15Rob Kearney, FB
14Keith Earls, W
13Chris Farrell, C
12Bundee Aki, C
11Jacob Stockdale, W
10Johnny Sexton, FH
9Conor Murray, SH
1Cian Healy, P
2Rory Best, H
3Andrew Porter, P
4James Ryan, L
5Devin Toner, L
6Peter O'Mahony, FL
7Dan Leavy, FL
8CJ Stander, N8
16Sean Cronin, R
17Jack McGrath, R
18John Ryan, R
19Quinn Roux, R
20Jack Conan, R
21Kieran Marmion, R
22Joey Carbery, R
23Fergus McFadden, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Aviva Stadium
2:15 PM, February 24, 2018
Capacity: 51,700

Match Commentary

81'35-27 Try - Jacob Stockdale , Ireland
81'+137-27 End of second half
81'+137-27 Conversion - Joey Carbery , Ireland
80'Ireland were their own worst enemies at times today, hugely one-sided game was left open by Ireland and Wales could have snatched it. Joe Schmidt will be furious from a defensive point of view as Ireland once again seemed to switch off, just as they did against Italy. A win is a win, is a win, but Ireland need to up it a level when Scotland come to Dublin next. Six Nations Grand Slam hopes still alive.
80'TRY That is that. Jacob Stockdale with an intercept try. That was huge. Wales had a huge overlap out wide and Anscombe throws the ball wide over the top and Stockdale picks it off to score. Murray converts.
79'HUGE FINAL MINUTE. Wales win the lineout, George North is put down on halfway by Aki. Anscombe, Halfpenny Evans edge into Ireland half.
78'Gareth Anscombe is put to ground from the restart. They win the penalty inside their own 22. Anscombe kicks to touch on halfway.
78'Abysmal from Ireland. Absolutely shocking there as Farrell takes himself out of the defensive line. Can Ireland hang on?
78'30-27 Conversion - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
77'TRY - Wales fighting back from the restart. It goes wide, Scott Williams takes on two players, out the back to Navidi and Williams runs it in for the easiest of tries. Game on.
77'30-25 Try - Steff Evans , Wales
77'Substitute on - Joey Carbery , Ireland
77'Player substituted - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
76'30-20 Penalty goal - Conor Murray , Ireland
75'Murray, just. Only just. He drags it left and it nudges in off the left upright. 10 points ahead. That really should be that for Ireland.
74'HUGE. Ireland win the scrum penalty. Quinn Roux just came on and Ireland really looked good. Murray points at the sticks. Murray will take it as well.
74'Substitute on - Rob Evans , Wales
74'Player substituted - Wyn Jones , Wales
74'Player substituted - Devin Toner , Ireland
74'Substitute on - Quinn Roux , Ireland
73'Murray feeds, then feeds Stockdale. Murray puts boot to ball, Halfpenny doesnt get it in the air and Wales throw wide, very dangerous play, Farrell hits Scott Williams -- he had to -- with Steff Evans outside him and there is a knock on from Ireland.
71'Jackson talks to the new hookers asking them to keep the gap. Cronin and Dee.
71'Wales are slow at the breakdown and a knock on from Davies sees them cough up possession. Devin Toner now down and getting attention.
71'Solid scrum, Davies, Anscombe, Williams and George North is on the right touchline. He's put to ground by Kearney.
71'Substitute on - Sean Cronin , Ireland
71'Player substituted - Rory Best , Ireland
70'Scrum Wales on the Irish 10 metre line, five metres in from the left touchline.
69'The ball goes wide left to Steff Evans. He kicks forward, Rob Kearney takes, burns Evans but his pass to McFadden is very poor and he knocks it on.
69'Davies takes it from the scrum and is put to ground after making 10 metres.
68'Murray is limping. If you are Wales, you attack down his channel.
68'Wales have the scrum, 10 metres from their own line.
68'A moment of madness from Ireland and they knock the ball on. Conor Murray is down on the ground and doesn't look in a good place. His ankle and knee looked to be trapped.
67'Sexton goes for the quick tap and Ireland are 10 metres out. Navidi slows it down. John Ryan and Conan edge forward.
67'Toner, McGrath and Aki all makes inches. But the Welsh defence is still firm. Conan now, Farrell but the ball is lost forward. But there is a penalty for Ireland.
