6David Pocock, FL
3Sekope Kepu, P
9Will Genia, SH
7Michael Hooper, FL
1Scott Sio, P
5Adam Coleman, L
8Caleb Timu, H
4Izack Rodda, L
2Brandon Paenga-Amosa, H
15Israel Folau, FB
14Dane Haylett-Petty, W
13Samu Kerevi, C
12Kurtley Beale, C
11Marika Koroibete, W
10Bernard Foley, FH
8Caleb Timu, N8
16Silatolu Latu, FB
17Tom Robertson, C
18Taniela Tupou, C
19Rob Simmons, FL
20Lukhan Salakaia-Loto, R
20Lukhan Lealaialoto-Tui, C
21Pete Samu, C
21Peter Samu, R
22Nick Phipps, P
23Reece Hodge, C

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: AAMI Park
1:00 AM, June 17, 2018
Attendance: 29,018

Match Commentary

81'19-26 End of second half
80'That's it here at ESPN, make sure to follow along again next week for Sydney's decider. It's set to be a big clash and one not be missed.
80'Adding to their loss, the Wallabies look set to lose Will Genia for the decider in Sydney. It's going to be a huge clash and the Aussies are sure to spend a lot of work on their discipline over the week.
80'Ireland finally claim their first win on Australian soil since 1979! Ireland showed exactly why they're the world No.2, easily controlling the game and holding all the possession and territory. It's onto Sydney for the decider.
80'ALL OVER! The Wallabies were pushing down field but a knock on sees the end of the game, mirroring the end of the first half.
79'Substitute on - John Cooney , Ireland
79'Player substituted - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
78'19-26 Conversion - Bernard Foley , Australia
78'17-26 Try - Taniela Tupou , Australia
77'TRY TIME! Tupou busts through and the Wallabies finally get over! The Wallabies were looking messy and were throwing some loose passes, but eventually they find the line with Tupou crashing over the line. It's 21-26 and certainly still game on!
77'Yellow card - Jack McGrath , Ireland
76'It's a yellow card to Jack McGrath! The Wallabies get one last chance and they need to score. And they go with the quick tap!
76'Player substituted - Devin Toner , Ireland
76'Substitute on - Joey Carbery , Ireland
75'TMO! The Wallabies were building their phases, trying to find any weakness in the defence, but Nick Phipps has knocked it on at the back of the scrum. It looks like there could be foul play though from Ireland and they've gone upstairs to have a look.
74'This could be the Wallabies last chance. They have the lineout five metres out, the closes they've been to Ireland's line this half. This has to be their final roll of the dice.
72'Substitute on - Tom Robertson , Australia
72'Player substituted - Scott Sio , Australia
72'Player substituted - Tadhg Furlong , Ireland
72'Substitute on - Andrew Porter , Ireland
71'The Wallabies are back in Ireland's half and making some metres, but the Wallabies are just pushing their last passes and trying to create something with every touch. It's just not going their way and they're running out of time.
67'Killer blow for the Aussies. Lineout within Ireland's 22, but again poor errors end their chances with Tupou called for obstruction in the rolling maul.
66'12-26 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
65'Johnny Sexton will take his first penalty shot at goal in the second half and could put the game well out of Australia's reach. And he slots it easily. Ireland have even more breathing space 14-26.
64'Substitute on - Tadhg Beirne , Ireland
64'Player substituted - Peter O'Mahony , Ireland
64'Substitute on - Reece Hodge , Australia
64'Player substituted - Kurtley Beale , Australia
61'Mistakes continue to dog the Wallabies. They were well in Ireland's half, but messy passing sees a knock on and we're all the way back in the Wallabies half.
59'The Wallabies have had less than 30% possession so far in the second half. They're into Ireland's half and making some ground. But yet again the Wallabies give away the penalty.
56'Player substituted - Izack Rodda , Australia
56'Substitute on - Peter Samu , Australia
56'12-23 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
54'TRY TIME! Tadhg Furlong gets his first try, diving through the defence and is unstoppable. The Wallabies have just been holding onto this match, but this try makes it that much harder for them to get the lead.
54'12-21 Try - Tadhg Furlong , Ireland
53'NO TRY! Earls is deemed to have lost control and knocked on. But Ireland are given the penalty for Wallabies' offside five out. Amazingly the Wallabies are still in this game, but this play here could be all Ireland need.
53'TMO! Keith Earls gets over the line but has his foot gone into touch?
53'The ball spurts out the back of the scrum but Connor Murray chases it down and keeps it alive. Ireland keep moving, inching closer but the Wallabies hold strong.
51'Huge break from Ireland down the right side, but some try saving tackles from the Wallabies keep them out. Hooper eventually gives away the penalty five metres out, and Ireland go for the scrum. Big moment here for Taniela Tupou who's just entred play.
51'Substitute on - Taniela Tupou , Australia
51'Player substituted - Sekope Kepu , Australia
49'Player substituted - Niall Scannell , Ireland
49'Substitute on - Rob Herring , Ireland
48'Ireland metres away from the line again with the lineout, but Izack Rodda steals it to keep Ireland out. Disappointing for Ireland who are putting plenty of pressure on the Wallabies.
46'Jam packed at AAMI Park tonight, 29,018 filled into the stadium tonight. Pretty good crowd considering the amount of sport on tonight.
46'Substitute on - Jack McGrath , Ireland
46'Player substituted - Cian Healy , Ireland
43'Player substituted - Adam Coleman , Australia
43'Substitute on - Rob Simmons , Australia
42'Ireland making plenty of metres and crashing through the wallabies defence, back David Pocock is strong over the ball and gets his first steal of the night.
