15Hugo Bonneval, FB
14Benjamin Fall, W
13Mathieu Bastareaud, C
12Geoffrey Doumayrou, C
11Remy Grosso, W
10Francois Trinh-Duc, FH
9Maxime Machenaud, SH
1Jefferson Poirot, P
2Guilhem Guirado, H
3Rabah Slimani, P
4Paul Gabrillagues, L
5Sebastien Vahaamahina, L
6Wenceslas Lauret, FL
7Yacouba Camara, FL
8Marco Tauleigne, N8
16Adrien Pélissié, R
17Dany Priso, R
18Cedate Gomes Sa, R
19Bernard le Roux, R
20Kelian Galletier, R
21Baptiste Couilloud, R
22Lionel Beauxis, R
23Gael Fickou, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Stade de France
4:45 PM, March 10, 2018
Capacity: 78,750

Match Commentary

81'+320-16 End of second half
80'Itoje, Sinckler and Cowan-Dickie take the ball to within inches of the line but the latter knocks the ball on. France have won deservedly. England have lost twice in a row for the first time under Eddie Jones. Next week's clash with Ireland will be a dead rubber.
80'Itoje claims the lineout this time. Richard Wigglesworth gives the ball to Haskell who makes a few metres...
80'Luke Cowan-Dickie's throw is long, but Lionel Beauxis doesn't find touch and unbelievably England are still in this. What was he doing..?!
80'Peyper blows for a penalty to England at the breakdown. Farrell boots to the five-metre line.
80'England have possession in the French half. They need a try for victory...
79'Itoje rises to try and claim Farrell's restart but it falls the way of France.
78'20-16 Penalty goal - Lionel Beauxis , France
77'Baptiste Couilloud makes a smart break and although Fickou is unable to take his pass, Peyper adjudges the ball went backwards and France eventually win a penalty at the breakdown. Game, set and match?
76'The championship is Ireland's but England have a chance to win this game. But as they build possession out of their own 22, Grosso intercept Lawes' offload.
75'17-16 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
74'TRY! England have (some) hope. Lawes puts in a good carry and as the ball is eventually spread left Daly produces a wonderful improvised pass inside to find May, who scores.
74'17-14 Try - Jonny May , England
73'England steal it and England are within five metres.
72'Te'o breaks through the France defence and England are into the 22. Brown eventually kicks the ball into touch, France will have a defensive lineout on their own five-metre line.
71'Trinh-Duc finds some space off the back of the scrum and France begin to build towards the England line. The ball is spread right towards Fickou, but he is forced back inside and as the hosts work through the phases England are able to secure an important turnover.
71'Substitute on - Lionel Beauxis , France
71'Player substituted - Francois Trinh-Duc , France
71'Substitute on - Baptiste Couilloud , France
71'Player substituted - Maxime Machenaud , France
68'France build through 11 phases and towards the England line, Robshaw thinks he has snaffled a turnover but the hosts will have the put in at the scrum.
68'Substitute on - Mike Brown , England
68'Player substituted - Anthony Watson , England
68'Player substituted - Danny Care , England
68'Substitute on - Richard Wigglesworth , England
66'Player substituted - Guilhem Guirado , France
66'Substitute on - Adrien Pélissié , France
66'Substitute on - Dany Priso , France
66'Player substituted - Jefferson Poirot , France
66'Player substituted - Wenceslas Lauret , France
66'Substitute on - Kelian Galletier , France
66'Substitute on - Bernard le Roux , France
66'Player substituted - Sebastien Vahaamahina , France
65'Carries from Kyle Sinckler and Haskell help take England up to the France 22 but their attack becomes static and the hosts win the turnover.
64'Substitute on - Luke Cowan-Dickie , England
64'Player substituted - Jamie George , England
64'Player substituted - Mako Vunipola , England
64'Substitute on - Joe Marler , England
63'17-9 Penalty goal - Maxime Machenaud , France
61'James Haskell penalised at the breakdown, following an excellent kick-chase from France. Machenaud has the chance to stretch his side's lead.
60'A slight formation tweak for England as Jonathan Joseph comes on for Ford. That should mean Farrell and Te'o move in one and Joseph slots in at 13.
60'Substitute on - Jonathan Joseph , England
60'Player substituted - George Ford , England
59'The lineout is scrappy and as the ball spins off Care's boots and away from the scrum-half, Wenceslas Lauret dives gleefully on it.
59'Player substituted - Rabah Slimani , France
59'Substitute on - Cedate Gomes Sa , France
58'France try to build through the phases around halfway but Geoffrey Doumayrou is isolated and England win the penalty. A huge boot from Farrell takes England up to the five-metre line with 30 seconds of Watson's sin binning remaining.
58'Substitute on - Kyle Sinckler , England
58'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
56'Ford is charged down as he attempts to clear, but the ball runs to Daly who is able to put a big boot to ball. Things are not going England's way.
53'An important moment for England as they win the penalty from the resulting five-metre scrum.
52'Player substituted - Joe Launchbury , England
52'Substitute on - James Haskell , England
51'So close! France held up over the line, but they had a four-on-two that was butchered. Grosso made a wonderful break down the left, before Guirado powered the ball on as it was switched towards the right wing. However, there was a pass on to Fickou that was given far too late. If it had been given earlier then France would have walked over.
49'TRY! Jaco Peyper deems it is a high tackle and prevented Fall scoring, so awards a penalty try and sends Watson to the bin. England's title hopes in tatters.
49'Yellow card - Anthony Watson , England
49'14-9 Penalty try
48'Guirado comes up with ball and suddenly France are deep inside the England 22. Trinh-Duc hoists a crossfield kick that Grosso taps down to Fall. As the wing attempted to ground the ball he was hit high by Watson.

