15Anthony Watson, FB
14Matt Banahan, W
13Jonathan Joseph, C
12Ben Tapuai, C
11Aled Brew, W
10Rhys Priestland, FH
9Chris Cook, SH
1Beno Obano, P
2Tom Dunn, H
3Henry Thomas, P
4Elliott Stooke, L
5Luke Charteris, L
6Matt Garvey, FL
7Sam Underhill, FL
8Zach Mercer, N8
16Michael Van Vuuren, R
17Lucas Noguera Paz, R
18Max Lahiff, R
19James Phillips, R
20Paul Grant, R
21Kahn Fotuali'i, R
22Freddie Burns, R
23James Wilson, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Recreation Ground
7:45 PM, January 12, 2018
Capacity: 11,700

Match Commentary

81'+117-35 End of second half
80'Ultimately nothing. The black shirts roll towards the Scarlets line, but they are undone by the referee's whistle. It brings to an end a miserable night for the hosts, but they were beaten by a wonderful team performance from their visitors. Scarlets have outclassed Bath here, playing on the front foot for 80 minutes while managing the game expertly. Super stuff.
80'Scarlets were looking to run down the clock but Bath have nicked the ball. What can they do with it?
80'Dan Jones takes his tally to 15 points to cap a fine evening for the young fly-half.
80'17-35 Penalty goal - Dan Jones , Scarlets
78'Scarlets earn a penalty for offside, and they're going for the posts. (Booooo!!!!)
74'TRY! Tapuai breaks the first tackle and after James Phillips makes further ground, the ball is spread left to Brew. He is unable to quite reach the line, but Mercer goes over from the next phase.
74'17-32 Conversion - Freddie Burns , Bath Rugby
74'15-32 Try - Zach Mercer , Bath Rugby
73'It looks as though they are going to get it too as Watson and Paul Grant free Zach Mercer. The young England forward is unable to outstrip the Scarlets defence, however.
73'Player substituted - Paul Asquith , Scarlets
73'Substitute on - Steffan Hughes , Scarlets
73'Substitute on - Will Boyde , Scarlets
73'Player substituted - James Davies , Scarlets
72'Bath are into the Scarlets half as they look for a consolation at the Rec.
69'Scarlets have managed the game superbly tonight.
69'10-32 Penalty goal - Dan Jones , Scarlets
67'Substitute on - Paul Grant , Bath Rugby
67'Player substituted - Elliott Stooke , Bath Rugby
67'Substitute on - Ryan Elias , Scarlets
67'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Scarlets
67'Player substituted - Rob Evans , Scarlets
67'Substitute on - Wyn Jones , Scarlets
67'Substitute on - Josh Macleod , Scarlets
67'Player substituted - John Barclay , Scarlets
66'Bath look to attack down the right wing but Watson loses the ball forward. Parkes then kicks the ball to the exact spot where the Bath fullback would have been. Excellent play.
64'Penalty! Bath build some possession and momentum into the Scarlets half. But the visitors slow it down, and Beirne forces the turnover.
62'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Scarlets
62'Substitute on - Aled Davies , Scarlets
60'Substitute on - James Phillips , Bath Rugby
60'Player substituted - Luke Charteris , Bath Rugby
60'Player substituted - David Bulbring , Scarlets
60'Substitute on - Lewis Rawlins , Scarlets
60'Player substituted - Beno Obano , Bath Rugby
60'Substitute on - Lucas Noguera Paz , Bath Rugby
58'TRY! With a penalty coming, Burns puts the ball in the air for Banahan on the right wing to jump, claim and dot down in superb fashion. After consultation with the TMO, the try is given.
58'10-29 Conversion - Freddie Burns , Bath Rugby
58'8-29 Try - Matt Banahan , Bath Rugby
54'Player substituted - Samson Lee , Scarlets
54'Substitute on - Werner Kruger , Scarlets
53'Substitute on - Kahn Fotuali'i , Bath Rugby
53'Player substituted - Chris Cook , Bath Rugby
53'3-29 Conversion - Dan Jones , Scarlets
51'TRY! The scrum collapses as the Scarlets go for the pushover, and after a few players have a dart from a yard, Patchell puts a grubber in for Scott Williams to score.
51'3-27 Try - Scott Williams , Scarlets
49'Substitute on - Max Lahiff , Bath Rugby
49'Player substituted - Henry Thomas , Bath Rugby
48'Penalty! Confidence from Scarlets, who faced with the option of a scrum or standard penalty, go for the scrum without hesitation.
46'Close! Cook is forced to scamper back to cover after Asquith chases his own chip over the Scarlets defence.
41'We're back underway at Bath, where the hosts have it all to do.
41'+13-22 End of first half
