15Jason Woodward, FB
14Tom Marshall, W
13Billy Twelvetrees, C
12Mark Atkinson, C
11Henry Trinder, W
10Billy Burns, FH
9Callum Braley, SH
1Paddy McAllister, P
2Motu Matu'u, H
3Fraser Balmain, P
4Ed Slater, L
5Mariano Galarza, L
6Ruan Ackermann, FL
7Jake Polledri, FL
8Ben Morgan, N8
16James Hanson, R
17Josh Hohneck, R
18John Afoa, R
19Freddie Clarke, R
20Lewis Ludlow, R
21Ben Vellacott, R
22Andy Symons, R
23Charlie Sharples, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Kingsholm
7:45 PM, April 20, 2018
Capacity: 16,500

Match Commentary

81'+133-12 End of second half
80'But they are unable to do anything with it and eventually Matavesi decides enough is enough and boots the ball into touch.

Gloucester deservedly take their place in the final in Bilbao next month. Newcastle started strongly but the hosts were the better team for 75 minutes, Matu'u's score in first-half stoppage time vital in breaking the Falcons' resistance.
80'Vellacott gets the ball out of the scrum but instead of booting it out, gives it to Charlie Sharples whose kick ahead of blocked to hand Falcons possession.
79'Matavesi loses the ball in contact, and that should just about be that. Gloucester have a scrum with a minute remaining.
77'Player substituted - Joel Hodgson , Newcastle Falcons
77'Substitute on - Tom Penny , Newcastle Falcons
76'33-12 Conversion - Billy Twelvetrees , Gloucester Rugby
75'TRY! Matavesi loses the ball in contact and suddenly Gloucester are on the attack. A flowing move ends with Woodward offloading inside to Ben Vellacott who speeds over. Gloucester are heading to Bilbao.
75'31-12 Try - Ben Vellacott , Gloucester Rugby
74'Substitute on - Charlie Sharples , Gloucester Rugby
74'Player substituted - Henry Trinder , Gloucester Rugby
73'Adam Radwan's pace takes the visitors into the Gloucester 22. You feel they need to score here.
72'Gloucester disrupt an attacking Newcastle lineout, but the Falcons manage to hang on to possession.
71'Substitute on - Ben Vellacott , Gloucester Rugby
71'Player substituted - Callum Braley , Gloucester Rugby
70'Substitute on - Sam Stuart , Newcastle Falcons
70'Player substituted - Micky Young , Newcastle Falcons
70'Player substituted - Scott Wilson , Newcastle Falcons
70'Substitute on - Trevor Davison , Newcastle Falcons
70'Player substituted - Billy Burns , Gloucester Rugby
70'Substitute on - Andy Symons , Gloucester Rugby
69'26-12 Penalty goal - Billy Twelvetrees , Gloucester Rugby
68'Gloucester turn defence into attack but Braley is caught just as the pitch looked like opening up for the scrum-half.
67'The Falcons lineout is a scrappy one, and as they look to force an opening Braley picks off a Hodgson pass.
67'Substitute on - James Hanson , Gloucester Rugby
67'Player substituted - Motu Matu'u , Gloucester Rugby
66'Zach Kibirige wriggles free and towards the goal line and as the ball is recycled Lewis Ludlow is penalised for being off his feet -- perhaps unfairly. Newcastle kick the penalty to the corner.
65'Hodgson loops a pass out to Evan Olmstead and Newcastle are up to the home 22.
64'Substitute on - Lewis Ludlow , Gloucester Rugby
64'Player substituted - Ben Morgan , Gloucester Rugby
64'Player substituted - Mariano Galarza , Gloucester Rugby
64'Substitute on - Freddie Clarke , Gloucester Rugby
62'Gloucester in possession and working their way into the Newcastle half. The hosts are looking pretty comfortable at the moment...
59'Player substituted - Sam Lockwood , Newcastle Falcons
59'Substitute on - Rob Vickers , Newcastle Falcons
59'23-12 Penalty goal - Billy Twelvetrees , Gloucester Rugby
58'Newcastle penalised for not rolling away close to their own line. Twelvetrees will have a shot at the posts.
56'Player substituted - Paddy McAllister , Gloucester Rugby
56'Substitute on - Josh Hohneck , Gloucester Rugby
55'Player substituted - Scott Lawson , Newcastle Falcons
55'Substitute on - Santiago Socino , Newcastle Falcons
55'20-12 Conversion - Joel Hodgson , Newcastle Falcons
54'TRY! Gloucester's defence is good but they are unable to keep a patient Falcons drive from their line, and Lawson has his second try of the evening.
54'20-10 Try - Scott Lawson , Newcastle Falcons
53'Gloucester pinged for collapsing the maul, Hodgson again kicks to the corner.
53'Player substituted - Maxime Mermoz , Newcastle Falcons
53'Substitute on - Adam Radwan , Newcastle Falcons
