15Ben Smith, FB
14Nehe Milner-Skudder, W
13Jack Goodhue, C
12Ngani Laumape, C
11Waisake Naholo, W
10Richie Mo'unga, FH
9TJ Perenara, SH
1Karl Tuinukuafe, P
2Codie Taylor, H
3Owen Franks, P
4Brodie Retallick, L
5Scott Barrett, L
6Shannon Frizell, FL
7Ardie Savea, FL
8Kieran Read, N8
16Nathan Harris, R
17Tim Perry, R
18Ofa Tuungafasi, R
19Sam Whitelock, R
20Luke Whitelock, R
21Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi, R
22Damian McKenzie, R
23Anton Lienert-Brown, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Trafalgar Park
8:35 AM, September 8, 2018
Capacity: 18,000

Match Commentary

82'Well that's all from us at Trafalgar Park for the All Blacks vs Pumas. Make sure to follow along as we commentate what is sure to be a cracking match between the Wallabies and Springboks.
81'What an amazing match! It was played at high pace with some exciting tries. The Pumas really put it to the All Blacks, but this is why the New Zealanders are the best in the world, they just don't let you in. Next week the All Blacks take on the Springboks while the Pumas head to Australia to take on the Wallabies. Can anyone stop the All Blacks?
81'46-24 End of second half
81'46-24 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , New Zealand
80'It's all over and the All Blacks take it 46-24. The score implies a blow out, but it most definitely wasn't as they Pumas pushed the All Blacks constantly throughout the match, just the closing minutes fatigue got the best of the visitors and they were unable to hold the All Blacks back.
80'TRY! The All Blacks know exactly how to close out a match, they'll never give you an inch. A mistake from the Pumas and seconds later the All Blacks are over the line after McKenzie slices through the defence before he sends it to Goodhue who crashes over.
80'44-24 Try - Jack Goodhue , New Zealand
74'39-24 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , New Zealand
74'37-24 Try - Shannon Frizell , New Zealand
73'TRY! The All Blacks had the perfect opportunity to close the game out and seal the win. A penalty put them in the perfect position with a lineout within the Pumas half and some snipping runs from their back three and some razzle dazzle gave the All Blacks the territory before Shannon Frizell closed out his strong night with a try. The All Blacks stretch it out 39-24.
72'Player substituted - TJ Perenara , New Zealand
72'Substitute on - Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi , New Zealand
71'32-24 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
70'32-22 Try - Emiliano Boffelli , Argentina
69'TRY! What a great try, they set it up perfectly! The scrum collapsed but the ball was able to come out Cubelli sucks in Perenara and sends the no-look pass to Boffelli who made the perfect run to slice through the defence and get his first try of the night. Sanchez converts and it's 32-24.
68'The Pumas getting several chances metres from the line here. Three penalties five metres out from the line. They've played through two lineouts and were unable to find they line and decide to go for the scrum five metres out in line with the left post. It's the perfect position for Argentina to earn points.
65'Player substituted - Matias Moroni , Argentina
65'Substitute on - Juan Cruz Mallia , Argentina
63'The Pumas are really giving it everything now. They're really testing the All Blacks but they're starting to look fatigued. They're back in the All Blacks half and they'll to get something here to stay in this match.
63'Player substituted - Codie Taylor , New Zealand
63'Substitute on - Nathan Harris , New Zealand
63'Player substituted - Martin Landajo , Argentina
63'Substitute on - Tomas Cubelli , Argentina
63'Substitute on - Pablo Matera , Argentina
63'Player substituted - Tomas Lezana , Argentina
59'Substitute on - Matias Alemanno , Argentina
59'Player substituted - Guido Petti Pagadizaval , Argentina
59'Substitute on - Tim Perry , New Zealand
59'Player substituted - Karl Tuinukuafe , New Zealand
59'Player substituted - Santiago Garcia Botta , Argentina
59'Substitute on - Juan Pablo Zeiss , Argentina
59'Substitute on - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
59'Player substituted - Waisake Naholo , New Zealand
59'Player substituted - Kieran Read , New Zealand
59'Substitute on - Luke Whitelock , New Zealand
59'32-17 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , New Zealand
58'TRY! And again the All Blacks have replied and just keep building their lead. Sanchez sends a pointless kick down field and the All Blacks are just too good in broken play and TJ Perenara finishes an Anton Lenert-Brown break with the try as he dots it down right in front. All Blacks 32-17.
