Woodward labels Eddie Jones' vow of silence 'nonsense'

World Cup-winning coach Sir Clive Woodward says Eddie Jones should backtrack on his self-imposed vow of silence ahead of their key Six Nations clash with Wales.

With three wins from three, England will head into the showdown with Wales looking to take another step towards their first Grand Slam since 2003 but far from upping the ante, Jones says he will keep a low profile and will only speak to the press a week on Friday.

He said this approach is due to the criticism he received in the wake of his comments regarding Jonathan Sexton and added he did not want to be accused of gamesmanship.

But Woodward says this approach is wrong and Jones should be at the forefront of England's pre-match build-up to the Wales match.

"A fairly middling Six Nations to date has been much enlivened by Jones' pithy comments and shrewd observations and fans generally are very interested to know his views on Wales and Warren Gatland," Woodward wrote in his column in the Daily Mail. "Come on, this is the Six Nations. If we can't get excited and talk rugby together now - well, when?

"This is one of the biggest sporting stories of the winter and for England not to have their main man, and one of the most entertaining characters in rugby, spearheading all that is a nonsense.

"As ever when you try to make a stand, it can backfire. This morning all the talk and column inches should be about a flawed but really promising England performance, the return of true English grit and a hungry looking team who now face the exciting prospect of tackling the Welsh, who remain slight favourites. But not by much.

"Instead Eddie morphing into a Trappist monk will be kicked around for a few days more and will spring up again when Warren or Shaun Edwards start lobbing a few well-chosen words in England's direction, safe in the knowledge that there will be no comeback. They could have a field day here if they want."