15Rob Kearney, FB
14Jordan Larmour, W
13Garry Ringrose, C
12Robbie Henshaw, C
11Isa Nacewa, W
10Johnny Sexton, FH
9Luke McGrath, SH
1Cian Healy, P
2Sean Cronin, H
3Tadhg Furlong, P
4Devin Toner, L
5James Ryan, L
6Scott Fardy, FL
7Dan Leavy, FL
8Jordi Murphy, N8
16James Tracy, R
17Jack McGrath, R
18Andrew Porter, R
19Rhys Ruddock, R
20Jack Conan, R
21Jamison Gibson-Park, R
22Joey Carbery, R
23Rory O'Loughlin, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: San Mamés Stadium
4:45 PM, May 12, 2018

Match Commentary

81'15-12 End of second half
81'Drop goal-missed
80'Tales drops back but his kick drifts badly to the left of the uprights. Leinster are European champions having led for a grand total of two minutes.
80'Racing are working their way towards the Leinster 22 and into drop goal range. Will Tales fancy it?
79'Racing have won possession back from kick-off...
79'15-12 Penalty goal - Isa Nacewa , Leinster
78'Sexton chases his own chip over the defence, Chavancy gets back but the whistle goes for the Leinster penalty. Nacewa will take it, and take his time.
77'Ringrose makes a half break and Leinster are into the 22 with a penalty coming in front of the posts.
76'Racing steal the lineout, but as the ball is fed back Thomas tries to run the ball back and is bundled into touch pretty much where the original throw was taken.
76'Kearney takes the ball into contact just outside his 22 and wins a crucial penalty. Sexton boots it into touch deep downfield.
75'Leinster have possession and Sexton clears long downfield to Nyanga.
74'12-12 Penalty goal - Isa Nacewa , Leinster
73'Leinster on the attack now, and Nacewa finds some space on the right wing. As the ball is recycled the Irish side win a penalty on the 22. Nacewa will take it..
71'9-12 Penalty goal - Teddy Iribaren , Racing 92
70'Racing claim their lineout on the Leinster 22, and as they drive towards the line Andrew Porter is adjudged to have collapsed it. Huge shot at goal for Iribaren.
69'Racing are within 10 metres of the Leinster line, but their momentum stalls and when Iribaren waits too long to get in and secure the ball, Ryan nips in and helps secure the turnover.
69'Player substituted - Bernard Le Roux , Racing 92
69'Substitute on - Baptiste Chouzenoux , Racing 92
66'Vakatawa and Nyanga with a couple of powerful carries to take Racing towards the Leinster 22.
66'Player substituted - Tadhg Furlong , Leinster
66'Substitute on - Andrew Porter , Leinster
65'The penalty have the legs but it drifts wide of the left upright. It's getting tense in Bilbao.
64'High tackle on Chavancy from Leavy and Racing have got a penalty just inside the Leinster half. Iribaren will have another shot at goal.
63'Iribaren takes a quick lineout to Yannick Nyanga who puts his head down and drives into the Leinster half. Iribaren then puts boot to ball but Jamison Gibson-Park is able to call a mark as he takes the ball inside his own 22.
62'Substitute on - Jamison Gibson-Park , Leinster
62'Player substituted - Luke McGrath , Leinster
62'Substitute on - Jack Conan , Leinster
62'Player substituted - Jordi Murphy , Leinster
62'Player substituted - Sean Cronin , Leinster
62'Substitute on - James Tracy , Leinster
61'Ringrose almost finds a gap in the Racing defence but Census Johnston does well to reach and tackle him.