58'30-17 Try - TJ Perenara , New Zealand
56'25-17 Penalty goal - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
55'The Pumas close the gap just slightly as they take the penalty. It's not a try, but they'll be happy to leave the All Blacks territory with points. They keep in the game 25-17.
54'The Pumas are chancing their arm in attack and building their phases, but they need to remain patient. Execution just killing their chances at the moment.
51'Player substituted - Agustin Creevy , Argentina
51'Substitute on - Julian Montoya , Argentina
51'Substitute on - Gaston Cortes , Argentina
51'Player substituted - Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro , Argentina
51'25-14 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , New Zealand
50'TRY! The All Blacks are over. They haven't looked at their best, but Smith makes the break midfield and sets it up for his side who send it wide and Kieran Read finishes it off as he pushes through the defence to get it down. Mo'unga slots it from out wide and it's 25-14.
49'23-14 Try - Kieran Read , New Zealand
47'Substitute on - Ofa Tuungafasi , New Zealand
47'Player substituted - Owen Franks , New Zealand
45'The Pumas scrum has managed to hold strong just five metres from the All Blacks' line. They're in the perfect position again. They give it to their forwards to hit the ball up. But Ardie Savea is just too good at the breakdown and is rewarded with the penalty five metres from their line.
44'The Pumas are flying so far in this second half. They're charging down the field again, full of confidence as they put the pressure on. De La Fuente slots through the perfectly weighted kick, Mo'unga can't control it and Ben Smith is tackled inside his own in goal. These Pumas are on fire!
43'18-14 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
42'TRY! There's some real urgency from the Pumas, their forwards just keep pounding into the All Blacks defence as they look for the gap and finally they send it to Sanchez who just gets around Codie Taylor to dive over! The conversion is successful! What a start to the half! All Blacks remain ahead 18-14.
42'18-12 Try - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
41'And we're back on the pitch for the second half! The Pumas kick off and they send it long into the All Blacks 22m. And the Pumas have stolen it at the breakdown and they've got a great opportunity early in the second half.
41'+118-7 End of first half
41'+118-7 Penalty goal - Richie Mo'unga , New Zealand
40'It's been a frantic game so far with both sides looking to play fast, attacking rugby, but execution and ball control is hampering both sides. The last 10 to 15 minutes was all Pumas, but they just couldn't convert possession into points. While the All Blacks won't be happy with their frenetic play and sloppy handling as they bombed several opportunities in the Pumas half.
40'It looks like it's the All Blacks who'll get the last say of the half with the Pumas giving away the penalty almost directly in front. Mo'unga is on target and the All Blacks go into the break with a healthy lead 18-7.
40'18-7 Start of second half
39'Again the Pumas scrum just can't hold up against the All Blacks and after all they're work inside the All Blacks hald they're pushed back to the halfway their defence is back under pressure.
38'The Pumas aren't going into the break quietly! They've made three breaks within the past minute as they look to close the gap. They're putting plenty of pressure on the All Blacks and De La Fuente has dabbed it through, but Sanchez can't chase it down and it goes dead.
35'No TRY! Moyano did so much work to try stay in touch, but TJ Perenara looks to have succeeded and put Moyano into touch. Just the smallest bit of his boot seems to have flicked just the slightest piece of grass and the try is denied!
34'TMO! It was going all the All Blacks way, but the Pumas have hit back quickly with Sanchez making a sneaky break through the right side before Moyano finished off the break and places it in the corner.
32'The All Blacks are getting plenty of possession and territory, but are looking frantic and trying to play the ball too fast. They've made six handling errors and just need to take their time as they look for the break.
31'TRY! TJ Perenara has snipped through the defence and gives the All Blacks a buffer. The Pumas looked strong on their own line, but the All Blacks forwards looked powerful and drew in the defence, giving Perenara the opportunity to slip through the gap and slam the ball down. Mo'unga is unable to add the extras, but the All Blacks still lead 15-7.
30'15-7 Try - TJ Perenara , New Zealand
28'The All Blacks have continued to impress with their ability to change from defence to attack at the flick of the switch, but the Pumas are taking it to the New Zealanders! They're men out wide are making plenty of breaks and taking the line on. They're prepared to counter. But execution at the breakdown needs to improve.
25'The All Blacks just build the pressure on the Pumas defence and eventually are rewarded with the penalty. They take the line out and are just metres out from the line. But they can't convert the position into points with Barrett losing the ball just metres from the line and we're all the way back in the All Blacks half.
