Andy Murray reveals knighthood dilemma; Mourinho and Ferguson links

Andy Murray has already started thinking about life at the end of his playing career, and says he has pondered the possibility of some involvement in football.

But the 29-year-old has also revealed that he wondered if he was too young to accept the British knighthood he has just received.

"I spoke to a few of the people closest to me," Murray told The Times. "I didn't have too long [to decide whether to accept], but you think about something like that. It's obviously a big honour to be offered that, but with that comes maybe a little bit more responsibility.

"I'm still very young, I'm still competing and obviously don't want anything to distract me or affect my performance on the court."

Murray has reached the top of his game, ending 2016 as world No. 1, which brought him public messages of congratulations from Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez and Barcelona, but also private ones from other big names.

"I got one from Alex Ferguson and one from Jose Mourinho," he said. "That was pretty cool. I watch a lot of football and they are two of the most respected and best managers in one of the hardest sports to succeed in at the highest level."

Murray's interest in football is such that he has considered the possibility of establishing a link to the game when he has retired as a top-level player.

The 29-year-old made clear he wanted to stay involved in tennis, helping to raise standards in Britain, and potentially getting involved in coaching.

But his management company has also started looking into guiding up-and-coming sporting talent and that could provide a route into football.

"I would like to do something in football," Murray said. "I watch loads of it. I am into my fantasy sports a lot."

Murray is now preparing for the Australian Open, a tournament in which he has made the final five times but never won.

However, he insisted he is relaxed and in good shape to take on the challenge in Melbourne.

"I don't feel like I have mental hurdles now," Murray said. "I'm past that. I just go there and give my best to win. So long as I give my best effort, I don't judge myself or feel like I've failed here [Melbourne] or anything like that."