Kerryon Johnson is the guy who will spoil 'Game of Thrones' for you

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – if you’re trying to avoid any chatter of "Game of Thrones" after an episode airs, you’d best avoid Detroit Lions second-year running back Kerryon Johnson. He wants to talk about it. He will talk about it.

And he does not care whether you’ve seen it or scream "spoiler alert" at him.

“I promise you, I don’t care nothing at all about it if you ain’t caught up,” Johnson said. “Look, I watched it. You can watch it. Man, I don’t care. I’ll spoil it. I’ll spoil it again, too.

“I don’t care. I don’t care.”

A few years ago, he wouldn’t have cared about "Game of Thrones" at all. Now, he’s invested enough not to want to wait even a minute to try and chat about it.

He started watching a few years ago, dug into Season 1 and stopped. He hated it. Was part of the "I’m not into Game of Thrones club" that occasionally pops up.

But he gave it another shot last year in training camp as a rookie with the Lions. Now he’s very, very invested, including “going crazy” after last Sunday’s episode, "Winterfell," which marked a pivotal point in the series.

“Any off time we got, when I was doing all my other stuff, I try to get a little episode in and I got hooked, so now I’m watching it and Arya, Arya came through in the clutch and did her thing and I was going crazy in my room,” Johnson said. “I was running all around the room. Because I thought they were going to all die

“I really thought everybody was gone, like, ‘Oh. Well. You know, hey, he tried.’ But they came through and they did their thing so I’m happy the show is going where it’s going.”