Ranieri: Leicester City have brought 'rock'n'roll' to the Premier League

Claudio Ranieri has said Leicester City are a "rock'n'roll side" and have a camaraderie he has never seen before in his career.

The Foxes manager, speaking to Italy's Virgin Radio, said their spectacular season had surpassed his greatest expectations.

Leicester lead the Premier League by two points from Tottenham and Arsenal, and Ranieri said the secret of their success was the bond the players have forged off the pitch as well as on it.

"When I arrived here, I said: 'Listen, lads, we're not the best players but we're 11 men just like our opponents and we shouldn't pay any attention to who they are. Just give me your best, and whether we win or lose doesn't matter,'" Ranieri said.

"Yes, we are a rock'n'roll side, you can say that. The truth is we have a very united dressing room in which everybody helps each other out, and I've never seen anything like it in my life.

"Our objective was to stay up -- we've done that, so now we're challenging for something which would be incredible.

"These lads have never got me angry. I understand them and motivate them if something's not right. I've always had the utmost faith in them, and if ever I do get angry then I just rant in a Rome dialect."

He praised prolific striker Jamie Vardy, whose outstanding performances he said were "exemplary" for anybody wanting to make it in football.

"Nobody knew him and he was playing amateur football five years ago," he added. "Then he scored 16 goals in the Championship, and he's exploded this year after scoring six goals in his first year in the Premier League.

"He's the first to press the opponents and he's an example to his teammates. I don't know if he took the lads out for a drink after we won games, but I don't care either. As long as he's training well, there's no problem -- they can all do what they want."