53'Substitute on - Mark Wilson , Newcastle Falcons
53'Player substituted - Gary Graham , Newcastle Falcons
53'Player substituted - Calum Green , Newcastle Falcons
53'Substitute on - Will Witty , Newcastle Falcons
51'Gloucester penalised for offside inside their own 22. Hodgson kicks to the corner rather than taking a simple three points.
47'TRY! Burns spots a gap in the Newcastle defence as it drifts wide, and runs straight through it to put the hosts within touching distance of the final.
47'20-5 Try - Billy Burns , Gloucester Rugby
45'Woodward finds some space on the right touchline but just as it looks as though the fullback has created a scoring opportunity, he is bundled into touch.
44'Mermoz is hauled into touch on the far side. He had been fortunate moments earlier not to get penalised for attempting to play Woodward in the air.
41'We're back underway under the lights of Kingsholm and the hosts have the ball once more.
41'+113-5 Try - Motu Matu'u , Gloucester Rugby
41'+315-5 End of first half
41'+315-5 Conversion - Billy Twelvetrees , Gloucester Rugby
40'TRY! Newcastle have no answer to the Gloucester drive this time as Matu'u takes advantage of it to score.
40'The drive look ominous as it powers towards the Falcons line before Calum Green is adjudged to have changed his bind. Another penalty, and another lineout.
40'Hodgson gives away a penalty as Gloucester counter, and again Burns boots it into the corner. The hosts will have one more crack at a second try before half-time.
40'15-5 Start of second half
39'After some good work from Ruan Ackermann, Polledri takes the ball up to the line but when Gauzere blows his whistle it's for a Falcons penalty, not a try.
38'Atkinson, Motu Matu'u and Twelvetrees punch holes in the Newcastle defence from the lineout as Gloucester close in on the goal line.
37'Gauzere blows for a Gloucester penalty as the hosts' scrum turns the screw on halfway, and Burns boots towards the corner.
35'The Shed think Callum Braley is running in for another try after Billy Burns dislodges the ball from Josh Matavesi in the tackle, but Gauzere calls a knock on.
31'Balmain isn't able to continue, and trots off to be replaced by John Afoa. Not a bad replacement.
31'Player substituted - Fraser Balmain , Gloucester Rugby
31'Substitute on - John Afoa , Gloucester Rugby
29'A break in play as Fraser Balmain receives treatment for a hand injury. Not one for the squirmish.
27'Billy Twelvetrees strokes the ball between the posts from 38 metres and the hosts have their noses in front, and their tails up.
27'8-5 Penalty goal - Billy Twelvetrees , Gloucester Rugby
25'The try really has lifted Gloucester, and the hosts make inroads into the Newcastle half.
21'TRY! Almost out of nothing Woodward breaks through the Newcastle defence before Tom Marshall takes a pass on his shoulder and slides over to score.
21'5-5 Try - Tom Marshall , Gloucester Rugby
17'Time off after referee Pascal Gauzère took a fairly hefty whack to his leg. It looked a bad one, but the French official is OK to continue.
13'Chris Harris chases after an intelligent chip through from Maxime Mermoz but Woodward wins the foot race.
12'Gloucester's turn to enjoy some attacking possession, but it comes to nothing as Mark Atkinson knocks on in midfield.
10'Ooh! That was not good from Hodgson, who spurns a conversion he would usually make in his sleep.
9'TRY! Another lineout, another drive and this time Gloucester have no answer as Scott Lawson takes advantage to dot down.
9'0-5 Try - Scott Lawson , Newcastle Falcons
8'A brilliant kick from Joel Hodgson gives Newcastle an attacking platform, and from the lineout the Falcons eke another penalty as the home defence struggles to contain their drive.
5'A couple of good tackles, first from Jason Woodward on the touchline and then Billy Burns as the ball is shuffled back inside help Gloucester survive a period of pressure from Newcastle.
3'Newcastle have started the match well and are building possession towards the Gloucester 22.
1'We're underway at Kingsholm, where the hosts are forced into some early defence.
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of Gloucester's Challenge Cup semifinal against Newcastle at Kingsholm. The winners will face either Cardiff or Pau in next month's final in Bilbao.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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