15Rob Kearney, FB
14Fergus McFadden, W
13Garry Ringrose, C
12Isa Nacewa, C
11James Lowe, W
10Johnny Sexton, FH
9Luke McGrath, SH
1Cian Healy, P
2Sean Cronin, H
3Tadhg Furlong, P
4Devin Toner, L
5James Ryan, L
6Scott Fardy, FL
7Dan Leavy, FL
8Jordi Murphy, N8
16James Tracy, R
17Jack McGrath, R
18Andrew Porter, R
19Rhys Ruddock, R
20Max Deegan, R
21Nick McCarthy, R
22Joey Carbery, R
23Rory O'Loughlin, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Aviva Stadium
3:30 PM, April 1, 2018
Capacity: 51,700

Match Commentary

81'30-19 End of second half
80'McCarthy boots the ball out as time runs down and the back-to-back defending champions are out. Leinster deserved winners, and they will be favourites now.
79'Saracens have not given up on their Champions Cup defence just yet but another handling error, this time from Itoje, looks to have ended their hopes.
79'Player substituted - Isa Nacewa , Leinster
79'Substitute on - Rory O'Loughlin , Leinster
79'Substitute on - Max Deegan , Leinster
79'Player substituted - Jordi Murphy , Leinster
77'Lowe does well to force the handling error from Farrell, as his attempted flicked offload to Sean Maitland goes forward.
77'Substitute on - Dominic Day , Saracens
77'Player substituted - George Kruis , Saracens
77'Player substituted - Mako Vunipola , Saracens
77'Substitute on - Richard Barrington , Saracens
76'Farrell's kick to the corner is good, the lineout finds a Saracens hand but Isiekwe knocks on amid raucous cheers from the home fans.
75'Garces is having a look at a replay to see whether Toner deliberately impeded Spencer's pass with his boot. He did, yellow card.
75'Yellow card - Devin Toner , Leinster
73'A pause in play as Fergus McFadden receives treatment following a clash of heads.
72'Goode takes Saracens into the Leinster 22, but the visitors give away a penalty for crossing as they close on the five-metre line.
71'Leavy again making a nuisance of himself at the breakdown to force a turnover. But Nick McCarthy kicks his clearance out on the full.

Liam Williams, by the way, has failed his HIA.
70'Bizarre moment as everyone apart from Garces think that Goode as knocked on as he looked to gather an up and under. Saracens onto the attack.
69'A standing ovation inside the Aviva as Sexton is replaced by Joey Carbery.
68'Substitute on - Joey Carbery , Leinster
68'Player substituted - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
66'Wray slalom through the Leinster defence and up to halfway but a big tackle from Devin Toner forces a knock on.
65'Player substituted - Scott Fardy , Leinster
65'Substitute on - Rhys Ruddock , Leinster
65'Substitute on - Andrew Porter , Leinster
65'Player substituted - Tadhg Furlong , Leinster
65'Player substituted - Luke McGrath , Leinster
65'Substitute on - Nick McCarthy , Leinster
65'30-19 Conversion - Owen Farrell , Saracens
65'Player substituted - Juan Figallo , Saracens
65'Substitute on - Titi Lamositele , Saracens
64'TRY! Saracens claim the lineout through Isiekwe and the hosts have no answer before Cowan flops over the line with the ball.
64'30-17 Try - Blair Cowan , Saracens
63'Garces decides, rightly, that Williams slipped into Kearney and therefore it is a penalty only. The Wales wing heads off for an HIA.
63'Ouch! Williams falls into a Kearney tackle in the right corner and he looks hurt.
63'Substitute on - Chris Wyles , Saracens
63'Player substituted - Liam Williams , Saracens
62'Alex Lozowski and Blair Cowan take Saracens back into the Leinster 22.
61'Ben Spencer is on and immediately puts some pace on the Saracens attack. But after Maro Itoje carries into the Leinster 22, the hosts secure the turnover.

