15Stuart Hogg, FB
14Tommy Seymour, W
13Huw Jones, C
12Peter Horne, C
11Sean Maitland, W
10Finn Russell, FH
9Greig Laidlaw, SH
1Gordon Reid, P
2Stuart McInally, H
3Simon Berghan, P
4Grant Gilchrist, L
5Jonny Gray, L
6John Barclay, FL
7Hamish Watson, FL
8Ryan Wilson, N8
16Scott Lawson, R
17Jamie Bhatti, R
18Jon Welsh, R
19Ben Toolis, R
20David Denton, R
21Ali Price, R
22Chris Harris, R
23Blair Kinghorn, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: BT Murrayfield
3:00 PM, February 11, 2018
Capacity: 67,800

Match Commentary

81'32-26 End of second half
80'Final 30 seconds. Price feeds. Scotland scrum is firm. Ball is out, picked up by Ryan Wilson. THey can't kick it out yet. Scotland win the penalty and Stuart Hogg takes the ball off Laidlaw. He kicks it out. It should go to a lineout but referee John Lacey doesn't give it and it is all over in Edinburgh. Gregor Townsend gets his first Six Nations win and France shot themselves in the foot in the second half.
79'France win the lineout but Scotland do immense work to turn the ball over. Scotland scrum to wind the clock down.
77'Scotland get hands on the ball, and we go back for the penalty and Belleau kicks the ball into the corner. He kicks to bring them to within 15 metres of the Scotland line.
77'Price kicks the ball away. Palis takes and runs back to the Scotland 10 metre line. France get the penalty advantage.
77'32-26 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
76'France need a converted try going into the final four minutes. Laidlaw has just picked off any chance he has been given and France have duly obliged, giving them penalty after penalty.
75'Substitute on - Adrien Pélissié , France
75'Player substituted - Guilhem Guirado , France
74'Lineout taken by Toolis. The maul starts going from Scotland. McInally inches forward for Scotland. Denton stopped by Camara. Another penalty for Scotland. This has been an awful second half from France.
73'Penalty to Scotland with referee John Lacey penalising them at the breakdown. Hogg kicks deep inside the French 22.
72'The French scrum has faltered in this second half. Price feeds, it goes back to Horne who is grounded at halfway.
71'France spill forward and Scotland get the scrum. France will need some magic and it was a very poor from Benjamin Fall to knock on there.
71'Player substituted - Virimi Vakatawa , France
71'Substitute on - Benjamin Fall , France
71'Substitute on - Paul Gabrillagues , France
71'Player substituted - Sebastien Vahaamahina , France
71'Player substituted - Lionel Beauxis , France
71'Substitute on - Anthony Belleau , France
71'29-26 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
70'Well it took six years for a recall and it was pretty poor performance from Beauxis. He makes way for Belleau.
70'It was an offside from Serin, jumping up off the line too soon and Scotland now lead. Gregor Townsend nears a first win in the Six Nations.
69'Nothing coming and Scotland have a penalty. Laidlaw will definitely have a crack at goal here for the lead.
68'Huw Jones takes it inside the 22, Jonny Gray, Bhati, and then they go wide. Penalty advantage for Scotland.
67'Scotland take a quick throw from the lineout and they are midway inside the French half. Price, McInally, Denton, Watson all take it on.
67'Huge scrum. Here we go. Serin feeds. Picamoles picks up at the back and Watson tackles him. Beauxis this time kicks from his own line and brings play up to halfway.
67'The French defence turn the tackle into a maul and get the scrum, five metres from their own line. No pressure then.
66'A comedy of errors from France and Beauxis. Scotland inside the French 22. Denton carries them to within 15 metres of the French line.
65'Oh dear. It has taken six years for Lionel Beauxis to get back into the team and he knocks on five metres outside his own 22. Big scrum here coming.
65'Substitute on - David Denton , Scotland
65'Player substituted - John Barclay , Scotland
65'Player substituted - Finn Russell , Scotland
65'Substitute on - Ali Price , Scotland
65'26-26 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
64'And we are level going into the final 16 minutes. France look to be cracking. Scotland haven't looked great, but they look like they can manage the breakdown better and give away less penalties.
63'Scotland get the penalty from the scrum and Laidlaw will line up another kick at goal. A big chance to draw level for Scotland.
62'Vakatawa is stopped by Hamish Watson as the ball goes wide but Picamoles knocks the ball on. That wont endear him to Brunel who just recalled him to the French team with Gourdon injured. Scrum Scotland.
61'We go into the final quarter with France edging the game by three. Russell clears downfield and Picamoles runs it back to the French 10 metre line.
61'23-26 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
59'Maitland keeps it alive for Scotland. Russell makes a few metres. Horne takes Scotland inside the France 22. We come back for the penalty.
58'Stuart Hogg gathers in the air, Scotland spread it wide to Huw Jones, who fends off Lamerat. Scotland have a penalty advantage. Horne takes it into contact.