67'Player substituted - Peter O'Mahony , Ireland
67'Substitute on - Jack Conan , Ireland
67'Substitute on - John Ryan , Ireland
67'Player substituted - Andrew Porter , Ireland
66'Best throws, Conan takes in his first involvement. The maul gets going. Murray feeds McFadden. He's put to ground. CJ Stander edges forward and then Farrell.
65'Kearney makes a line break but Ireland are over halfway and towards the Welsh 10 metre line. Murray puts boot to ball, McFadden gets in but only taps it down, no players and the ball is hacked out on the full.
64'Wales within a converted try of Ireland. If Sexton had got any of his missed kicks in the first-half, they would have some breathing space.
64'Player substituted - Dan Biggar , Wales
64'Substitute on - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
64'Player substituted - Ross Moriarty , Wales
64'Substitute on - Justin Tipuric , Wales
64'Substitute on - George North , Wales
64'Player substituted - Liam Williams , Wales
64'Substitute on - Fergus McFadden , Ireland
64'Player substituted - Keith Earls , Ireland
64'Substitute on - Jack McGrath , Ireland
64'Player substituted - Cian Healy , Ireland
64'27-20 Conversion - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
64'Player substituted - Cory Hill , Wales
64'Substitute on - Bradley Davies , Wales
62'TRY - Somehow Wales are still in this. The ball goes wide right, Wyn Jones, Parkes, Navidi and Shingler goes over in the corner.
62'27-18 Try - Aaron Shingler , Wales
61'Davies box kicks and Biggar comes and takes. Wales on the attack. Steff Evans out side, Earls gets across to tackle. Wales still have it. Inside the Irish 22.
60'Murray puts boot to ball, Halfpenny takes and put to ground by Earls. Wales still have possession. Shingler and Parkes stopped.
59'Wales finally make some headway but once again they cough up possession, literally handed the ball back from Ross Moriarty.
58'Just to go back to that break from Earls, turnover at the breakdown, Murray out the back to Earls and he booted downfield and there was a cry for an off-the-ball shove but nothing given by referee Jackson.
58'Wales cough up possession in the lineout but will have the scrum as Warren Gatland is about to bring in some fresh legs.
57'Solid scrum. Wales 10 metres from the Irish 22, but Ireland win the ball back and Earls kicks forward, gets to the ball inside the Welsh 22, hacks on again but Wales track back to jot down for the 22 drop out.
56'From the restart Ireland knock on and we have another scrum. Probably the only time Wales have had some respite.
56'Substitute on - Tomas Francis , Wales
56'Player substituted - Samson Lee , Wales
56'Substitute on - Wyn Jones , Wales
56'Player substituted - Rob Evans , Wales
56'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Wales
56'Substitute on - Elliot Dee , Wales
54'Ireland lost three British & Irish Lions through injury while Wales gained three but today, there has been no standout player for Wales. They have lacked creativity and have been kept in the game off Irish scraps. Sexton again with a missed kick.
54'27-13 Try - Cian Healy , Ireland
53'TRY Cian Healy gets in for a fourth try for Ireland. That should be that. Wales have been found wanting. Healy picks and goes from a metre on the right touchline.
52'Still trying to get going from the scrum. After a few resets, we go, Stander to Murray and Halfpenny puts Murray to ground with Earls on the overlap.
51'ASTONISHING STATS for Ireland: Possession 80-20 to Ireland Territory 86/14 to Ireland Metres run: 325-67 to Ireland
50'Best throws, Wales turn the ball over but Steff Evans is put down inside his own dead-ball line and Ireland get a scrum five metres from the line.
49'Sexton kicks to the corner. Huge lineout for both teams.
49'The maul is inching forward. No stopping it. Wales doing what they can, the ball is loose and goes dead but there was an advantage.
48'Best throws. Toner takes. The maul gets going.
47'Scrum Ireland shy of halfway. it is solid. Murray, Sexton, Aki and Stockdale take the ball up. Aki again midway through the halfway. Sexton puts a cross kick in and Keith Earls climbs but just can't gather possession. Steff Evans catches but the Welsh defender is put in touch.
46'From the restart Liam Williams takes it but Wales cough up possession with a knock on. Leigh Halfpenny overloaded pressure wise and knocks on. Murray is down injured, his ankle strapped.
46'22-13 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
45'TRY Dan Leavy bounces off tackles and touches down after Murray puts him in with a quick pass at the ruck.
45'20-13 Try - Dan Leavy , Ireland
44'Ireland in possession the Welsh 10 metre line. Murray, Sexton, O'Mahony and Farrell take it in. Earls makes a major break but the ball is not taken cleanly. Ireland still have it Five metres from the Welsh line.
