After 'a couple free meals,' world champion Chiefs hit 'reset' button

Is this the beginning of a Chiefs dynasty? (0:37)

Marcus Spears is confident Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs will continue winning for years to come. (0:37)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Very few key figures within the Kansas City Chiefs organization had won a Super Bowl before last month, so you could excuse any extended celebrating. But weeks after winning Super Bowl LIV, that hasn't really been the case.

"I don't think so," said safety Tyrann Mathieu, who was chosen by his teammates as their MVP in his first season with the Chiefs. "I try not to get caught up in that. I tend to always reflect on the things I've been through because it kind of keeps me grounded. It keeps me motivated to do more.

"It was such a great feeling to accomplish certain goals you set out to accomplish. My mindset is that it's time to reset and try to do it again. I think we've got a really good team and a really good opportunity. Not every team has the opportunity we have. It's important for us to kind of reset and just get back to work."

This kind of sentiment is to be expected from Mathieu, one of the more focused players in the Chiefs' locker room last season. But he's also one of the players all the others listen to, so his words carry weight.

On the personnel side of things, at least, the Chiefs are back at trying to build another Super Bowl-worthy roster.

"It was cool to win a Super Bowl," general manager Brett Veach said at the NFL combine. "But we're on already to the next season."

Coach Andy Reid won his first title in 21 seasons as a head coach, 14 with the Philadelphia Eagles and the past seven with the Chiefs. The story of his Super Bowl win and how it cemented his legacy as a Hall of Fame coach was told and retold.

"You only have a short time to enjoy that and then you've got to move on," Reid said. "That's where we're at. We took a little time off after the game, after the parade and that, and then we dove right back in and got busy and we're still doing that. That won't stop.

"I stay in the office so I'm kind of isolated a little bit that way. So there's not much change there. I'm sure for the players if you talk to them, they're out there, they're being recognized as world champs. I have gotten a couple free meals. That was nice. But I'm not out there that much to where I'm affected by it too much."

The Chiefs have much to do in preparing for free agency and the draft. Veach and his staff have been at it for some time, but Reid and the coaching staff were only able to dive in after the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

As for the players, it will be easier to gauge their hunger for another title in April, when the Chiefs gather for the start of their offseason conditioning program.

"They know there's a great challenge because other teams are going to be at their best and they're going to be ready for you and they're going to study you in the offseason," Reid said. "We've got to make sure we're on our A game as we come into the season.

"Maybe someday when we get a little older and we're out of the game we can sit back and go, 'Hey, you know what? We did pretty good there.' But right now it's buckling down and making sure we take care of business."

Wide receiver Mecole Hardman indicated recently he's been working out in preparation for next season.

"Ain't no time to rest like that," he said. "It's definitely tough [in trying to win back-to-back championships]. But we've got guys in the room that can make it happen. We've got the coaching staff for it. Now we know what it takes to get there and win it."

Mathieu, meanwhile, has a wedding to prepare for as well. He will marry his longtime fiancee in April.

"Then it will be back to work," he said.