58'Player substituted - Marco Tauleigne , France
58'Substitute on - Louis Picamoles , France
58'Substitute on - Ben Toolis , Scotland
58'Substitute on - Eddy Ben Arous , France
58'Player substituted - Jefferson Poirot , France
58'Player substituted - Grant Gilchrist , Scotland
58'Player substituted - Rabah Slimani , France
58'Substitute on - Cedate Gomes Sa , France
58'Substitute on - Jamie Bhatti , Scotland
58'Player substituted - Gordon Reid , Scotland
58'20-26 Penalty goal - Baptiste Serin , France
57'Serin converts as the La Marseillaise comes to an end and we have a raft of changes. Louis Picamoles among them for France.
56'Serin lines up the penalty as La Marseillaise rings around Murrayfield.
55'Vakatawa is ripped by Laidlaw but we come back for the penalty advantage.
55'They spread the ball left, through Slimani. Advantage to France. Russell tackles Beauxis. France 10 metres from the Scottish line. Still advantage.
54'Vakatawa takes the ball into contact, Lamerat finds Doumayrou and France are inside the Scottish 22.
53'The restart is gathered by France and Camara charges back into the Scottish half. Palis plays scrum-half and France making no headway. Vakatawa comes in from the wing, Teddy Thomas takes it on but is put down by Gilchrist.
52'France win the lineout and Guirado has the ball at the back. The maul drives on about 10 metres. Serin kicks ahead but Russell chases back to touch down for a 22 drop out.
51'But Iturria wins the penalty with Jonny Gray penalised for not releasing. Beauxis, unlike Finn Russell, finds touch.
50'Scotland looking the better side here. If they can get the next score, France could capitulate.
49'France knock on through Palis in the air, Hogg runs about 50 metres. Scotland then spill forward through Huw Jones, despite no player in sight.
49'20-23 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
47'And bizarrely France are penalised at the ruck, and Laidlaw points to the sticks. No need for the penalty as the tackle took place past the player who was tackled.
47'17-23 Penalty goal - Baptiste Serin , France
46'Baptiste Serin, who replaced Machenaud, takes the kick from the Scotland 10 metre line and splits the posts. The lead is back to six.
45'France kick it back and Hogg runs at the French defence, but there is some illegal blocking from Scotland and France have a chance to cancel out Laidlaw's kick.
44'Beauxis sends it long from the restart and Scotland looking to run it from deep inside their own 22. A penalty goes against Slimani and Scotland kick up the line through Russell. He misses touch again.
44'17-20 Penalty goal - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
42'Referee Lacey awards Scotland the penalty and Laidlaw points to the posts.
41'Scotland looking to get back in this right from the off. France being told to leave it at the breakdown and Scotland continue to inch forward.
41'We are back under way in Edinburgh. Will either get a first win of the Six Nations campaign this year?
41'Player substituted - Maxime Machenaud , France
41'Substitute on - Baptiste Serin , France
41'+114-20 End of first half
41'+114-20 Penalty goal - Maxime Machenaud , France
40'That's it for the first-half and as Machenaud's kick sails through the posts, he turns to run off, but perhaps he is still feeling that knock to his shoulder. Game on in Edinburgh. Scotland have it all to do.
40'14-20 Start of second half
39'France get the penalty advantage as Scotland penalised for taking the man out in the air. Penalty to France. Machenaud looks to take a kick at goal to end the half.
39'Penalty France as there are some shoving and pushing. They kick inside the Scotland 22. Big lineout here.
38'Beauxis finds touch just short of halfway for France. Machenaud has had a touch from the magic sponge and he's all good to go.
37'Wilson takes the lineout this time. The maul is stopped, and the ball is popped back to Maitland and Scotland give away the penalty for not releasing. Machenaud is down clutching his shoulder.
36'Scotland lineout is stolen by Iturria and another poor attack from Scotland. France kick to touch and Scotland have the lineout again, 10 metres outside the French 22.
35'Russell kicks from halfway, and just about finds touch with Teddy Thomas leaping in the air looking to keep it in play.
35'Scotland in their way inside the French half but Lamerat drives them back to halfway. With a penalty advantage Russell kicks away. Penalty on halfway for Scotland.
34'France take in the lineout, and the maul is driving forward. Penalty against France, against their captain Guirado. Huge moment. This time Russell finds touch. Let off for Scotland there.
33'Both teams looking like they have no interest in defending. France still lead. Russell kicks the ball dead. France lineout on the Scotland 10 metre line.
33'14-17 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
32'12-17 Try - Huw Jones , Scotland
31'TRY Huw Jones does it again for Scotland. His eighth try in 13 matches. Hogg runs it back, and at the breakdown the ball is flung back to Jones who runs in under the posts.
31'Scotland finding it hard to make good yards. Hogg, Seymour, and Laidlaw knocks on and France kick downfield. Hogg runs it back, to Watson to Jones. They are inside the French 22.
29'Scrum France on their own 10 metre line. Machenaud feeds, the ball goes wide and somehow the ball goes five metres forward in the pass but the ball goes dead and Scotland have the lineout.
29'Scotland win the penalty for holding on at the breakdown. Russell kicks the ball dead from the penalty. He is having an absolute nightmare in the opening half.
