15Lachlan Turner, FB
14Ian Whitten, W
13Henry Slade, C
12Sam Hill, C
11Olly Woodburn, W
10Gareth Steenson, FH
9Nic White, SH
1Ben Moon, P
2Luke Cowan-Dickie, H
3Harry Williams, P
4Mitch Lees, L
5Jonny Hill, L
6Dave Ewers, FL
7Don Armand, FL
8Sam Simmonds, N8
16Jack Yeandle, R
17Alec Hepburn, R
18Tomas Francis, R
19Toby Salmon, R
20Matt Kvesic, R
21Will Chudley, R
22Joe Simmonds, R
23Phil Dollman, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Sandy Park
3:15 PM, January 13, 2018
Capacity: 8,000

Match Commentary

81'+141-10 End of second half
81'+141-10 Penalty goal - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
80'Exeter end the game on the attack and in the Montpellier 22. The French team concede a penalty, and the message is passed on from the sidelines to go for the three points..
79'38-10 Conversion - Aaron Cruden , Montpellier Herault
78'TRY! With a penalty coming, Jesse Mogg wafts a lazy kick to the left corner where Nemani Nadolo rises to pull the ball in and score.
78'38-8 Try - Nemani Nadolo , Montpellier Herault
75'38-3 Conversion - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
74'TRY! Whitten takes the ball at first receiver from the scrum to soften up the Montpellier defence, and as the ball is recycled Armand eventually goes over from close range.
74'36-3 Try - Don Armand , Exeter Chiefs
72'Held up! Montpellier have no answer as the Chiefs' driving maul powers towards the line. A mass of bodies flops over the try line but Owens is unable to award the try. Scrum to Exeter.
71'Penalty! Against Montpellier for holding on on halfway. The visitors will just want to get this match over with.
70'It's not all good news for Exeter, though, as Jack Yeandle hobbles off the pitch injured.
70'Substitute on - Toby Salmon , Exeter Chiefs
70'Player substituted - Sam Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
70'Player substituted - Jack Yeandle , Exeter Chiefs
70'Substitute on - Luke Cowan-Dickie , Exeter Chiefs
70'Player substituted - Nic White , Exeter Chiefs
70'Substitute on - Will Chudley , Exeter Chiefs
70'Player substituted - Gareth Steenson , Exeter Chiefs
70'Substitute on - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
70'Substitute on - Jesse Mogg , Montpellier Herault
70'Player substituted - Gela Aprasidze , Montpellier Herault
70'Substitute on - Romain Ruffenach , Montpellier Herault
70'Player substituted - Bismarck Du Plessis , Montpellier Herault
69'TRY! White is the latest Chiefs player over as he follows up after great work from Kvesic.
69'31-3 Try - Nic White , Exeter Chiefs
67'Close! Simmonds bursts through the Montpellier defence, but is stopped short of the line. As the ball is recycled and spread wide, it is lost forward.
65'26-3 Conversion - Gareth Steenson , Exeter Chiefs
64'TRY! Exeter get the nudge on in the scrum but it looks as though Steenson has played the ball too far behind Woodburn -- but the wing produces another astonishing finish to secure the BP.
64'24-3 Try - Olly Woodburn , Exeter Chiefs
63'Held up! Exeter win an attacking lineout and set the drive before going through multiple phases on the Montpellier line. Matt Kvesic thinks he has eventually found a way over, but the TV replays show the ball hasn't quite touched the ground.
63'Player substituted - Konstantin Mikautadze , Montpellier Herault
63'Substitute on - Julien Delannoy , Montpellier Herault
61'Substitute on - Joseph Tomane , Montpellier Herault
61'Player substituted - Jan Serfontein , Montpellier Herault
59'Substitute on - Matt Kvesic , Exeter Chiefs
59'Player substituted - Dave Ewers , Exeter Chiefs
58'TRY! Exeter get the ball out of the scrum and Steenson flings a long pass out to Woodburn who finishes brilliantly on the left wing.
58'Penalty! White finds Slade on a lovely inside line, and the England centre scythe through the Montpellier defence before being brought down inches from the line. Exeter work through the phases under the posts but are unable to get over before Owens' whistle blows. The hosts are going for a scrum...
58'19-3 Try - Olly Woodburn , Exeter Chiefs
58'Substitute on - Kelian Galletier , Montpellier Herault
58'Player substituted - Yacouba Camara , Montpellier Herault
55'Substitute on - Tomas Francis , Exeter Chiefs
55'Player substituted - Harry Williams , Exeter Chiefs
55'Substitute on - Alec Hepburn , Exeter Chiefs
55'Player substituted - Ben Moon , Exeter Chiefs
55'Player substituted - Luke Cowan-Dickie , Exeter Chiefs
55'Substitute on - Jack Yeandle , Exeter Chiefs
55'14-3 Conversion - Gareth Steenson , Exeter Chiefs
55'12-3 Try - Sam Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
54'TRY! Exeter go straight up the other end and launch an assault on the Montpellier 22. Sam Hill butchers an earlier chance as he keeps possession when he should have gone wide, but Exeter maintain the ball and go over through Simmonds.
53'7-3 Penalty goal - Aaron Cruden , Montpellier Herault
52'Penalty! As Montpellier motor towards the Exeter line the hosts are pinged for an infringement at the breakdown. It gifts Cruden a chance to get his side on the board.
50'Experienced play from the teenager Aprasidze milks a penalty that Aaron Cruden boots into the corner.
47'This has been a gruelling contest so far. The ball was in play for more than 22 minutes in the first half -- more than any Champions Cup game so far this season.
46'Penalty! Bismarck du Plessis gets over the ball to force a penalty and stop another Exeter attack in its tracks.
46'Substitute on - Gregory Fichten , Montpellier Herault
46'Player substituted - Mikheil Nariashvili , Montpellier Herault
42'Chiefs are straight on the attack in the Montpellier 22 but one offload too many gives possession back to their visitors.
41'We're back underway at Exeter as Steenson boots deep into the Montpellier half.