41'And we're back on the field with Sexton kicking off. Michael Hooper collects the kick and the Wallabies have to make way from their own 22m
41'Player substituted - Dan Leavy , Ireland
41'Substitute on - Jordi Murphy , Ireland
41'Substitute on - Silatolu Latu , Australia
41'Player substituted - Brandon Paenga-Amosa , Australia
41'Player substituted - Caleb Timu , Australia
41'Substitute on - Lukhan Salakaia-Loto , Australia
41'12-16 End of first half
40'The Wallabies looked on fire in the opening minutes, but Koroibete's yellow card seemed to take the steam out of the side as they struggled to gain possession and territory while their discipline fell to pieces. Ireland have been impressive, producing some great movements and putting plenty of pressure on the Wallabies. Johnny Sexton has continued to punish the Australians with the boot, but also set up the opening try and some nice backline moves.
40'Half time. The Wallabies another opportunity to attack in the final minutes, but a knock on brings an end to the half. Poor discipline is clearly hurting the Wallabies, they're still in the game through two tries, but Johnny Sexton has kicked Ireland ahead 14-16. Big half coming up.
40'12-16 Start of second half
39'Substitute on - Dan Leavy , Ireland
39'Player substituted - Jack McGrath , Ireland
36'Ireland botched their throw in, but they won the ball back back down field and Tahg Furlong hits the perfect gap to make a 20 metre run. Sexton goes for the kick over the top, but it's way too long and goes dead. Australia need to get the ball back and do something special in the closing minutes.
33'What a waste. Wallabies have the penalty just metres before half way, but take a quick tap and are isolated, giving away a penalty and giving Ireland a chance to close out the half inside the Wallabies half.
32'Substitute on - Jack McGrath , Ireland
32'Player substituted - Dan Leavy , Ireland
31'And Genia's done for the night. Nick Phipps given his chance.
30'Caleb Timu gives away another penalty and Ireland have a chance to extend their lead. But Sexton misses the penalty! Lucky for the Wallabies, their disciplinary issues will need to be sorted quickly.
28'Will Genia has been taken from the field to the blood bin, but potentially another issue. Wallabies will be hoping he's good to come back on.
27'Substitute on - Nick Phipps , Australia
27'Player substituted - Will Genia , Australia
27'Yellow card - Cian Healy , Ireland
26'PENALTY TRY! The Wallabies set a rolling maul five out and get to the line before the referee awards a penalty try and yellow cards Cian Healy.
26'12-16 Penalty try
24'Ireland have finally given away a penalty, getting pinged for entering the ruck incorrectly. The Wallabies were feeling the pressure, but now are at the other end of the field and making metres.
22'7-16 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
21'Another penalty and another three points to Ireland. The Wallabies discipline is killing them at the moment and will be the difference in this match. Ireland lead 16-7 and the Wallabies have seen no ball since the opening minutes.
18'Koroibete is back on the field, but the Wallabies have conceded 13 points with the wing off the bench. The Wallabies will have a lot of work to do to keep Ireland quiet.
17'7-13 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
16'The Wallabies give away another penalty, pinged for not releasing at the breakdown. Johnny Sexton makes them pay, adding the extras and pushing the score 7-13.
15'Player substituted - Andrew Conway , Ireland
15'Substitute on - Jordan Larmour , Ireland
13'The Wallabies have made a mess in their own half. Beale's kick is knocked down and some frantic passes push the Wallabies back into their 22m. Genia kicks it into touch, but Ireland are hyst 25m out from the line.
13'7-10 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
12'Penalty to Ireland at scrum time. They're metres within Australia's 22m and Johnny Sexton slots the three pointer. Ireland now take the lead 7-10.
8'TRY TIME! And Ireland hit back straight away. The Irish have taken advantage of their extra man, sending Andrew Conway over in the corner to lock up the scores 7-7.
8'7-7 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
7'7-5 Try - Andrew Conway , Ireland
7'Yellow card - Marika Koroibete , Australia
6'Ireland have built up to 12 phases now, making several jabs at the defence and moving the ball side to side. But a dangerous tackle from Marika Koroibete has seen him given the cheese and given Ireland a perfect opportunity to bounce back.
3'7-0 Conversion - Bernard Foley , Australia
2'TRY TIME! What a start for the Wallabies! Kurtley Beale slots straight through gap and is in under the post. Bernard Foley ran the perfect angle for Beale to cut in from behind and take the inside pass.
2'5-0 Try - Kurtley Beale , Australia
1'And we're off with Bernard Foley kicking off and been touched by Ireland and gone into touch for a Wallabies line out.
1'And the sides are out on the field for the anthems.
1'The rain has so far held off in Melbourne, hopefully it stays away for kick off. We're just moments away now from what's sure to be a huge clash.
1'But Ireland have made several changes to their side. Will they force the decider?
1'The Wallabies have the same 23 for the first time since Michael Cheika took the reins. Can they pull off another win?
1'Hello and welcome to our live commentary of the Wallabies vs Ireland second Test in Melbourne. Weather looks like it could end up being wet and windy, something that may play into Ireland's hand. Can the Wallabies seal the series? Or will Ireland keep it alive and force a decider in Sydney? Follow all of our commentary live here.
1'0-0 Start of first half