Dean Ambrose defeates The Miz to win Intercontinental championship

Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz during the first SmackDown Live episode of 2017. Courtesy of WWE

For the second consecutive week on "SmackDown Live" a title changed hands, with Dean Ambrose defeating The Miz on Tuesday night to become the Intercontinental champion.

Ambrose earned his second career Intercontinental championship by dethroning Miz, a six-time holder of that title, in the main event of "SmackDown Live." After getting hit by Miz's patented "skull-crushing finale" and the title belt itself over the course of the match, Ambrose hit "dirty deeds" to pick up the pinfall victory -- his fourth title victory since debuting in the WWE in November 2012. Ambrose's previous Intercontinental championship reign ran from December 2015 through February 2016.

The Miz held the title for 49 days during this, his most recent run with the Intercontinental championship. He had two shorter reigns with this title, which both lasted a single day in 2012 and 2014, respectively. He began this title reign by defeating Dolph Ziggler on "SmackDown Live" on Nov. 15.

Both The Miz and Ambrose are former WWE world champions, and Miz is one of a select group who has become a "grand slam" champion, having won the WWE world championship, the Intercontinental championship, the United States championship and one of the WWE tag team championships.

A rematch date has not yet been set.

One week prior, American Alpha defeated The Wyatt Family to win the SmackDown tag team championships.