The Chiefs have secured a try-scoring bonus point in all six of their Aviva Premiership home games this season. They need a European one this evening.
41'Substitute on - Mohammed Haouas , Montpellier Herault
41'Player substituted - Johannes Jonker , Montpellier Herault
41'7-0 End of first half
40'Penalty! Montpellier claim the lineout and set the drive. The Exeter defence is good and forces them in field, but as the French side are able to work their way towards the try line until Nigel Owen's whistle blows for an infringement at the breakdown.

The Chiefs deservedly lead at the break, but will know the game is very much in the balance.
40'7-0 Start of second half
39'Frans Steyn puts in a huge kick to take Montpellier into the Exeter 22 and they will have an attacking lineout before the break.
38'Close! Turner charges down Gabriel Ngandebe before snaffling up the loose ball and dotting down -- but his foot was in touch.
34'Not a good couple of minutes for Turner, who -- after Woodburn had been forced to mop up danger over his own line -- took a quick drop out that bobbled straight to a Montpellier player.
32'An uncharacteristic error from Turner as he fumbles Aprasidze's up and under to gift the visitors an attacking platform.
31'Chiefs back in the Montpellier half but Slade's pass to Whitten goes to ground just as the home crowd sense another score.
29'Player substituted - Kelian Galletier , Montpellier Herault
29'Substitute on - Julien Bardy , Montpellier Herault
29'7-0 Conversion - Gareth Steenson , Exeter Chiefs
28'TRY! The pressure pays off as Dave Ewers powers over following a good break from Mitch Lees.
28'5-0 Try - Dave Ewers , Exeter Chiefs
25'Exeter are enjoying plenty of possession in attack at the moment. But another chance goes begging as Olly Woodburn is unable to find Whitten with his offload on the right wing.
24'Close! Sam Simmonds picks up from the back of an attacking scrum and drives for the line. As the ball is recycled, Luke Cowan-Dickie is almost over but he drops the ball as he wrestles with the Montpellier defence.
20'Gela Aprasidze misses touch with his clearance and Exeter are on the attack and into their visitors' 22. The play eventually finds its way to the left wing, where Slade runs out of room.
19'Substitute on - Kelian Galletier , Montpellier Herault
19'Player substituted - Julien Bardy , Montpellier Herault
17'An excellent take from Ian Whitten under the high ball sets Exeter on the attack, and they build through the phases and into the Montpellier half.
13'Turnover! Exeter come up with the ball as Montpellier close on their try line. Excellent defence.
11'Louis Picamoles takes possession from an attacking Montpellier lineout but as he peels off the drive Exeter are able to usher him into touch.
8'Almost! Chiefs put some pace on the ball but as they're threatening the Montpellier 22, Henry Slade's pass goes through Johnny Hill's hands. It looked to take a nick off a visiting arm.
5'An early attacking lineout for Montpellier but as the ball is given to the backs, Jan Serfontein loses the ball forward.
1'We're underway at Sandy Park and the Chiefs, wearing pink, are on the front foot early on.
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of Exeter's home Champions Cup clash with Montpellier at Sandy Park.

The Chiefs won in France earlier this season to seemingly take control of Pool 3 but the wheels have come off since then with back-to-back defeats to Leinster. The hosts need a win against the Top 14 heavyweights today.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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