43'Ireland going backwards here Ireland as Sexton is driven back. Murray puts boot to ball and Biggar takes and Wales lose the ball after the tackle.
42'Drop goal-missed
41'Murray kicks in behind the Welsh defence, Halfpenny clears to Rob Kearney and he tries a drop goal from halfway, that pitters away wide.
41'They go left, through the hands of Porter, Farrell, Stockdale. They go back to centre and Aki is put to ground.
41'We are back in Dublin and Wales finding it difficult to get out of their 22. Eventually Gareth Davies puts boot to ball and Rob Kearney runs it back over the Welsh 10 metre line.
41'+215-13 End of first half
41'+215-13 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
41'+113-13 Try - Bundee Aki , Ireland
40'Sexton's conversion puts Ireland in front at the break. A first-half comes to an end that Ireland had much the better of the play and are deservedly in front. Perhaps Joe Schmidt will be wondering how his side are not further in front. Warren Gatland's side have shown glimpses of brilliance but their discipline has let them down.
40'TRY Right on halftime, Bundee Aki, who has been missing and given away a penalty, and knock ons before stretches over the line to score.
40'15-13 Start of second half
39'The ball is there. The Welsh defence is impressive. Everyone is put to ground.
39'Ireland inside the Welsh 22. Sexton finds Healy who is put to ground. Farrell, Ryan and Stander bring it forward. Sexton on the loop linking up with Farrell. They are on the line.
39'Best throws, Toner takes. The maul goes rumbling forward. Ryan takes it on. Porter is next up.
38'Lineout on the Welsh 22. One final effort for Ireland before the break.
37'Murray kicks but Jackson blows his whistle. Aaron Shingler is offside and Sexton, on halfway will kick down the line.
37'Ireland going nowhere really. Chris Farrell and Earls inch forward but Ireland still not over halfway.
37'Murray's box kick is gathered by Stockdale and Aki is next to take it up to halfway. Kearney is put to ground.
36'Davies kicks through and Stockdale takes, Biggar pressures him to ground. Murray snipes down the left touchline and Ireland inch towards their 10 metre line.
36'The restart goes to the Ireland 22, where Stockdale takes it. The ball is brought back into the 22, Murray clears and Halfpenny takes in the air on halfway.
36'8-13 Penalty goal - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
34'A huge disappointing period from Ireland not to take advantage. The try was there for the taking but Sexton will now take the three points.
33'Stander comes to the line. Ireland still short. Jackson says the ball is held up and Ireland have the penalty in front of the posts.
33'Farrell barrels his way to within two metres of the line. Healy is hit back by Jones.
33'Murray feeds Stander. He's stopped. Best is stopped. Farrell, Stockdale to Leavy and Kearney takes it to within 10 metres of the Welsh line. Penalty advantage. Healy edges forward.
31'Ireland just about win it through O'Mahony and the ball goes left, then back right and Earls marches forward, to abuot 10 metres from the Welsh 22. He weaves his way through. Now Ireland need something.
31'From the restart Liam Williams kicks downfield and Ireland have the lineout on their own 10 metre line.
31'5-13 Penalty goal - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
30'Halfpenny nails it with about 15 metres to spare. Ireland in trouble here. Sexton, Kearney have been absent in this half. Who will stand up.
29'Davies puts boot to ball and Biggar goes up takes it ahead of Kearney, but on the ground, the ball is knocked forward by Rob Kearney's foot. The touch judge tells Jackson that was what has happened and Wales have the penalty. Halfpenny will have another kick at goal, right of centre on the Irish 10 metre line.
28'Best throws and Jones takes it and Wales are on the attack with Halfpenny and Liam Williams. Navidi takes it close to halfway.
27'Wales back on the attack with Parkes throwing it wide to the touchline to find Steff Evans but not releasing gives Ireland the penalty. Sexton kicks to touch on the Welsh 10 metre line.
26'Halfpenny doesn't strike it very well and it drops short and a let off for Ireland this time.
25'Leigh Halfpenny will go for goal from about 52 metres.
24'Chris Farrell barrels forward over halfway but there was obstruction in front of the ball with Gareth Davies been taken out. His shoulder seems to be the problem but we go back for the penalty as the physio leaves the field.
23'Ireland win the free kick from the lineout and Ireland opt for the scrum. .
