#TBT: White Sox wearing collars, no shorts

The White Sox and starter Carlos Rodon wore throwback jerseys that sported large navy blue collars. Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO -- The Chicago White Sox will be dressed for both dinner and a ballgame Thursday night with their infamous collared jerseys that harken back to the 1976 season.

"Business, casual," is how manager Robin Ventura referred to the look.

Those 1976 uniforms were better known for the shorts the White Sox wore with them on a handful of occasions. The White Sox will not be wearing the shorts Thursday, but will be wearing navy blue pants to go along with the white V-neck tops that have bold navy butterfly-like collars. The tops will be worn untucked.

“I wouldn’t want guys sliding in shorts, but I like them,” said manager Robin Ventura, who made his White Sox debut in 1989 as a player and never wore a throwback version of the jersey. “I’ve always heard they’re the most comfortable uniform everybody has ever worn. They didn’t necessarily like the way they looked, but comfort is going to be good.”

Maybe the players in 1976 weren’t fans of the jersey, but rookie Tyler Saladino gave the look two thumbs up.

“I think they’re sweet. I love them,” Saladino said. “I’ve never worn a jersey or a uniform with a collar. I think it’s awesome.”

Reliever Nate Jones said he found it interesting that the White Sox wore the look the entire 1976 season. He put emphasis on the word “interesting.”

“I don’t really care to expand on it, it’s just different,” Jones said. “I just don’t think it has been done before, or anybody did it before them.”

The uniform was considered a throwback look when it debuted in 1976. That means that by wearing them Thursday the White Sox will be throwing back to an era that was throwing back to another era.

The decision to wear the throwback jersey was inspired by the social media trend “Throwback Thursday,” where users of Facebook or Twitter post photographs or recall memories of the past. The posts are usually signified with the hashtag #TBT.

In addition to the uniforms, the White Sox will take the promotion even further with other retro elements in the ballpark like signage, video highlights and photos from the era.

“If we were wearing some shorts, too, that would be pretty old school,” said Saladino, who wasn’t born until 1989. “I don't know much about it; it was before my era, but it's probably a good thing we're not wearing the shorts.”

Ventura said that exposing the knees of players would have been a terrible idea.

“Yeah from sliding (players’ knees) usually are not pretty,” Ventura said. “Aesthetically, that wouldn’t be very good.”

What might make the most sense about Thursday's throwback uniforms is that the White Sox will finally be wearing white socks. The socks worn by White Sox players are typically black.