Handling errors are starting to mount up, meanwhile, as the ball gets more slippery.
59'Racing do well to steal back possession inside their own half, but they give it back almost immediately as the ball is knocked on.
59'Substitute on - Ole Avei , Racing 92
59'Player substituted - Camille Chat , Racing 92
58'But it was another one on the limit of his range, and it drifts to the right of the posts.
56'Racing penalised at the breakdown, and Sexton has the chance to give Leinster the lead for the first time.
55'Substitute on - Jack McGrath , Leinster
55'Player substituted - Cian Healy , Leinster
55'Substitute on - Census Johnston , Racing 92
55'Player substituted - Cedate Gomes Sa , Racing 92
55'Substitute on - Vasil Kakovin , Racing 92
55'Player substituted - Eddy Ben Arous , Racing 92
55'Player substituted - Ole Avei , Racing 92
55'Substitute on - Camille Chat , Racing 92
54'9-9 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
53'Sexton will have a shot at goal from closer range. Racing penalised for offside and playing the man without the ball.
52'Leinster and Sexton aren't quite making the right decisions at the moment. There was the quick tap in the first half that got turned over and then the long-range shot at goal that could have gone to the corner. Are cracks beginning to appear in the Cullen-Lancaster machine?
50'Another sliced clearance from Nacewa on the left wing gives Racing a lineout on halfway.
49'Shank! Sexton takes on a mammoth penalty attempt from just inside the Racing half, but he gets it all wrong and the ball never troubles the posts.
45'Sixteen phases of Racing possession is brought to an end by a penalty for not rolling away against Leinster. Iribaren will have a shot at goal.
45'6-9 Penalty goal - Teddy Iribaren , Racing 92
45'Player substituted - Camille Chat , Racing 92
45'Substitute on - Ole Avei , Racing 92
44'Racing have the ball deep inside the Leinster 22, and they look to use power before spreading play wide.
42'Leavy places the ball in the tackle and then picks it up again. "You can't do that," Barnes tells him as he awards Racing the penalty.
41'The second half gets back underway with Leinster on the attack, but Nacewa kicks the ball straight out.
41'6-6 End of first half
40'Iribaren boots the ball out of play to bring an end to an absorbing first half. Racing, despite their injury woes, have probably shaded the first half but with the scores level the second period is set up perfectly.
40'6-6 Start of second half
39'6-6 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
38'Boos ring out in the San Mames as Nakarawa is guilty of a deliberate knock on. The yellow card stays in Barnes' pocket, though. The Fijian is very, very lucky.
38'Tales penalised for a high tackle as both he and Henshaw slipped. Leinster have a lineout just outside the Racing 22.
38'Player substituted - Joe Rokocoko , Racing 92
38'Substitute on - Louis Dupichot , Racing 92
35'Racing do not look comfortable under the high ball. Iribaren is the culprit this time as Kearney outjumps him and almost wins possession back for Leinster on halfway. After winning the ball he knocked on, however.
34'Iribaren hoists an up and under into the Leinster 22 and Kearney cannot claim it under pressure from Racing chasers. There was a knock on in there, though, so Leinster will have a scrum.
33'A roar goes up as Leinster take a quick tap but after Dan Leaby takes the ball into the contact, he gets overturned.
32'McGrath feeds James Ryan who makes ground into the Racing 22 and with a penalty coming for offside, Sexton puts boot to the ball but a blue-and-white hand disrupts it.
31'Leinster have a scrum just outside the Racing 22...
30'Dupichot has been forced off for an HIA, former All Black Joe Rokocoko on for the next 10 minutes at least.
30'Time off following a nasty looking collision between Dupichot and Henshaw as the Racing fullback tried to tackle the Leinster centre. Replays show it was an accidental clash of heads as Dupichot stepped in to stop Henshaw.
30'Player substituted - Louis Dupichot , Racing 92
30'Substitute on - Joe Rokocoko , Racing 92
29'A deep Tales clearance to the edge of the Leinster 22 gives Kearney to chance to counter and he does it with gusto.
27'A period of Leinster pressure inside the Racing is brought to an end by a Scott Fardy neck roll. "If anyone goes near the head, we have to protect that head," Barnes tells the Australian.
24'Sexton hoists an up and under at the end of a spell of Leinster possession that Louis Dupichot is unable to claim. Vakatawa covers back to mop up.
22'3-6 Penalty goal - Teddy Iribaren , Racing 92
21'Nakarawa takes Racing into the Leinster 22 and as the momentum slows Barnes comes back for an earlier penalty -- the Irish province penalised for collapsing a maul.
18'Henry Chavancy penalised for a deliberate knock on as he tackled Sexton. If he had caught it he was under the posts.
17'3-3 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
16'Thomas produced a brilliant tackle to stall Nacewa with his fingertips, otherwise that was a certain try.
15'Nacewa does brilliantly to ghost through Racing defence and take Leinster to within five metres of the goal line. As the ball is recycled Thomas thinks he has snaffled an interception, but the whistle goes for offside.
13'Thomas steps inside Nacewa to take Racing into the Leinster 22 but the whistle goes for a high tackle on Johnny Sexton by Bernard Le Roux.
11'Donnacha Ryan knocks on at the lineout, but he was played in the air by Devin Toner and Barnes gets a word in his ear to give Racing a penalty.
10'Isa Nacewa puts a grubber down the left touchline but Teddy Thomas does well to cover and mop up the ball.
7'Another wonderful clearance kick from Iribaren takes play into the Leinster 22. The young scrum-half has started very well.
5'Jordan Larmour gets his first touch of the ball and puts boot to the ball on the right wing.

Vakatawa limping in the Racing backfield -- they will not want to lose another player so early.
4'0-3 Penalty goal - Teddy Iribaren , Racing 92
3'Less than three minutes on the clock and Tales is already on. It also means that Iribaren is stepping up to take the penalty attempt.
3'Leone Nakarawa wins a lineout and suddenly Pat Lambie storms through a gap in the Leinster defensive line. Garry Ringrose penalised for a high tackle on Virimi Vakatawa.

Lambie stays down for treatment following a collision with Rob Kearney.
3'Substitute on - Remi Tales , Racing 92
3'Player substituted - Patrick Lambie , Racing 92
1'Wayne Barnes blows his whistles and Johnny Sexton gets us underway in Bilbao. An early touch for Teddy Iribaren, the Racing scrum-half playing in place of Maxime Machenaud and it's a good one. An impressive kick from the Frenchman.
1'Leinster and Racing run onto the pitch, with the French side all donning berets for the occasion. We're moments away...
1'Stuart Lancaster has rebuilt his reputation in Dublin since arriving at Leinster in September 2016. But Brian O'Driscoll doesn't think he will be in a rush to jump back into a Test role with Ireland.
1'Leinster start as favourites in Bilbao, where it looks as though the predicted rain has stayed away. ESPN's Martyn Thomas sets the scene.
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of the 2017-18 Champions Cup final between Leinster and Racing 92 in Bilbao.

Racing have been forced into a late change with the news that Dan Carter has been ruled out of the match through injury. Remi Tales comes into the squad and takes the former All Black's place on the bench.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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