We are then treated to some handbags as tempers fray.
60'Player substituted - Sean Cronin , Leinster
60'Substitute on - James Tracy , Leinster
60'Player substituted - Marcelo Bosch , Saracens
60'Substitute on - Alex Lozowski , Saracens
60'Player substituted - Richard Wigglesworth , Saracens
60'Substitute on - Ben Spencer , Saracens
60'Substitute on - Blair Cowan , Saracens
60'Player substituted - Schalk Burger , Saracens
59'30-12 Conversion - Fergus McFadden , Leinster
58'TRY! A powerful break from Ryan sets Leinster on their way before Sexton takes the move on. His pass doesn't quite find Ringrose, but Jack McGrath is there to gather and as the blue wave rumbles towards the tryline, it is Lowe who is powered over.
58'28-12 Try - James Lowe , Leinster
57'Saracens under huge pressure at the scrum but Wigglesworth digs the ball out and Barritt makes crucial yards before the former box kicks clear.
56'Leinster continue to hammer away inside the Saracens 22 but after 22 phases, Kearney knocks on as Sexton fizzes an attempted pass into him.
54'Leavy finds some space in the Saracens defence again but he doesn't have the gas to outrun the visitors and has to look for support. It comes from Ringrose, who takes the hosts into the 22.
54'Player substituted - Cian Healy , Leinster
54'Substitute on - Jack McGrath , Leinster
53'A Leinster penalty ends a period of Saracens attack. The visitors had built into the home 22 nicely but the ball was lost forward and as Lowe looked to clear his kick hit 'Terminator' Brad Barritt in the face.
52'Substitute on - Schalk Brits , Saracens
52'Player substituted - Jamie George , Saracens
51'Nacewa almost steps through a hole in the Saracens defence but forgets to take the ball with him.
49'Toner puts in a huge shove to almost drive Saracens off their own ball as Farrell is tackled. The visitors manage to cling onto possession, but not for long.
48'23-12 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
47'TRY! Two of Ireland's brightest young stars combine as a Dan Leavy exchanges passes with Ryan before sprinting under the posts. Excellent play.
47'21-12 Try - Dan Leavy , Leinster
45'A wonderful kick from Ringrose bounces just before the corner flag before flopping out of play. Saracens will have a defensive lineout on their own five-metre line.
43'16-12 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
41'George does well to get back and slap down the ball just as a Kearney led Leinster attack was looking dangerous.
41'We're back underway at the Aviva as Garces blows his whistle for Sexton to kick deep into the Saracens half.
41'13-12 End of first half
40'Fardy and James Ryan get up well to disrupt Isiekwe, the ball goes forward and that is it for the first half. Leinster have shaded it, just, but the match is finely poised ahead of what should be an enthralling second half.
40'Jamie George goes short to Jackson Wray. With a penalty coming, Farrell takes to the skies but it goes dead. The visitors will have another lineout.
40'13-12 Start of second half
38'A contribution of a hand in the ruck and offside gives Saracens a penalty following a good break from Alex Goode. Saracens will end the half with an attacking lineout.
37'Cian Healy is unable to collect a pass that was fizzed at him and Saracens will have a scrum near halfway.
35'13-12 Penalty goal - Marcelo Bosch , Saracens
34'Sexton gave away that penalty for kicking the ball away as he jogged back for the restart. Bosch has ensured he paid the ultimate price for a moment of petulance.
34'Sexton penalised on halfway and Marcelo Bosch is going to have a crack at the posts.
34'13-9 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
32'Leinster drive Saracens back before turning the ball over and laying siege to the visitors' five-metre line. Garces blows for a penalty, and Sexton will keep the scoreboard ticking.
30'Itoje does brilliantly to disrupt the Leinster drive, get his hands on the ball and secure the turnover.
29'Leinster win their lineout, set the drive and charge into the Saracens 22 before winning the penalty.
28'Kearney finds a gap momentarily but the Saracens defence is quick and it is quickly shut down as he looks for support.

Leinster retain possession and Richard Wigglesworth is lucky that Jerome Garces decides a penalty is enough for a late shoulder charge on Sexton.
27'10-9 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , Saracens
25'Penalty to Saracens as Jordi Murphy is penalised at the ruck. Farrell should have another crack at goal.
24'Liam Williams comes forward to claim a wayward Luke McGrath up and under and Saracens are on the attack through Vunipola.
21'10-6 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
19'Leinster are on the attack now, and even though Nacewa drops the ball as he attempts a kick they manage to retain possession.
18'Itoje knocks on as he attempts to intercept a Johnny Sexton pass, and in doing so collides with the Leinster fly-half's thigh. The Ireland man is in a bit of pain.
16'Ringrose doesn't let George Kruis get back to his feet after he was tackled, and Farrell will have a chance to eat further into the Leinster lead.
16'7-6 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , Saracens
13'Nick Isiekwe rises well to claim the restart for Saracens.

Some concern for the visitors as Vunipola required attention for a bloody nose following that Farrell penalty. The England prop is still on for the moment.
12'7-3 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , Saracens
11'The visitors build through the phases, deep into the Leinster 22. Vunipola is heavily involved as the hosts are forced into giving away a penalty.
9'A chop tackle from Nacewa on Mako Vunipola helps Leinster make the turnover and they can clear, although Nacewa looks for Lowe rather than distance and Sarries will have an attacking lineout.
8'Saracens are into the Leinster 22 for the first time.
6'The pitch opens up for Leinster again as Kearney glides over the turf. The fullback puts boot to ball and it dribbles out of play before either he or Fergus McFadden can catch it.

This has been an electric start from the hosts.
4'TRY! That is absolutely fantastic. Leinster break from deep and after James Lowe releases Nacewa on the left wing, the latter shows composure to find Garry Ringrose on his right shoulder and he canters under the posts.
4'TRY! That is absolutely fantastic. Leinster break from deep and after James Lowe releases Nacewa on the left wing, the latter shows composure to find Garry Ringrose on his right shoulder and he canters under the posts.
4'7-0 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Leinster
4'5-0 Try - Garry Ringrose , Leinster
1'We're underway in Dublin, and an early mistake from Isa Nacewa gifts Saracens a lineout as he kicks out on the full following a short kick off from Farrell.
1'No changes for either team, meaning Owen Farrell starts for Saracens.
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of the final Champions Cup quarterfinal of the weekend as Leinster host Saracens at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

Ten of the Ireland 23 that beat England at Twickenham a fortnight ago start for Leinster against the back-to-back European champions in what could be the tie of the round.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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