Ben Ryan given land, mountain and waterfalls by Fiji

Fiji's appreciation for Ben Ryan's role in guiding their men's sevens side to Olympic gold has seen him awarded a three-acre plot of land which features a mountain and waterfalls.

Ryan, who was awarded the country's highest honour the Companion of the Order of Fiji last week, has also been given the title Ratu which sees him assume chief status.

The title along with his area of land was given to him by the people of Serua, one of Fiji's 14 provinces.

His plot, complete with mountain and waterfalls, is on the coral coast by Pacific Harbour while his new Fijian title is Ratu Peni Raiyani Latianara.

And the country plans to give Ryan and his wife, Natalie, a passport and as he weighs up his next move. He said after winning Olympic gold he would take a break from his role in charge of Fiji to decide where his future lies but the passport could see him return.

"If the passport comes that means suddenly she's [Natalie] allowed to work here and that's the sort of thing that might mean we have a return here," Ryan, who has received offers from Super Rugby, said.

"The Prime Minister had spoken to me about that, I just need to send him some confirmation that I want it and they will activate it.

"So yeah, if I can get that before I leave that will be pretty awesome, and if I do come back it will make things so much simpler for permit and visas for me and my wife."