UFC's Darren Till: Why I am the best fighter in the world

Till: My mentality is my biggest strength (3:12)

Darren Till talks to Layla Anna-Lee about the power of his mental strength and explains why he can't accept being second best. (3:12)

Darren Till has revealed to ESPN why he's the best fighter in the world and why he has the ability to win UFC titles in three different weight divisions.

Till (16-0-1, 10KOs), who last fought against Donald Cerrone back in Oct. 2017, plans to dominate the UFC scene and believes with his mental strength anything is possible.

"The advantage I have over every other fighter is my mentality," Till told ESPN. "I truly believe deep down that I cannot be beaten. Everything in life can either build you or break you.

"I'm not the strongest, I'm not this amazing wrestler, but I believe the skills I've honed over a period of time -- my stand up, my takedown defence, the way I position myself on the ground -- I just believe I can be the full package.

"I've got one thing on them all: I'm too intelligent. I'm too quick thinking for them.

"I'm not going all the way, I'm going to be the best fighter that's ever fought in MMA. That's what I truly believe.

"I don't reckon I'm going to get the title in welterweight, middleweight or light heavyweight -- I know. When I put my mind to things I'm a powerful individual. I can make it a reality."

The 25-year-old welterweight believes his success is not only down to his self-belief, but also his mental toughness as an individual.

"I think 90 percent of it, I really do," Till responded when asked how much of his game is in his mind. "I know a lot of people have to have help with mentors and mind coaches, I don't need that stuff. This isn't arrogance talking. On my own I just make myself strong.

"I don't know how I do it, but my coach Colin has said, 'you are one of the most mentally tough people I've ever met'. It's a compliment coming from such a guy as him. It's hard to get a compliment from Colin you've got to be a special person or individual.

"I believe I am a special individual. It's a competition with me: I don't want to be considered second best, it's not enough for me."

Till acknowledges he's not the only fighter who has self-belief in abundance, crediting Kamaru Usman and Mike Perry as two other fighters who are equally as confident.

"There's a lot of guys out there with belief," he added. "Usman, he believes he's the best and I believe he believes it. Mike Perry believes he's the best even though he's coming off two loses. But I just know mine's a little bit different. I know mine gives off that certain energy.

"They question themselves 'this guy actually believes he can destroy me' and that can make or break some fighters. It broke the three fighters I fought last year."

Till hasn't got an upcoming fight scheduled, but is expecting an announcement soon following on from his recovery from sickness over Christmas.