23'What a frantic phase of play!! The Pumas were unable to make use of their position just 10 metres from the All Blacks line, while the All Blacks quickly turned from defence into attack and shifted the ball from the wing into centre field where they found the gap. Unfortunately, the play all came to an end after a forward pass from Smith right on the halfway. Plenty of energy in this opening 25 minutes!
20'The speed and power of the All Blacks putting plenty of pressure on the Pumas defence, but they're yet to find a way through. They eventually give away the penalty and the Pumas find themselves in a strong position inside the All Blacks half.
20'Player substituted - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
20'Substitute on - Ben Smith , New Zealand
20'10-7 Conversion - Richie Mo'unga , New Zealand
18'TRY! And the All Blacks hit back straight away. Nehe Milner-Skudder was left all by himself after the All Blacks forwrds drew in all the defence. Milner-Skudder simply had to catch the ball and run into the corner to dot it down. Mo'unga has slotted a fine kick to put the All Blacks back in front 10-7.
18'8-7 Try - Nehe Milner-Skudder , New Zealand
17'Shannon Frizell is making plenty of impact so far this match, making several breaks and putting the All Blacks into some great territory.
16'3-7 Conversion - Nicolas Sanchez , Argentina
15'TRY! The Pumas are over for the first score. Ramiro Moyano had plenty of work to do on the left wing, but he was able to run around three defenders to go over untouched! Sanchez has converted and the Pumas are up 3-7!
15'3-5 Try - Ramiro Moyano , Argentina
11'The Pumas are really struggling at scrum time here, they've lost both their own scrums now and have been forced from just outside the All Blacks 22m all the way into their own half.
10'The All Blacks are getting taken to pieces with several players going to the bench early with injury. Ben Smith has been forced from the field with Damien McKenzie moving to fullback, while Brodie Retallick has succumbed to his earlier injury with Sam Whitelock taking his place.
10'Player substituted - Brodie Retallick , New Zealand
10'Substitute on - Sam Whitelock , New Zealand
10'Substitute on - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
10'Player substituted - Ben Smith , New Zealand
10'Player substituted - Ngani Laumape , New Zealand
10'Substitute on - Anton Lienert-Brown , New Zealand
9'Both sides are making snipping attacks, finding wholes in the defence, but both are unable to control possession. The Pumas will be looking to use a scrum inside the All Blacks half to build some momentum and get themselves on the board.
6'Penalty! Straight away the Pumas get a chance to hit back with the All Blacks pinged just outside their own 22m from the kick-off. Nicolas Sanchez has skyed it! Not a good start for Sanchez.
5'3-0 Penalty goal - Richie Mo'unga , New Zealand
3'Penalty! The All Blacks power through the scrum and the Pumas are forced to collapse the scrum. Mo'unga gets his first chance at points as an All Black, taking the kick just right of the uprights and outside the 22m. He slots it! The All Blacks get an early lead.
2'This doesn't look good, Brodie Retallick is grimacing and is not getting up. Medical staff are checking out his arm, but he's staying on and we'll see our first scrum of the match.
1'And we have a penalty already with the Pumas found offside just a metre into the All Blacks half. But a mistake from Mo'unga who can't find touch! The Pumas send it back to the All Blacks and they've made a massive break. Luckily for the Pumas, there's a knock on.
1'The All Blacks kick it off for the first time at Trafalgar Park! Mo'unga kicks off and sends it just outside the Pumas 22m, before they send it straight back into the All Blacks half.
1'They're on the pitch and now for the anthems and then, of course, the HAKA!
1'What a way to deliver the match ball!
1'We're only moments away from national anthems. The stadium is chock-a-block with fans flooding the stadium for the All Blacks first appearance at Trafalgar Park. There's a slight breeze at the ground, but it looks like a dry, quick pitch tonight, perfect for some exciting running rugby.
1'Here are tonight's line-ups.
1'Only 30 minutes till kick off, what should we expect from the All Blacks tonight? Richie Mo'unga makes his start for the side with Beauden Barrett moved to the bench, alongside six other changes. Will it be one way traffic at Trafalgar Park? Or will the Pumas put up a fight?
1'The toss has been won and the All Blacks will kick-off.
1'The All Blacks are in the house!
1'The Pumas have arrived! Can they get the job done?
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live commentary for tonight's Rugby Championship clash between the All Blacks and Argentina. New Zealand currently sit on top of the Rugby Championship table after two impressive wins over the Wallabies to claim the 2018 Bledisloe Cup, while the Pumas got one back over the Springboks, with a win at home in round two. Can the Pumas pull out something special and bag their first win over the All Blacks? Or will the Kiwis continue their impressive unbeaten run? Follow LIVE here.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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