Cole Beasley's catch now remembered on a T-shirt

FRISCO, Texas -- After Cole Beasley made a catch that you had to see to believe, he simply went back to the huddle.

He made no wild first-down gestures. He did not celebrate in any way.

"It's kind of like the Barry Sanders deal. You kind of want to act like you've been there before," Beasley said. "I actually was never like a big guy in celebrating until last year when I kind of got something going a little bit. But that was more for marketing purposes. If it was up to me I wouldn't celebrate at all probably. Just being honest."

Beasley's catch -- in which he pinned a Dak Prescott pass to the nameplate on the back of his jersey and tapped his toes inbounds for a first down in the win against the New York Giants -- is now immortalized for those "marketing purposes."

It's on a T-shirt. There are no Cowboys logos on the shirt, but there is the term "sauce."

Beasley introduced that phrase last year when he led the Cowboys in catches with 75. With a game built on quickness, Beasley would simulate pouring hot sauce on his shoes after touchdowns. At the end of last season he was in talks with a hot sauce company about a marketing deal.

He might not want to celebrate, but he knows what a trademark celebration can bring him.

"You've got to play the game sometimes," Beasley said with a smile.