4Sam Whitelock, L
8Luke Whitelock, W
9Aaron Smith, SH
3Owen Franks, P
7Sam Cane, FL
2Codie Taylor, H
6Liam Squire, FL
1Joe Moody, P
5Scott Barrett, L
15Jordie Barrett, FB
14Ben Smith, W
13Anton Lienert-Brown, C
12Ryan Crotty, C
11Rieko Ioane, W
10Beauden Barrett, FH
16Nathan Harris, W
17Karl Tuinukuafe, W
18Ofa Tuungafasi, FL
19Vaea Fifita, H
20Ardie Savea, P
21TJ Perenara, P
22Damian McKenzie, H
23Ngani Laumape, H

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Westpac Stadium
12:35 AM, June 17, 2018
Attendance: 34,422

Match Commentary

82'That's it from Wellington. France have shown plenty of determination and spirit to limit the damage after Benjamin Fall was sent off in the first half. Too many handling errors, for sure, but they were certainly the better team in the second half and they will be heading to Dunedin in much better spirits than New Zealand despite the All Blacks having won the game to secure the series. Thanks for your company.
81'Tremendous break on the left flank and seemingly the entire ground erupts to cheer the score.
81'France continue to play after the siren under a penalty advantage and Cedate Gomes Sa crosses for a much deserved try.
81'+126-13 End of second half
81'+126-13 Conversion - Jules Plisson , France
81'26-11 Try - Cedate Gomes Sa , France
78'New Zealand counter with Anton Lienert-Brown breaking, but gutsy defence from France and lack of patience from the All Blacks kill the opportunity.
76'TJ Perenara sparks an attack with a quick tap and go now he's returned to the pitch, but again a pass goes astray and the opportunity is lost.
74'France win the lineout but then concede a penalty in the ensuing ruck from first phase.
74'New Zealand now concede their 13th penalty, and France have an attacking lineout on the NZL 22.
72'New Zealand have missed 17 tackles to this point, and one thinks that'll be a point of work through the week. Also shows the amount of ball that France have had but been unable to use effectively.
72'Substitute on - Anton Lienert-Brown , New Zealand
72'Player substituted - Ryan Crotty , New Zealand
72'Player substituted - Anthony Belleau , France
72'Substitute on - Jules Plisson , France
70'France playing very strongly now we're back at 14 players apiece, and Mathieu Bastareaud walks through the tackle of Ryan Crotty, but again they lose the ball in contact and the opportunity id lost again.
68'Huge bust from replacement France hooker Pierre Bourgarit after collecting the loose ball at the back of a NZL ruck, but France denied the try as TMO George Ayoub has ruled a double movement.
66'Maxime Medard shows gas past Ben Smith on the right wing for France and kicks deep but Rieko Ioane and New Zealand get back just to defuse the situation. France really have shown spirit and commitment after conceding the first two tries.
65'Reiko Ioane shows tremendous wheels on the left wing after Ben Smith had taken a tremendous aerial contest on the right flank, but France have the defensive scrum.
65'Player substituted - Kelian Galletier , France
65'Substitute on - Alexandre Lapandry , France
64'France have dominated territory and possession in the second half, but they've done nothing with it. And now their strong attacking position is lost after Anthony Belleau is penalised for lifting Sam Whitelock beyond the horizontal in a tackle.
63'Can France step up now we have a 14-man contest for 10 minutes? Will they attempt more than a metre at a time?
63'Yellow card - TJ Perenara , New Zealand
62'TJ Perenara penalised for not rolling away from a tackle, and he's sent to the sin bin.
62'Substitute on - Maxime Médard , France
62'Player substituted - Geoffrey Doumayrou , France
60'France go through phases without threating a linebreak before losing the pill in contact, and New Zealand are back on halfway before conceding a breakdown penalty.
58'Player substituted - Yoann Maestri , France
58'Substitute on - Paul Gabrillagues , France
58'Player substituted - Anton Lienert-Brown , New Zealand
58'Substitute on - Ngani Laumape , New Zealand
58'Substitute on - Pierre Bourgarit , France
58'Player substituted - Camille Chat , France
57'Dynamic break from a lineout, and Jordie Barrett crosses for his second try. TJ Perenara finds Ryan Crotty as first receiver, and Damian McKenzie finds clear space for running. Second phase ball, and Barrett touches down. Fantastic move.
57'26-6 Try - Jordie Barrett , New Zealand
55'Player substituted - Aaron Smith , New Zealand
55'Substitute on - TJ Perenara , New Zealand
55'Substitute on - Baptiste Serin , France
55'Player substituted - Morgan Parra , France
54'Thae position is lost with the lineout throw from Nathan Harris not straight.
