WNBA Preseason Standings - 2010

Women's National Basketball Assoc.

Washington MysticsWAS201.000-1-01-071.059.0+12.0W22-0
San Antonio Silver StarsSAS201.000-1-01-088.567.0+21.5W22-0
Chicago SkyCHI31.750-2-01-177.070.8+6.2L13-1
Tulsa ShockTUL101.0000.51-00-090.080.0+10.0W11-0
Connecticut SunCT21.6670.52-00-186.371.3+15.0W22-1
Indiana FeverIND11.50011-00-170.073.5-3.5W11-1
Seattle StormSEA11.50011-00-178.574.0+4.5L11-1
Los Angeles SparksLOS11.50011-10-077.572.0+5.5L11-1
New York LibertyNYL11.50011-00-174.574.50.0L11-1
Phoenix MercuryPHO11.50011-00-182.077.5+4.5W11-1
Minnesota LynxMIN02.00020-10-171.580.5-9.0L20-2
Atlanta DreamATL02.00020-10-168.581.5-13.0L20-2

Standings are updated with the completion of each game.


  • W: Wins
  • L: Losses
  • PCT: Winning Percentage
  • GB: Games Back
  • HOME: Home Record
  • AWAY: Away Record
  • PPG: Points Per Game
  • OPP PPG: Opponent Points Per Game
  • DIFF: Average Point Differential
  • STRK: Current Streak
  • L10: Record last 10 games