15Mike Brown, FB
14Anthony Watson, W
13Jonathan Joseph, C
12Owen Farrell, C
11Jonny May, W
10George Ford, FH
9Danny Care, SH
1Mako Vunipola, P
2Dylan Hartley, H
3Dan Cole, P
4Joe Launchbury, L
5Maro Itoje, L
6Courtney Lawes, FL
7Chris Robshaw, FL
8Sam Simmonds, N8
16Jamie George, R
17Alec Hepburn, R
18Harry Williams, R
19George Kruis, R
20Sam Underhill, R
21Richard Wigglesworth, R
22Ben Te'o, R
23Jack Nowell, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Twickenham
4:45 PM, February 10, 2018
Capacity: 82,000

Match Commentary

81'+112-6 End of second half
80'England march on undefeated, while Wales go to Dublin with a big question mark hanging over them. The return of George North, Leigh Halfpenny and Liam Williams could prove crucial for Wales. Is there any team that can stop Eddie Jones' England?
80'That was a hard watch. So many errors. Not just that, so many unforced errors and a lack of penetration.
80'Alun Wyn Jones takes the lineout. Navidi is held up and England turn the ball over.
80'We are into injury time. Ben Te'o high tackle gives Wales one final chance. They kick the ball to their own 10 metre line. We will see what they can do.
79'Steff Evans it is again who looks to make a break. England still driving them back. Navidi gets the ball just outside his 22. They are pushed back inside their 22. Final minute.
78'Ben Te'o puts George North to ground. England pushes the Welsh back to their own 22. Still have the ball in hand.
77'Parkes loops a long ball out wide. Shingler is put to ground. Wales are pushed back Still around that midway point of the Welsh half.
77'Wales look to run it from their 22. Evans breaks up to midway point of the Welsh half. Navidi looks to break and is put to ground.
77'Substitute on - Alec Hepburn , England
77'Player substituted - Mako Vunipola , England
77'12-6 Penalty goal - Gareth Anscombe , Wales
76'Six points the difference. Is there anything left in Wales?
75'Anscombe makes a huge break and a kick through is aimless. BUT we come back for a penalty to Wales. Wales go to kick at goal.
74'Substitute on - Bradley Davies , Wales
74'Player substituted - Cory Hill , Wales
73'England take the lineout and get the drive going. Vunipola takes it on, Lawes is driven back and Wale turn the ball over. George North drives forward.
72'Farrell puts boot to ball, Anscombe takes and is put into touch by Brown.
71'The ball is put wide, it is very scrappy. Wales win the counter ruck and a box kick is taken by Brown, releases Nowell.
70'England 10 metres from the Welsh line. Wigglesworth finds Lawes, Kreus taken down by Navidi.
69'Farrell sets Joseph away and England are going through the phases, edging forward. Farrell tees up George. They are putting Wales under pressure. Can they hold firm?
68'Player substituted - Joe Launchbury , England
68'Substitute on - George Kruis , England
68'Substitute on - Ben Te'o , England
68'Player substituted - George Ford , England
66'That is a no. Scrum reset. Ford to Wigglesworth and it is another scrum to England for another Welsh knock on. Five metres inside the Welsh 10 metre line.
66'Player substituted - Gareth Davies , Wales
66'Substitute on - Aled Davies , Wales
65'So and England scrum midway inside the Welsh half. Will we have a quick scrum for once?
65'Substitute on - Elliot Dee , Wales
65'Substitute on - Harry Williams , England
65'Player substituted - Ken Owens , Wales
65'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
65'Substitute on - Justin Tipuric , Wales
65'Player substituted - Ross Moriarty , Wales
65'Substitute on - Richard Wigglesworth , England
65'Player substituted - Danny Care , England
64'And another knock on from Wales, gifts England back possession. England kick down and North takes it on but Tom Francis knocks the ball on. The Welsh error count has been absolutely massive today.
63'Eddie Jones leaves his place from on high to come down pitchside and Ford clears to touch to the England 10 metre line.
62'Parkes smashes through in midfield but the ball is knocked on again. They are knocking on the door but lacking that final piece of quality to create a score.
62'From the resulting lineout, Lawes gathers and England clear to touch on their 22. Wales throw just outside the 22.
61'The game is crying out for quality and it doesnt get it. Wales inside the 22. The ball goes wide to Scott Williams, he dives from about five metres out, but Underhill somehow gets across to drag him into touch.
60'That said, England lose the ball at the breakdown but Wales simply kick aimlessly forward and England have possession back.
59'The last score came in the 24th minute. How we would love some action now. Wales break inside the England 22, with Anscombe. And Owen Farrell turns the ball over. What a mess from Wales. Once they get inside the England 22, they merely cough up possession time and time again.
