Robert Griffin III again takes Browns' first-team snaps

BEREA, Ohio -- Two Cleveland Browns practices, two days when Robert Griffin III took all the first-team snaps.

Saturday seemed to show a clear delineation as Griffin worked with the ones and Josh McCown with the twos. The two got the bulk of the snaps, as Cody Kessler and Austin Davis took very few snaps.

Overall Griffin threw the ball better the second day than he did the first. The ball went downfield more, and there were more plays worth noting.

His day was not perfect. There was a dropped shotgun snap and an underthrown deep ball to Corey Coleman streaking down the sideline. Griffin completed a deep throw to a wide open Rannell Hall, but the ball was late and fluttered as Griffin threw while rolling out.

But there were good throws as well, and they seemed more noticeable than the first day's work.

A nice pass to the sideline hit Duke Johnson in stride (though he dropped it), and Griffin also hit rookie Rashard Higgins on a deep cross 20-some yards down the field.

McCown, meanwhile, remains consistent with more good throws than bad.

One player who stood out was Coleman, the Browns' first-round pick. He seems to be picking up routes, he has a powerful build, and he caught the ball well.

On a back-shoulder throw to the sideline, Coleman had to outfight Charles Gaines for the ball, and he did.