15Stuart Hogg, FB
14Tommy Seymour, W
13Huw Jones, C
12Peter Horne, C
11Sean Maitland, W
10Finn Russell, FH
9Greig Laidlaw, SH
1Gordon Reid, P
2Stuart McInally, H
3Simon Berghan, P
4Grant Gilchrist, L
5Jonny Gray, L
6John Barclay, FL
7Hamish Watson, FL
8Ryan Wilson, N8
16Scott Lawson, R
17Jamie Bhatti, R
18WP Nel, R
19Tim Swinson, R
20David Denton, R
21Ali Price, R
22Nick Grigg, R
23Blair Kinghorn, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: BT Murrayfield
4:45 PM, February 24, 2018
Capacity: 67,800

Match Commentary

81'+125-13 End of second half
78'England Pinged once again at the breakdown when on the attack. Murrayfield erupts as victory is assured.
76'England have the ball again but are going nowhere. Look absolutely stumped in attack
74'And then the penalty goes to the home side. England have been second best everywhere
73'The clock ticks down as the scrum is reset once again, Scotland more than happy with this
72'England going through the phases but not getting anywhere in terms of yards. Then they knock it on and scrum to Scotland
72'Substitute on - Nick Grigg , Scotland
72'Player substituted - Peter Horne , Scotland
72'Substitute on - George Kruis , England
72'Player substituted - Joe Launchbury , England
72'Substitute on - Richard Wigglesworth , England
72'Player substituted - Danny Care , England
70'Again the lineout lets Scotland down, England back on the attack in desperation mode
69'Another huge turnover from Scotland. Owens straight to the whistle as Barclay gets his hands on the ball
69'England have the ball in the Scotland 22, need a score from this visit
69'Substitute on - Joe Marler , England
69'Player substituted - Mako Vunipola , England
69'Player substituted - Ryan Wilson , Scotland
69'Substitute on - David Denton , Scotland
69'Substitute on - WP Nel , Scotland
69'Player substituted - Simon Berghan , Scotland
67'25-13 Penalty goal - Finn Russell , Scotland
66'Big moment in the game as Underhill is given a yellow for a no arms tackle. Russell calls for the tee 30m out bang in front
66'Yellow card - Sam Underhill , England
65'Lawes then gives away a stupid penalty away and lets Scotland off the hook. Scotland take all the time in the world to take the penalty as the tension builds at Murrayfield
65'Substitute on - Blair Kinghorn , Scotland
65'Player substituted - Tommy Seymour , Scotland
65'Substitute on - Harry Williams , England
65'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
65'Player substituted - George Ford , England
65'Substitute on - Ben Te'o , England
63'England go wide and spill it straight away. Forcing it a bit early perhaps. They have got nothing going in the backs all game
63'Substitute on - Ali Price , Scotland
63'Player substituted - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
62'Joseph caught out of the line once again and Russell makes it count finding his winger. Two phases later he's called back for a forward pass though and England have a scrum inside the Scotland half
60'Scotland win a penalty at the lineout and Hogg takes his forwards deep into the England 22
59'England try and go from deep but Care hands May a hospital pass and he's forced into touch
57'Sam Underhill straight on and wins a penalty at the ruck. England have been crying out for some impact at the breakdown
56'Maitland through on the wing but Mike Brown puts in a last ditch tackle to keep the Scots out. Scotland then knock on under pressure. England put in as the changes begin in full flow
56'Substitute on - Jack Nowell , England
56'Player substituted - Mike Brown , England
56'Player substituted - Grant Gilchrist , Scotland
56'Substitute on - Tim Swinson , Scotland
56'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
56'Substitute on - Jamie George , England
56'Player substituted - Gordon Reid , Scotland
56'Substitute on - Jamie Bhatti , Scotland
55'Lawes puts in a monster hit and the ball goes loose. Watson hacks over the loose ball and Farrell dives over for a try but OWens goes back for a knock on in the tackle. Still all going Scotland's way
55'Substitute on - Sam Underhill , England
55'Player substituted - Nathan Hughes , England
53'Hogg turns down the three and Scotland have a lineout in the England 22
52'Scotland have 'the overlap to end all overlaps' but somehow blow it... Luckily they have the advantage and we go back for a penalty just inside the England half
49'Hogg slices the penalty badly wide. England have the 22 dropout
47'Care intercepts and races under the posts but Owens blows up for an offence at the ruck. Need a replay for that one
46'Hogg asserts some calmness into proceedings with a great kick in response to a horror kick from Brown
46'Sweet Chariot heard for the first time, momentum all with England in the early phases
44'TRY! England have done more in three and a half minutes then they did in the entire first half. Farrell cruises through on a lovely line, kick to come
44'May breaks through but is hauled down just short and Scotland again turnover at the crucial moment. Laidlaw clears into touch and gives everyone a breather
44'22-13 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
44'22-11 Try - Owen Farrell , England
42'England have started brightly and are already up to the 22. Lawes makes some yards off the ruck
41'Ford kicks off the second period. Laidlaw gets rid with a high box kick