53'France go through phases 1 metre at a time before losing the pill in contact. Jordie Barrett roosts the ball deep and now they have a lineout on the French 22 after Teddy Thomas was collected while trying to run out of defence.
51'France now penalised for collapsing the scrum and New Zealand clear their lines. Nothing happened to this point really in the second half. Very disjointed. Which will likely suit French needs.
51'Substitute on - Nathan Harris , New Zealand
51'Player substituted - Codie Taylor , New Zealand
50'France knock on and the position is likely lost with New Zealand awarded the scrum.
50'France win the four-man lineout but NZL defend the ensuing maul to set Les Bleus on the back foot. France go nowhere before being awarded another penalty. NZL have conceded the past six penalties and referee Angus Gardiner says the next penalty will see a card.
48'France go through nine phases in tight, and they're awarded a penalty as NZL don't roll away from a ruck. Both teams warned about "niggle".
48'Substitute on - Cedate Gomes Sa , France
48'Player substituted - Uini Atonio , France
48'Player substituted - Dany Priso , France
48'Substitute on - Cyril Baille , France
46'New Zealand very lateral in attack and execution is off. Aaron Smith's service, in particular, is to the man not the space in front of the man, and France are able to defend the gainline. Lots of unforced mistake and then the All Blacks kick out on the full.
46'Substitute on - Karl Tuinukuafe , New Zealand
46'Player substituted - Joe Moody , New Zealand
44'Player substituted - Sam Cane , New Zealand
44'Substitute on - Ardie Savea , New Zealand
43'Liam Squire is reported to have an AC joint injury. (Shoulder.)
41'Jordie Barrett collects a high ball in sensational fashion on halfway and launches a strong counter, but France effect a turnover and they're back on halfway with a lineout.
41'Scrappy initial phases of the second half, with midfield knock-ons in contact either way. French scrum on their 10m line.
41'Ian Foster says New Zealand have to be "more clinical". Says the All Blacks got too loose and tried to play too quickly. Says looked like NZL had the red card.
41'New Zealand lead 21-6 at halftime, scoring three tries, but they'll think they need to execute better in the backline. Attacks often have stuttered and been too lateral, not taking maximium benefit from their one-man advantage. The French pack have been excellent in the loose, their back-row in particular, but Les Bleus are struggling to cover the red card to Benjamin Fall while their lineout needs to improve.
41'Player substituted - Liam Squire , New Zealand
41'Substitute on - Vaea Fifita , New Zealand
41'21-6 End of first half
41'21-6 Conversion - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
40'21-6 Start of second half
40'19-6 Try - Jordie Barrett , New Zealand
39'Try from nothing, after a strong run from Reiko Ioane. Anton Lienert-Brown collects the offload and heads strongly towards toward in midfield to link with Jordie Barrett who goes over under the posts.
37'France lose another lineout. They're having real issues at that set-piece, and they must do better given they're gifting New Zealand opportunities to counter from first phase.
36'Sam Cane penalised for a push on Morgan Parra after the pass at the back of a scrum. Some referees might have awarded a card. Unneccessary from Sam Cane.
34'Player substituted - Owen Franks , New Zealand
34'Substitute on - Ofa Tuungafasi , New Zealand
32'Half-break from the All Blacks but Jordie Barrett denied a try as Aaron Smith's pass drifts forwards. Otherwise the New Zealand backline attack is seemingly not in total synch.
32'Phases from New Zealand, featuring a half-break from Rieko Ioane but NZL penalised for going off their feet at a ruck. Getting just a little lateral in those phases and the French defence was not stretched.
31'14-6 Penalty goal - Morgan Parra , France
30'New Zealand penalised for offside, and Morgan Parra kicking for the posts. Meanwhile we have a flat ball. Neutrals perhaps wondering why they don't kick for the corner and an attacking lineout.
26'French back-row are each having an impact with powerful running in the loose. Kevin Gourdon, in particular.
26'Tremendous scrummage from France and Morgan Parra clears to halfway. Scrum penalty awarded, however, and France are back in the same spot but with the lineout.
22'New Zealand blow the attack, first with a knock-on that is mitigated by offside French defence. But Damian McKenzie then knocks-on from a first-phase pass from the ensuing midfield scrummage.
