There is more to Scott Robertson than his dance moves

Many American sports fans wanted to know "who is this man?" when ESPN posted a video on Instagram of Crusaders Scott Robertson breakdancing on the Ellis Park pitch.

Opinions were split about the quality of the actual dance, but one thing the masses agree on was that it is something different. Something fun.

Robertson certainly is something different as far as your typical Super Rugby coach is concerned, and he looks a whole lot of fun too. In fact it was like he breathed some life into a competition that is getting more and more stale with every format change.

Robertson winked at the journalists sitting in the front row while celebrating his team's 25-17 Super Rugby final win over the Lions by drinking out of the miniature cup he had just received as a memento for the win.

"It's Powerade!" he answered with a massive grin on his face when asked what was in the cup.

But for underneath that layer of fun, and if you can manage to look past the quirky mannerisms, you'll find a damn good rugby coach, who rewrote the history books following his team's triumph at Ellis Park -- The Lions Den -- on Saturday night.

In his first season in charge of a Super Rugby team, the 42-year-old Robertson became the first man in history to win Super Rugby titles as player and a head coach. It's something he didn't even know about before a newspaper reporter quizzed him about it on the Thursday before the game.

Robertson, who was on the winning side in four of the five Super Rugby finals he played in for the Crusaders in the late 90s and early 2000s, was visibly emotional when he was asked to compare the feelings of the victories as a player and the win over the Lions. But, after another sip of "Powerade" the man they call 'Razor' said he was more than pleased with the achievement.

"It's pretty special to do it as a player and a coach, especially on the stage it was on today," Robertson said after the match.

"It sort of hasn't sunk in, really. To win against the Brumbies away (2000) and then win this away, as the only team to do it, that's what Crusaders do. We really worked hard to create opportunities to create history and we have."

The Crusaders also became the first team to win a Super Rugby final after crossing the Indian Ocean after holding off the 14-men Lions outfit in the last quarter of the game.

The Crusaders were undoubtedly the best team in Super Rugby this year, and their performance in the final, especially in the first half, was built on smart rugby, which was masterminded by a guy who likes to entertain his players by rolling on the ground.

"It's just another part of our history. Everyone always asks us whenever we go to one of these: 'You guys haven't won it for a while ... when are you going to win it?'

"Now we won't have to answer that question for a while, so that's great," Robertson added.

There is a lot more to Scott Robertson than just meets the eye. He is more than man who likes to breakdance. He is a Super Rugby champion coach.