Six Nations: No disciplinary action against France over HIAs vs. Ireland

Referee Nigel Owens explained to Johnny Sexton why France's Antoine Dupont was being replaced under a HIA. Brendan Moran/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Six Nations will be taking no action against France or their players Antoine Dupont and Matthieu Jalibert following the head injury assessments (HIA) review of two incidents during their clash with Ireland.

A statement from the Six Nations outlined the findings of the HIA Review Panel which it had referred incidents involving the replacement of Jalibert after a half hour and Dupont in the closing minutes of the French defeat to Ireland.

The statement stated that "while there was some debate about whether or not it had been appropriate for the match day doctor to call for an HIA in the circumstances, there was no evidence of anyone within the FFR seeking to gain a competitive advantage" in either case.

The panel reviewed video footage of the two incidents, the forms completed by those carrying out the HIA in each case, the written conclusions of the HIA Review Processor at the match and and written statements from over a dozen individuals connected with one or both incidents.

In both incidents it was found that neither Jalibert nor Dupont had suffered a concussion during the relevant incident and both could have returned after their HIAs. It was also found that neither decision to call for an HIA was made by anyone who was formally connected with the French team. In both incidents, the match doctor supported by the video doctor.

Jalibert's HIA was also based on the player having been lying motionless on the ground for a time with Dupont's also based on the match officials' earlier indication that an HIA was required.

The Review Panel has recommended certain issues be clarified in the future to try to avoid similar cases arising, and Six Nations Rugby will be liaising with World Rugby and the relevant parties on those issues.