Eddie Jones' England eye pre-2019 Rugby World Cup camp in Japan

England head coach Eddie Jones will look to bring his side to Japan on a pre-World Cup camp. Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

England head coach Eddie Jones has looked at the possibility of having a pre-2019 Rugby World Cup training camp in Tokyo to help his team acclimatise ahead of the tournament in Japan.

The former Japanese coach has set a goal for England to become the best team in the world but admits if the team fails to adjust in Japan, an upset could be on the cards.

"You could see upsets if teams do not take notice of the difference and adapt," Jones told The Telegraph. "There will be two different types of weather. It gets so humid and wet here in late September. It's almost impossible to hang on to the ball.

"In October the weather's beautiful -- warm, dry, 22C -- so the game will change. I suspect the early part of the tournament will be stop-start and kicking-orientated.

"The rest of the tournament will be about scoring in many different ways. I can guarantee you we'll be prepared. There's sports science ways of preparing and psychological ways. You need to make sure your players have endured it before so they're ready for it. Your body feels different."

Jones is looking to bring his England team to Japan in order to make such adjustments ahead of time, as they look to hit the ground running in a World Cup group which includes France and Argentina.

"It needs you to be self-sufficient here, so that we don't need to rely on the organising committee," said Jones. "We've got places where we can go that we know they'll look after us. We looked at a potential camp in Tokyo on Tuesday courtesy of the BOA, who we're trying to dovetail with."