40'Scarlets win the lineout but once Gareth Davies gets his hands on the ball, he kicks it out. What a half of rugby from the PRO14 champions, who lead by 22-3 despite playing for 10 minutes of that half with only 14 men. Bath have been given a lesson in counter-attacking rugby.
40'Bath enjoy some possession around halfway, but it is slow again and Scarlets can secure the turnover that should bring the half to an end. The visitors kick the penalty out on the full though, so we'll have a lineout.
40'3-22 Start of second half
40'3-22 Penalty goal - Dan Jones , Scarlets
38'Penalty! It counts for nothing though as Scarlets secure the scrum penalty. This should be another three points.
38'That's a rarity, a Scarlets incursion into the Bath 22 that doesn't result in points. The Welsh side go a bit more direct, but just as it looks as though they are wearing down the hosts' defence, Obano makes a vital turnover.
36'So close! James Davies makes a wonderful break and offload to Scott Williams who thinks he's about to play Asquith in just as Banahan steps across.
33'3-19 Conversion - Dan Jones , Scarlets
32'TRY! As Barclay waits to come back on, Scarlets secure a lineout, Gareth Davies shrugs off Cook and then feeds Parkes to score under the posts.
32'3-17 Try - Hadleigh Parkes , Scarlets
29'If you had just switched on the TV and were told that one team were playing with 14 men, you would not immediately guess it was Scarlets. This is wonderful stuff.
25'TRY! A man down? No bother for the Scarlets, whose offloading game takes them through the middle of the Bath defence. Eventually some fine handling from Patchell and Parkes releases Paul Asquith down the right wing.
25'3-12 Try - Paul Asquith , Scarlets
23'A huge hit from Beno Obano forces a turnover for Bath. That should impress the watching Eddie Jones.
22'3-7 Penalty goal - Freddie Burns , Bath Rugby
22'Yellow card - John Barclay , Scarlets
21'Yellow card! Suddenly it's Bath on the attack and Banahan burst into the 22 to take the hosts within inches of the try line. John Barclay helps halt his progress from the side, and is subsequently sent to the bin.
20'Penalty! Scarlets have possession inside the Bath half but this time the hosts' defence holds firm and forces their visitors offside.
15'Turnover! Bath build towards the Scarlets 22 again, but the visitors are able to slow the ball down again and win it. Excellent defence.
12'0-7 Conversion - Dan Jones , Scarlets
11'TRY! And what a try! Rhys Patchell picks up the ball in his own 22 and after he offloads to Parkes, the Scarlets put the ball through the hands before Tadgh Beirne shows Watson a clean pair of heels to score at the other end. Marvellous.
11'0-5 Try - Tadhg Beirne , Scarlets
7'Anthony Watson gets the home crowd on its feet as he breaks out of his own 22. He passes out to Tapuai but the centre arguably takes the wrong option, and his offload doesn't find Aled Brew on the left wing.
6'Bosh! Gareth Davies picks up from the scrum and flattens opposite number Chris Cook as he heads upfield. But Matt Banahan does well to block his intended pass.
4'A worrying sign for Bath fans as Rhys Priestland hobbles off. It looks like he's pulled a muscle in his leg, Freddie Burns is on.
4'Substitute on - Freddie Burns , Bath Rugby
4'Player substituted - Rhys Priestland , Bath Rugby
3'Bath build some early possession towards the Scarlets 22, but the visitors are good at slowing it down and as the hosts run out of space, Ben Tapuai's pass to Jonathan Joseph is forward.
1'Rhys Priestland gets us underway at the Rec, and Hadleigh Parkes draws an early penalty for the visitors.
1'Bath welcome Sam Underhill back into their pack for this game, against a Scarlets side without several of their big hitters in the back division. Leigh Halfpenny the latest withdrawal, after he failed a fitness test yesterday.
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of Bath's pivotal Champions Cup Pool 5 clash with Scarlets at the Rec.

The hosts lead the group with two matches to go, and although their visitors a just a single point back ahead of kick off this has the feel of a knockout match. Whoever comes with the ceremonial rag doll will be in the box seat for qualification.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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