable with him. He’s a good guy. I like his philosophy. He wants to bring in a new kind of innovative style -- an illusion of complexity. I like the idea of that. He kind of explained that to me. A great first impression so we’ll see how it goes."

For all the angst over how LaFleur will connect with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the 39-year-old first-time head coach said in his introductory news conference that one of his early goals -- aside from assembling his coach staff, a process that still has not been completed -- was to bond with as many players as possible.

"It’s not just Aaron; it’s going to be all the guys," LaFleur said. "I want to get to know everyone, every player on our roster."

It was only one meeting, but Adams believes he has a better idea how LaFleur will operate and more specifically how the Packers’ offense, which has finished in the top 10 only once in the past four seasons, can be retooled.

"A little more innovative, some more ‘new-school’ stuff, not necessarily trick plays," Adams said. "I think the RPO stuff will still stay alive, some of his crossing patterns, a lot of different things that maybe we didn’t do as much of in the past, he’ll bring that in.

"And moving me around, to get me different ways to get touches too is going to be big -- moving me inside, outside, just different opportunities, putting me in spots where I can really maximize my potential."

Adams is coming off his best season, one in which he narrowly missed the franchise record for catches in a season and was voted to his first Pro Bowl.

He expressed no concerns about playing for a first-time head coach who won’t turn 40 until midway through this season.

"That’s kind of the new wave though," Adams said. "That’s what everybody’s doing. It started over in L.A.; [the Rams] took a chance with [Sean] McVay, and he’s gotten that thing off the ground a little bit, so it’ll be cool."

Adams’ next interaction with LaFleur and the new coaching staff will come in April. Teams with new head coaches can begin offseason workouts on the first day of the month, two weeks prior to teams with returning coaches.

"We’ll have a little more time to get on it; I think everybody will buy in," Adams said. "There are only so many routes out there so it’s really the same thing, just different things that people call it. I’m sure he’ll mix it up a little bit, but it’ll still be pretty simple."

ESPN’s Jenna Laine contributed from Orlando, Florida.