Ask Steven: How many fly-halves have Italy used in the Six Nations tournament?

Nigel French/PA Wire/Press Association Images

How many fly-halves have Italy used in the Six Nations tournament over the years? SJ, England

In their 80 Six Nations matches since the tournament was launched in 2000, Italy have had sixteen different starting fly-halves -- so on average nearly a different pivot each Six Nations season.

Diego Dominguez heads the list with 14 appearances and was the regular starter from 2000 until he retired after the 2003 tournament. Luciano Orquera had 13 starts.

Here's the full list (2000-2016):

Diego Dominguez 14 starts

Luciano Orquera 13

Ramiro Pez 12

Kris Burton 8

Andrea Masi 5

Craig Gower 5

Luke McLean 4

Tomasso Allan 4

Kelly Haimona 4

Roland de Marigny 3

Andrea Scanavacca 3

Rima Wakarua 2

Giovanni Raineri 1

Andrea Marcato 1

Tobias Botes 1

Carlo Canna 1

Most of these were born abroad. Only six -- Scanavacca, Masi, Marcato, Raineri, Canna and Tommy Allan -- were Italian-born, accounting for just 14 of the 80 starts.

NB: Several of the above also started Six Nations in other positions -- McLean, Botes, Masi etc.