4Sam Whitelock, L
8Luke Whitelock, FL
9Aaron Smith, SH
3Owen Franks, P
7Sam Cane, FL
2Codie Taylor, H
6Liam Squire, FL
1Joe Moody, P
5Scott Barrett, L
15Jordie Barrett, FB
14Ben Smith, W
13Anton Lienert-Brown, C
12Ryan Crotty, C
11Rieko Ioane, W
10Beauden Barrett, FH
16Nathan Harris, FL
17Karl Tuinukuafe, W
18Ofa Tuungafasi, FL
19Vaea Fifita, H
20Ardie Savea, P
21TJ Perenara, P
22Damian McKenzie, H
23Ngani Laumape, H

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Eden Park
12:35 AM, June 10, 2018
Attendance: 45,850

Match Commentary

82'Thank you for joining our live commentary for game one between the All Blacks and France. What can we expect in game two in Wellington? Will France come back? Or will it be more of the same from the All Blacks?
81'Champagne rugby for the All Blacks! France were in the match in the first half, but a controversial yellow card took the wind out of their sails and the All Blacks ran riot scoring seven tries, while France were kept scoreless.
81'52-11 End of second half
81'52-11 Conversion - Beauden Barrett , New Zealand
80'Beauden converts the try and puts an exclamation point on their massive win.
79'TRY TIME! Ardie Savea is pushed over the line by his support players and the All Blacks reach the half century.
79'50-11 Try - Ardie Savea , New Zealand
76'TMO. Damien McKenzie looks to have gone into touch in the corner. No double for McKenzie, but with four minutes left, he's certainly got enough time.
75'45-11 Try - Rieko Ioane , New Zealand
75'Player substituted - Sam Cane , New Zealand
75'Substitute on - Ardie Savea , New Zealand
74'TRY TIME! Ioane double! France finally with the opportunity to get some points, but were just going side to side before Ioane just picked off a floating pass before he ran 90 metres to dive over. Thomas put up a huge chase, but just couldn't bring him down.
73'Substitute on - Sam Cane , New Zealand
73'Player substituted - Ardie Savea , New Zealand
73'Substitute on - Vaea Fifita , New Zealand
73'Player substituted - Luke Whitelock , New Zealand
70'The wheels appear to falling off for France after they ruin one of their first opportunities in the All Blacks half. Thommas made a great break, but poor handling and a forward pass gives the ball straight back to New Zealand.
69'Substitute on - Bernard Le Roux , France
69'Player substituted - Paul Gabrillagues , France
67'40-11 Try - Ngani Laumape , New Zealand
66'TRY TIME! Now the All Blacks are just tearing the French defence apart. McKenzie puts the hammer down and slips through the defence before Ngani Laumape bumped off Medard to find the whitewash.
66'Player substituted - Aaron Smith , New Zealand
66'Substitute on - TJ Perenara , New Zealand
66'Player substituted - Codie Taylor , New Zealand
66'Substitute on - Nathan Harris , New Zealand
64'TRY TIME! Damien McKenzie on the field for just a few minutes and he's already pierced the gap and found the whitewash. Luke Whitelock ripped the ball in the tackle and from there the All Blacks couldn't be stopped with McKenzie running 60 metres to dive over.
64'35-11 Try - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
64'Substitute on - Ardie Savea , New Zealand
64'Player substituted - Sam Cane , New Zealand
63'The All Blacks are starting to run away with it here. France need to dig deep and find some possession if they hope to get back into this match.
62'30-11 Try - Rieko Ioane , New Zealand
61'TRY TIME! Rieko Ioane gets his first in the black jersey for 2018. A well worked move that's probably been run through plenty of times at training. Ioane running the shortside off the back of the scrum to find the corner.
61'Player substituted - Jordie Barrett , New Zealand
61'Substitute on - Damian McKenzie , New Zealand
61'Substitute on - Jules Plisson , France
61'Player substituted - Anthony Belleau , France
61'Player substituted - Judicael Cancoriet , France
61'Substitute on - Alexandre Lapandry , France
61'Player substituted - Ryan Crotty , New Zealand
61'Substitute on - Ngani Laumape , New Zealand
61'Player substituted - Morgan Parra , France
61'Substitute on - Baptiste Serin , France
61'Substitute on - Adrien Pélissié , France
61'Player substituted - Camille Chat , France
59'Huge head knock between two All Blacks players and one French. But despite Sam Cane's arm clocking Remy Grosso on the jaw it's only a penalty. Grosso is down the tunnel for an HIA, while both All Blacks with massive head clash remain on the field.
59'Player substituted - Remy Grosso , France
59'Substitute on - Gael Fickou , France
58'Player substituted - Owen Franks , New Zealand
58'Substitute on - Ofa Tuungafasi , New Zealand
58'25-11 Conversion - Beauden Barrett , New Zealand
57'TRY TIME! Beauden takes the quick throw in and the All Blacks send it through the hands for Ben Smith on the opposite side to dot it down. Crotty and Taylor getting involved again. Crotty taking on the defence and creating the gap which Taylor slotted right through before Smith ended the move with a try.
56'23-11 Try - Ben Smith , New Zealand
55'And Beauden Barrett converts to push the All Blacks go seven ahead.
55'Player substituted - Dany Priso , France
55'Substitute on - Cyril Baille , France
55'18-11 Conversion - Beauden Barrett , New Zealand
53'16-11 Try - Codie Taylor , New Zealand