The French crowd are incensed. We've gone up to the TMO.
47'The second half has been no less scrappy than the first. France are winning the breakdown. England are winning the set piece. It's finely poised at the moment.
45'Mako Vunipola gets isolated as he runs into a double tackle five metres out. Bastareaud gets over the ball and France win another penalty.
43'A big hit from Bastareaud on Simmonds on halfway looks to have halted England's attack but Les Bleus are penalised at the breakdown and Farrell boots his side towards the corner.
41'Gael Fickou gathers for France as George Ford gets the second half underway.
41'Player substituted - Hugo Bonneval , France
41'Substitute on - Gael Fickou , France
41'+19-9 End of first half
40'The scrum is eventually stable enough for Danny Care to put the ball in. England try to find a gap in the French defensive but the hosts steal a turnover only for Bastareaud to throw the ball out as he attempted an offload. That play pretty much encapsulated a scrappy half.

Unless something changes drastically then Ireland will be champions tonight.
40'9-9 Start of second half
39'The half will end with an England scrum on the France 22.
37'9-9 Penalty goal - Maxime Machenaud , France
36'Yacouba Camara steals a good turnover and France are able to bring an end to a period of England pressure. The hosts build into their visitors' half, and win a penalty.
33'6-9 Penalty goal - Maxime Machenaud , France
32'Sebastien Vahaamahina, Benjamin Fall and Guilhem Guirado take France to within 10 metres but the ball is lost forward. A penalty was coming for France, though.
31'Bastareaud drives France into the England 22.
29'England's lead is again six, but they now must score four tries in 51 minutes. It's true you must earn the right to play rugby at the highest level, but you must also attack if you want to score tries.
29'3-9 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
27'Another England penalty, and again Farrell is lining up a kick at goal. Bizarre decision with England needing tries to have any hope of retaining their title.
26'Grosso forced to scamper back as Watson chases a hack on from May on the right touch line.
25'Machenaud cuts the deficit from tee, and France are back within three. The Paris crowd seem a little apprehensive at the moment.
25'3-6 Penalty goal - Maxime Machenaud , France
24'Hughes' evening is over as he hobbles off aided by the England medical team. Sam Simmonds is on.
24'Substitute on - Sam Simmonds , England
24'Player substituted - Nathan Hughes , England
24'Player substituted - Gael Fickou , France
24'Substitute on - Hugo Bonneval , France
23'Worrying signs for England as Nathan Hughes receives treatment while laying prone on the ground. Meanwhile, France build possession towards the 22.
22'What. A. Kick.
21'Elliot Daly is lining up a shot goal from inside his own half. This would be some return to the international fold for the Wasps man.
21'0-6 Penalty goal - Elliot Daly , England
20'Robshaw millimetres away from an intercept, but he can't quite hold onto the ball.
18'Marco Tauleigne picks up, Machenaud puts a kick through but it is easily dealt with by England.
16'France claim a lineout -- following three in a row that they lost on their throw -- and they are into the England 22, but their attack loses momentum almost instantly. They will have the put in at the scrum, though.
15'Substitute on - Gael Fickou , France
15'Player substituted - Hugo Bonneval , France
14'Time off in Paris as Bonneval requires treatment following a coming together with Jonny May as the pair competed for a bouncing ball.
13'England spread the ball wide to the right, but Remy Grosso steps in and makes the intercept. He does not have the pace to get away but he sets up a useful looking attack for the hosts.
12'An excellent kick from Farrell gives England an attacking lineout about 10 yards out from the France line.
10'England have stolen two lineouts already at the Stade de France. The hosts' set piece is not clicking at the moment.
8'Chris Robshaw capitalises on a mistake from Hugo Bonneval and England are back on the French 22. The hosts win a penalty though and will have a chance to ease the pressure.
7'England enjoying a sustained period of possession inside the France 22, but the hosts are able to slow it down and push their visitors back towards halfway.
5'Jamie George is in danger of getting isolated as he claims the restart but Maxime Machenaud is penalised as he tries to snaffle the intercept.
4'0-3 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
3'Advantage England at the first scrum as the men in white come up with the penalty. Owen Farrell will take a shot at goal.
1'Francois Trinh-Duc kicks long into the England half to get us underway.
1'Sub plots abound at the Stade de France. Mathieu Bastareaud vs. Ben Te'o. Rabah Slimani vs. Mako Vunipola. Anthony Watson at fullback.

This should be a cracker.
1'The players are strolling out onto the pitch amid the now obligatory fireworks. Is there life in this France team?
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of Le Crunch in Paris. Following Ireland's bonus-point victory in Dublin, England must win with four tries of their own to maintain the championship fight into the final week.

Can they do it?
1'0-0 Start of first half

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