22'Scrum Wales from the restart crosskick is knocked on by Stockdale on halfway and Halfpenny boots downfield. Earls gathers and composes himself and kicks downfield. Biggar replies and Kearney kicks to touch.
22'5-10 Conversion - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
21'That all came from Rob Kearney coughing up possession and Wales booting the ball downfield. That won't quieten the criticism he has been under as Ireland's fullback.
21'5-8 Try - Gareth Davies , Wales
20'TRY Hadleigh Parkes brings Wales inside the 22. Shingler takes it on. Rob Evans feeds the ball, and Gareth Davies takes it up and runs in to score.
19'Rob Kearney breaks down the narrow side but Wales turn the ball over and boot the ball downfield, Sexton gathers inside his 22 and kicks to touch. Wales with the lineout, just outside the Irish 22.
18'CJ Stander and Cian Healy take the ball foward and Ireland are 10 metres outside the Welsh 22. Murray feeds Earls and Best takes it on.
17'Sexton fakes a clearance and Ireland run it from deep in their 22. And a reverse pass sees Sexton take the ball up towards halfway, finds Kearney who is put down.
17'Sexton loses the ball forward around the Wales 10 metres line, and Scott Williams hammers the ball downfield and Ireland have the lineout, and Wales for the first time in the Irish 22.
16'10 metres shy of the 22, Ireland's forward inch forward. Chris Farrell takes it to the 22. Earls and Farrell carrying a lot in the opening exchanges.
15'Ireland get the ball back from the drop out and Rob Kearney kicks through. Wales lineout taken quickly and they look to run it before Biggar kicks down the throat of Stockdale.
14'Sexton goes 0/3 from the tee. Very poor just shy of the 22, out left. Wales let off the hook for their indiscipline.
12'Toner flicks back the lineout and Aki barges forward. Murray to Sexton and inside pass to Earls and Wales are penalised at the breakdown for holding onto the ball.
12'Lineout by best taken and Sexton's garryowen is taken by Steff Evans 10 metres from his own line. He kicks to touch just shy of the Welsh 10 metre line.
11'Solid scrum from Wales and Davies feeds to Biggar who kicks to touch just short of halfway.
9'The lineout is taken by Devin Toner. The maul edges forward but possession is coughed up by Ireland and Aki loses the ball forward.
9'Sexton kicks to the corner, and Rory Best with throw into the lineout, about midway inside the Welsh 22.
8'Biggar gets Wales going again. Murray clears to Halfpenny who goes into contact. Moriartyand Navidi takes the ball forward. But Wales are penalised for going in over the top and Ireland get the penalty on halfway, on the right.
7'A brilliant pass from Sexton, skims the ball wide left, misses out two players and Stockdale with the easiest of tries. Sexton's conversion from the left touchline drifts from left to right and wide. Missed chance.
7'5-3 Try - Jacob Stockdale , Ireland
6'TRY The scrum is firm, Keith Earls beings it up to within five metres. Murray feeds Healy. Earls inches away and Jacob Stockdale gets in to score in the left corner.
4'Sexton hits the right-hand upright with the penalty it comes down and Scott Williams throws a forward pass. Scrum Ireland 10 metres from the Welsh line.
3'The restart from Sexton is taken by Chris Farrell and we have another penalty. Rob Evans not releasing and Sexton goes for the sticks again.
3'0-3 Penalty goal - Leigh Halfpenny , Wales
2'That is what Wales have been missing in Halfpenny's absence. He splits the posts from about 45 metres.
1'Keith Earls knocks on from a Biggar kick, and Bundee Aki picks it up in an offside position and Leigh Halfpenny will have a kick at goal.
1'Glenn Jackson gets us underway in Dublin and Dan Biggar hangs the ball up in the air, to the right side of the 22. Stockdale clears and Chris Farrell nails Leigh Halfpenny who catches.
1'The anthems are done, the fireworks have lit up the stadium and we are set. Will Ireland's Six Nations hopes be in tatters or will Warren Gatland be facing back-to-back defeats in the Six Nations.
1'As the anthems ring out in Dublin 4, a few stats to consider. Ireland on a nine-match winning run and have not lost at home since defeat to England in 2013. Wales meanwhile are on a three-match unbeaten streak against Ireland, two wins and a draw.
1'Johnny Sexton and Leigh Halfpenny were practicing kicking before the match. A huge question mark over both their fitness, and goal-kicking will be crucial in this game.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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