41'All the pressure now on Scotland? Can they see it home? A big last 40 just about to get underway...
41'22-6 End of first half
40'Scotland 16 points ahead as the half comes to a close. They have not read the script at Murrayfield
40'22-6 Start of second half
39'22-6 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
38'TRY! Jones breaks through from nowhere. England look shellshocked. Brown and Watson both can't pull down Jones as he powers over
38'20-6 Try - Huw Jones , Scotland
37'Turnover! Scotland again dominate at the ruck and win a penalty. England not committing numbers to the breakdown and it's costing them
36'England need a score before halftime and have a scrum just outside the 22 after Scotland botch another lineout. The only piece of the game letting Scotland down so far
35'England finally string some phases together but are pinged at the crucial moment again as Itoje is caught holding onto a Scotland man beyond the ruck
34'England have been poor in attack and Scotland have thrived on the turnovers handed to them. They deserve the lead no questions
32'TRY! Maitland is over in the corner. Nearly an intercept but it looks a try at full speed. Owens goes upstairs
31'Scotlan win the ball through Barclay and go quick from the penalty. Jones then breaks and Scotland are within metres
31'15-6 Try - Sean Maitland , Scotland
30'Scotland#s turn to make a mistake and England have the ball back. Russell knocks on when going for an intercept, Owens sees nothing in it and calls for a scrum
29'England's maul again goes nowhere and they are forced to go wide off the backfoot. Watson nearly creates an overlap but Brown's pass is stray and it goes into touch
27'England win the penalty at the scrum. Farrell kicks the away side just shy of the halfway
27'Scotland pick and go after pick and go but make little in the way of ground before a knock on hands England a scrum and the chance to clear
25'Scrum comes to nothing but it's adjudged to come off England in the tackle and they go again. Scotland fortunate
24'England are kicking away a lot of possession. Scotland look happy to counter and so far it's working
23'Scrum awarded to Scotland in the England 22. Russell had made a break and Jones chipped through, Watson did well to recover but Scotland flew over at the breakdown
22'The first round of kick tennis unfolds. Seymour has enough and makes a break before May chops him down with a good tackle
20'England secure the lineout and win a penalty as Grant Gilchrist is pinged for pulling the maul down
20'England deal with the restart well but Russell pings England back in their 22 with a well aimed touch finder in response
18'England reply with a penalty that was awarded straight from the restart, an immediate response from England to the boos at Murrayfield
18'10-6 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
16'10-3 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
15'That is Scotland's first try at Murrayfield against England since 2004. Yes, 2004
15'TRY! From absolutely nowhere Scotland score. They drove a maul into the 22 before Nigel Owens gets himself in the way. Russell pokes a kick through and England fail to react before Huw Jones dives over
15'Frantic start here. Neither side in control but full of intensity nonetheless
15'8-3 Try - Huw Jones , Scotland
14'3-3 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
13'England forwards make the hard yards at the lineout. May gets some space out wide and Hogg pulls him down just outside the 22. England have their first penalty in the Scotland half and Farrell calls for the tee
11'Russell and Jones on a different wavelength as Russell dummies a kick before firing it at the legs of his outside centre. England clear but Russell returns with some interest
9'England make some ground at the maul but are eventually bundled into touch. Scotland with the lineout and go wide deep in their half
7'England's turn to turn over the ball at a crucial moment, this time Robshaw in over the ball. Farrell clears to halfway
7'Scotland have started well and Gray takes them into the English 22. Murrayfield roars them on
5'Turnover! Big steal from the Scottish pack and Nigel Owens pings Watson for holding on
5'Hughes collects a clearance on the halfway and powers through a couple of Scottish defenders. England up to the 22
3'Laidlaw makes it 9/9 in this years Six Nations
3'3-0 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
2'Horne with a half break after a tidy offload from Reid. England scramble back and Joseph dives on it but the home team win a penalty. Laidlaw points straight to the posts
1'Kickoff! Russell hoists it into the Edinburgh air and we are underway. Launchbury collects and Care clears
1'Anthems done. Here we go...
1'Reports of a scuffle as the teams headed back into the tunnel after the warm ups. Owen Farrell at the fore...
1'The teams are in the tunnel. Joe Launchbury leads out England on his 50th cap, followed by Dylan Hartley who becomes England's second highest capped player of all time
1'Rugby Editor, Marytn Thomas is at Murrayfield for us and will add to the updates throughout the afternoon
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's live coverage of the huge Calcutta Cup match from Murrayfield. England come in as hot favourites but all the pressure is on them after Ireland's earlier win
1'0-0 Start of first half

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