Browns' dream draft: Top QB plus Barkley, Chubb or Fitzpatrick

Kiper: First 3 picks will be QBs (1:53)

Mel Kiper Jr. anticipates the Browns will draft either Josh Allen or Sam Darnold and says it's possible the Giants will trade out of the No. 2 spot with the Bills. (1:53)

Imagine this NFL draft for the Cleveland Browns: They select the quarterback they want first overall, then three picks later they select the best player at every other position.

It could be defensive lineman Bradley Chubb or running back Saquon Barkley or defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick. Any of the three combined with a quarterback would give the Browns a special first round -- with three more picks awaiting in the second.

This draft scenario would be akin to the Browns having two first overall draft picks, one for the quarterback and one for every other position on the field.

Don't discount this possibility. The New York Jets traded up to the No. 3 pick. The Jets will be drafting a quarterback. The Browns are almost obligated to take a quarterback first -- and if they don't they risk missing on the guy they truly want. At this point it would be football malpractice not to take the quarterback the Browns like first overall.

If the Giants decide to take a quarterback at No. 2 -- Eli Manning is 37 -- or if they trade the pick to another team that wants a quarterback, the first three picks will be quarterbacks and the Browns would be left with their choice of everyone else.

The three teams that could trade up with the Giants are Buffalo, Arizona and Denver. Any of those teams would secure that the first three picks are quarterbacks. That would give the Browns their choice of players, any of whom -- on paper -- should make an immediate impact.

The top options:
 Chubb has always been an intriguing guy for the Browns, but with the Colts picking third it was generally thought he would go to Indianapolis. With the Jets now picking No. 3, Chubb could be there at No. 4 -- though it's also possible the Giants choose Chubb as a replacement for Jason Pierre-Paul, who was just traded. All the chatter about Chubb speaks to his ability.

Chubb is a big, fast, aggressive pass-rusher. He has lined up on both sides. In his last two seasons at NC State, he had 21 sacks and 46.5 tackles for a loss. There is nobody close to him as a pass-rusher in the draft.

Adding Chubb would be adding to a position of strength. The Browns have Myles Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah, both of whom are projecting as future Pro Bowlers. But adding Chubb, a guy the Browns like, would give Gregg Williams several pass-rush combinations.

There is also one truth in the NFL: The most important guy on the team is the quarterback and the next most important guys are players who can affect the quarterback. That happens either at corner or on the defensive line.

Chubb's addition would make the Browns defensive line young and formidable.

Barkley's addition would give the Browns' offense a weapon it needs, and would give the team a player who many rank as the best in the draft. Barkley has balance, vision and breakaway speed. Two noteworthy stats: Barkley had 54 receptions last season and has the all-time record for touchdowns at Penn State with 43.

At 230 pounds, he ran a 4.40 40-yard dash at the combine, something that isn't supposed to happen. The NFL compared his workouts to previous combines, and found that Barkley's 29 reps on the bench press were one more than Joe Thomas. His 10-yard time was better than receiver DeSean Jackson. His 40 time was better than Devin Hester's.

The Browns signed Carlos Hyde in free agency to go with Duke Johnson in the backfield, but that will not keep them from taking Barkley if they feel he is the best option. Hue Jackson and Todd Haley should easily be able to find roles for all three.

Fitzpatrick, the third option, is the only one of the three top players under discussion who would fill an immediate need. The Browns badly lack a shutdown corner, and though Fitzpatrick played safety during his final season at Alabama, he has played corner as well. The Browns like him at either position.

Fitzpatrick checks all the boxes. He's talented, aggressive and versatile. Williams could use him all over the field defensively. The Browns need someone who can turn the ball over, and Fitzpatrick had nine interceptions at Alabama, four that he returned for a touchdown.

One other option at corner would be Ohio State's Denzel Ward, a guy whose stock seems to improve as time goes on. If the Browns wanted to recoup the third-round pick they traded for Tyrod Taylor, they could move down from No. 4 to later in the first round and take Ward. Draft analysts generally have Fitzpatrick ranked ahead of Ward.

The bottom line: The Browns -- thanks to Sashi Brown dealing for the Texans' first-round pick and then Deshaun Watson's injury hurting the Texans' record -- are in great shape in this draft. They will likely come out of it with the quarterback they choose, and then either Barkley, Chubb or Fitzpatrick.

There will be discussion and debate about which of the three is the best option, but there won't be discussion that any of the three would be a significant addition to a team coming off a winless season.