Let's get Anthony Davis some help!

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In our ongoing NBA Front Office series, Tom Penn (general manager), George Karl (coach), Chad Ford (assistant GM), Amin Elhassan (scouting director) and Kevin Pelton (analytics director) are joined by NBA Front Office's senior consultant, David Thorpe. Today, the group weighs in on the New Orleans Pelicans and whether they can add some other pieces to help their young superstar, Anthony Davis.

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Tom Penn: As the New Orleans Pelicans' front office, we're in a unique position in that we have this seminal, special player whom we've got to align every personnel decision around. I remember the Chicago Bulls described their opportunity to build around Derrick Rose as finally giving them a clear direction. The Pelicans now sit in that space. So guys, what can we do to help Davis? What talent can we go get and surround him with that will make us a title contender? Who would be your two or three ideal complementary pieces for Davis? In what order should we acquire them? Or is there anyone on the roster who can be one of those pieces?