52'TRY TIME! Beautifully weighted kick from Beauden -- that guy has done no wrong so far tonight! France looked to have defused an All Blacks try just moments earlier, but the All Blacks prove their are hard to stop, especially one man up in attack, with Beauden kicking for the sideline and Codie Taylor picks it up to dive over.
51'YELLOW CARD! Paul Gabrillagues goes high on Crotty and is given his marching orders. Replays show he was very unlucky to get that call, and his penalty could prove decisive.
51'Yellow card - Paul Gabrillagues , France
48'11-11 Penalty goal - Beauden Barrett , New Zealand
47'Karl Tu'inukuafe makes an impact straight away, demolishing the French scrum to give the All Blacks the perfect opportunity to level it, which is exactly what Beauden Barrett does through is boot.
46'Player substituted - Joe Moody , New Zealand
46'Substitute on - Karl Tuinukuafe , New Zealand
44'Player substituted - Uini Atonio , France
44'Substitute on - Rabah Slimani , France
41'And we're back with Beauden Barrett sending it deep into the French half. Parra sends it to touch, and the All Blacks with the ball 15 metres into France's half.
41'8-11 End of first half
40'Well, how many people would have suspected such a tight tussle between these two sides with France taking a three point advantage into the break. Les Bleus have been impressive so far, despite a few errors costing them metres from the All Blacks' line, while the All Blacks will be disappointed with the amount of mistakes that have cost them points. Especially towards the end of the half. A big half coming up!
40'France have survived an All Blacks onslaught in the final minute of the first half. The All Blacks were hammering away at the French defence, but they held firm and eventually held the All Blacks up to take the lead into half time.
40'8-11 Start of second half
38'The All Blacks are back in possession though through a penalty advantage and they have the perfect chance to respond with a lineout five metres out.
38'TMO! The All Blacks look to have slipped through the French defence, but Aaron Smith has clearly obstructed the defence and opened the gap for Crotty.
36'France go ahead with a superb kick from Morgan Parra. Just on the French side of halfway, Parra slots the kick right down the centre of the goal posts.
36'8-11 Penalty goal - Morgan Parra , France
29'Yet again France with an opportunity to earn some points, making some dents in the All Blacks defence, before they spill the ball again. France won't go down without trying everything, but will be disappointed to miss out on another opportunity to strike.
22'TRY TIME! What a perfect response from the All Blacks! Beauden Barrett started and ended the perfect move, sliding over in the corner. All three Barrett's took part, with Beauden sending it to Scott who sends to Jordie in the gap. Jordie times the perfect pass to Crotty who makes the right call to take the tackle and pass off from the ground to a flying Beauden who dives over in the corner.
22'8-8 Try - Beauden Barrett , New Zealand
20'And they do with Parra converting the penalty goal to push France's lead 3-8.
20'3-8 Penalty goal - Morgan Parra , France
18'Aaron Smith has been marched! Something you don't see every day -- Smith getting walked, not his back chat . Smith was penalised for not releasing as the tackler, but a few words to the ref and France are the given the perfect opportunity to respond.
17'All Blacks with the perfect opportunity to push through into France's half, but some uncharacteristic mistakes has let the pressure off the French.
15'France are hammering away at the All Blacks defence but can't seem to find many metres within the All Blacks 22. A loose carry sees the end of their battering forwards and the All Blacks get the chance to clear their territory.
14'3-5 Penalty goal - Beauden Barrett , New Zealand
12'The All Blacks with a second chance to get on the board with Beauden Barrett taking the penalty from 40 metres out. And he nails it! The All Blacks are on the board, but France are still ahead 3-5.
7'It's a missed conversion, but France will take plenty of courage out of that try.
7'0-5 Try - Remy Grosso , France
6'It all started with a big break from wing Teddy Thomas who countered and caught some napping defence before he was cut down and the French spread it wide. Ben Smith looked to have stolen a loose ball, but Grosso was too quick.
6'TRY TIME! Remy Grosso nabs the intercept and goes away untouched to dot it down over the whitewash!
3'And he pushes it wide.
3'The All Blacks back in possession and now with a penalty just metres into the French half. The Barrett brothers decide Jordie should take the kick.
2'Mistake early from the French with a knock on and we get our first scrum of the match. France have the heavier pack - by just six kilograms - but the All Blacks have no issue and eat up easy metres with Beauden Barrett sending it into touch on the 22 metre line.
1'France kick off and send it Scott Barrett who collects it high before Aaron Smith sends it back into France's half.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live commentary for the opening Test between the All Blacks and France. The All Blacks have the wood over France, but the French have proven to be New Zealand's bogey side several times. Can France stun New Zealand again? Or will the All Blacks be too good at home at their Eden Park fortress?
1'0-0 Start of first half