21'Slightly shapeless possession for France before Teddy Thomas collected hard in midfield by Liam Squire, who effects a penalty. Kick to the corner and NZL back deep in French territory with an attacking lineout.
20'Beauden Barrett has failed his Head Injury Assessment and will not return to the action.
20'14-3 Conversion - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
20'12-3 Try - Ben Smith , New Zealand
18'Damian McKenzie goes for the line, but held up. Poor recycling, but Ben Smith collects the ball and tip-toes through the non-existent defence.
17'France under pressure at the scrum, and they've conceded another front-row penalty.
16'New Zealand win the lineout but theyre unable to convert. Awarded a penalty, and they're going for a 5m scrum.
15'Jordie Barrett roosts for the corner deep in France territory.
14'7-3 Conversion - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
13'New Zealand's first possession in French territory, and they have seven points. Ominous given Les Bleus now are down to 14 men.
13'My oath that's a huge bust and run from Joe Moody off a flat pass from Aaron Smith at the back of a ruck.
13'5-3 Try - Joe Moody , New Zealand
12'Benjamin Fall has taken out Beauden Barrett in mid-air, and the red card was the "only decision" referee Angus Gardiner could make. Beauden Barrett lands on his head and is off the field. "Red card, no other option" is Angus Gardiner's explanation of his decision.
12'Player substituted - Beauden Barrett , New Zealand
12'Substitute on - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
12'Red card - Benjamin Fall , France
11'Good kick from Morgan Parra, and France deservedly ahead. Perhaps should be leading by more than three points given early dominance.
11'0-3 Penalty goal - Morgan Parra , France
7'Strong opening from France. Dominant in all phases of the game to this point -- apart from a couple lineout errors -- and they now have a penalty as Sam Cane pinged for pulling down the attacking maul.
7'Tremendous break there from Anthony Belleau, and alarm bells early in the NZL defensive alignment.
7'Jordie Barrett has the All Blacks back on the 10m line with a tremendous roost from the ensuing scrum, but France are soon on the attack again after a second clean break.
5'No try. Geoffrey Doumayrou loses the ball in the act of getting over the line. Tremendous break from Kelian Galletier to set up the opportunity, and credit NZ's scrambling defence. All Blacks dodged a bullet.
5'Benjamin Fall strong under the high ball from a first-phase kick from Beauden Barrett, and launches a strong counter from which France look to score a superb try.
2'Strong NZL scrum but Beauden Barrett overcooks the kickpass and France have a lineout back on the 10m.
2'Shaky French lineout but they retain possession and put the ball through phases up front before being held up in a maul from which the ball is not released as it collapses. Good work from the NZL pack.
1'And were' underway with Beauden Barrett kicking off, with the ball going into touch without touching a hand.
1'TJ Perenara leading Ka Mate.
1'Is there a better national anthem anywhere in the world than Le Marseillaise? Goosebumps. Pretty passionate rendition of God Defend New Zealand, also.
1'Rapturous welcome for the hometown All Blacks, as we should expect. Now for the anthems and the haka.
1'France are coming on to the pitch in front of a capacity crowd.
1'New Zealand have won the past 12 Tests of the 60-game history with France. How many people genuinely believe they will not extend that run to 13 today. It's been raining in Wellington but seemingly the conditions are OK.
1'Hello everyone. Welcome to our Live Text Commentary of the second Test between the New Zealand All Blacks and France in Wellington.

New Zealand won the first Test 52-11, but it wasn't without controversy.

New Zealand unsurpisingly have retained the squad that won last week at Eden Park in Auckland, while France have made five changes.

Our team of tugby experts believe we can expect another big score today. "With a win under their belt, and an unchanged side, the All Blacks will have worked the kinks out and will be one hard beast to slow down let alone stop."

Read the rest of our detailed preview of this Test, and the rest of the big-match action, in our preview.

Meanwhile, if you fancy and have time pre-game, here's a really strong piece from Greg Growden about the standard of officiating in the first round on June Internationals. Greg doesn't pull any punches, as you'd imagine.
br> Piri Weepu having some fun pregame.,br>

Good note here from Graham Paterson about where this Test sits in Saturday's sporting smorgasbord. Quite the feast.

1'0-0 Start of first half