28'Where do Scotland go from here? Machenaud kicks down to Hogg and France turn the ball over.
28'7-17 Conversion - Maxime Machenaud , France
27'7-15 Try - Teddy Thomas , France
26'TRY France looking irresistible when they get going. Guirado just bounces off in the tackle. France up to the Scottish 10 metre line. They go back, almost to their own 10 metre line, and the ball goes wide to Teddy Thomas. He chips ahead, Laidlaw comes across put somehow he doesn't get to it and Thomas just waltzed in to score his second try.
24'Scotland feed, scrum is solid and Peter Horne kicks down, Palis takes it into contact, Maitland and Hogg try to hold him up but fail. France in possession.
23'Vakatawa takes the ball on, 10 metres in from the right touchline. Machenaud gives it to Lauret, and France spill the ball forward. Scrum to Scotland.
22'It hasn't been a great start and as we say that Finn Russell kicks the ball out on the full from his own 10 metre line. France with the lineout. Camara takes this time.
21'Beauxis finds touch just over the Scottish 10 metre line. Guirado throws, and the lineout is stolen by Scotland.
21'Russell kicks Scotland midway inside the French half. Scotland take the lineout through Gilchrist, Horne, Hogg, Russell Maitland take it on but Scotland are penalised. Penalty for France for not releasing.
19'Some kicking back and forth and France try to run it back. Beauxis puts boot to ball, Russell takes and Teddy Thomas puts him to ground, but Scotland get the penalty as Iturria is penalised at the breakdown.
18'French forwards taking the ball on, Camara takes it on and Machenaud kicks long. Russell takes and driven into the ground by his opposite number Beauxis.
18'Finn Russell gives another aimless kick and France kick back to the Scottish line, Hogg kicks downfield, Vakatawa takes and looks to drive France forward.
16'Vakatawa takes Hogg's kick and Lamerat gets it and France are away down the left, but a poor pass gives Scotland back possession.
16'Scotland now up to the French 10 metre line, Russell kicks in behind aimlessly and Palis kicks down from his own 22 to Hogg, inside the Scottish 22.
16'Lamerat brings France up to halfway and Teddy Thomas breaks through but the ball is knocked on and Scotland counter wide left.
15'Castres fullback Geoffrey Palis gets France going once again and as it the ball goes right, Lamerat is put to ground, France back inside their own half.
14'A slight chance for France as Hogg is charged down by his kick goes dead. Scotland 22 drop out.
14'7-10 Conversion - Greig Laidlaw , Scotland
13'5-10 Try - Sean Maitland , Scotland
12'TRY Sean Maitland. Hogg is put to ground, the ball goes left to Jonny Gray, Gilchrist feeds Finn Russell and Sean Maitland finishes it off in the corner.
11'Scotland take the ball from their own lineout, the maul is held up, still five metres from the French line.
11'Scottish scrum holds firm. Stuart Hogg bares down on the French line, he kicks through and with Tommy Seymour tearing up the right touchline Teddy Thomas kicks to touch. Lineout to Scotland five metres from the line.
10'Ideal start from France. But after the restart Camara knocks the ball on after a kick chase from Machenaud.
10'0-10 Penalty goal - Maxime Machenaud , France
8'Penalty to France as Scotland are penalised for not releasing at the breakdown. Machenaud points to the kick at goal.
7'That lineout is taken well, Franch inch forward but Beauxis's kick is half charged down and Scotland have it back.
6'Penalty to France after the scrum collapses. France kick from their own 10 metre line, just up to the Scottish 10 metre line.
5'Scrum put in for France. Front rows go down, we'll do it again.
4'That was disappointing from Scotland. Gregor Townsend not enjoying these opening exchanges as Scotland knock the ball on. They need to improve on their error count from last week. So far, they have been poor.
4'After some kicking back and forth Sctoland take the ball inside the French half through Watson.
4'0-7 Conversion - Maxime Machenaud , France
3'Scotland were looking for a response after last week. That was not it.
3'0-5 Try - Teddy Thomas , France
2'Thomas casts off the tackles of Finn Russell as easy as you like, Sean Maitland misses another tackle and Thomas destroys Stuart Hogg for pace to touch down.
2'TRY Teddy Thomas has done exactly what he did against Ireland in Paris, scything his way in from the right touchline to score.
1'Doumayrou takes it at full speed. Scotland turn the ball over but then lose it once again. Palis brings them up to the Scotland 10 metre line.
1'And Beauxis gets the game underway and Scotland are straight back into their half with Hogg booting the ball into the French half. Palis takes and France look to run it back.
1'The conditions are perfect, the stage is set. One team will likely have a massive Six Nations mountain to climb after this game.
1'Gregor Townsend has rung the changes for Scotland, the biggest change seeing the return of Greig Laidlaw at scrum-half. French head coach Jacques Brunel meanwhile has thrown in Lionel Beauxis after first-choice fly-half Matthieu Jalibert left the defeat to Ireland with an injury.
1'Just under 15 minutes to kick off today as Scotland and France both look to bounce back after opening day defeats in the Six Nations.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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