58'Substitute on - Tomas Francis , Wales
58'Player substituted - Samson Lee , Wales
58'Player substituted - Rob Evans , Wales
58'Substitute on - Wyn Jones , Wales
57'Ford kicks from his own 22 to up to within 10 metres of the Welsh 22. It seems so easy for England to make up ground while Wales take so many phases to eek out some yards.
56'Player substituted - Rhys Patchell , Wales
56'Substitute on - George North , Wales
55'The scrum has been a mess. Could we have a yellow card soon? Garces says he wants a bit more from both teams.
55'And with that Patchell's day is done. George North comes on, Josh Adams goes to fullback, George North on the wing and Anscombe goes to fullback.
54'Wales seem to be struggling to make any haeadway. Anscombe chips over the top but it is lost forward. Anscombe seems to be in at flyhalf with Patchell gone to fullback.
53'Patchell has had a bit of a nightmare today. Eddie Jones' may well have been on the money about him not being able to deal with the pressure with his lack of Test experience.
53'Once again England are penalised, after getting in behind Wales, and Wales can clear.
52'Substitute on - Jamie George , England
52'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
51'Penalty for Wales in the scrum but Patchell is dealt with and England are on the prowl again.
49'England inside the Welsh 22, but knock the ball on and as Anscombe tries to clear its blocked. We go back for the scrum.
49'England win the lineout following that penalty. Ford cross kick finds May on the left touchline. They spread the ball back and Nowell runs into the Welsh defence.
48'Shingler makes an immense break, but inexplicably kicks the ball ahead after they cross the 10 metre line. He kicks ahead and then Farrell gathers and Wales are penalised for coming in at the side. Chance missed. Big chance missed.
46'The lineout isn't straight and anything that could go wrong has gone wrong for Wales.
45'Another penalty for Wales and Patchell dispatches to touch midway through the England half.
45'Watson limps off as Jack Nowell comes on. Wales get over halfway for the first time in the second half.
45'Substitute on - Jack Nowell , England
45'Player substituted - Anthony Watson , England
43'Watson is still down after that contact, struggling to his feet and hobbling. Ford kicks through and Patchell is out of position and Wales have a lineout 15 metres from their own line.
42'Watson tries to find a way inside off the touchline but is kept at bay before Dan Cole knocks on. Play on as Wales boot the ball clear.
42'England midway inside the Welsh half, May pops up in midfield. The Welsh are demented by the England pick and go. England up to the 22.
41'Sam Simmonds replaced by Sam Underhill in the backrow at the break and we are back underway at Twickenham. 40 minutes for this Welsh team to fight their way back.
41'Substitute on - Sam Underhill , England
41'Player substituted - Sam Simmonds , England
41'+112-3 End of first half
40'It has been an abysmal first-half for Wales. Martyn Thomas at Twickenham.
40'Wales have one last chance before halftime. Evans goes over halfway. Gareth Davies takes an age to get the ball at the breakdown and England take possession with Care kicking the ball away. Adams takes and Watson drives him back 10 metres and Davies kicks the ball dead.
40'12-3 Start of second half
38'Patchell kicks down the throat of George Ford who calls the mark, Ford clears to touch on halfway.
38'Care clears, Anscombe takes on his own 10 metre line and goes over halfway. Wales struggle to hold onto possession. Wales going from left to right but have no impact. Davies puts boot to ball and Brown takes.
36'England with a defensive scrum, midway inside their own 22. Wales get the shove on, but Garces shakes his head. Another reset it is.
34'Patchell doesn't do much with a long throw. England have their defence in tact and when the ball goes back, the ball is lost forward by Samson Lee.
33'So after that, we go back to the lineout. Ken Owens throws, Hill takes. The shove gets on. Owens takes them up to within five metres. Navidi, Moriarty take it on. Davies feeds Josh Adams.
32'Rhys Patchell kicks down the line and Wales have a lineout from eight metres from the England line. Jerome Garces asks Dylan Hartley to change his shirt which is covered in blood.
32'Jerome Garces asks for restraint from the captains. "It is a scuffle... but you are the captain and now you must calm down. We start 32 minutes really good, but another scuffle will be two players on the bench."
32'Ken Owens, Adams and Davies take the ball up to the England 10 metre line. A penalty against England and we have a pile in.
31'Farrell puts boot to ball and Watson challenges in the air, misses the ball and Anscombe takes and runs up to the Welsh 10 metre line.
31'This time it is England's time to kick and Patchell takes. Davies kicks down the throat of Brown.
30'Right, Hartley's blood is wiped away and we are back with a scrum. Davies feeds Patchell and his kick is aimless and England gather again.
29'Wales really struggling to make any headway and Patchell's kick is knocked on by Brown in the air.
28'Garces says England were closing the gap and Wales get a free kick. Patchell lumps it into the air and Brown gathers and looks to be hit in the air.
27'Steff Evans kicks down into the England 22 and Ford has to run back and kicks to touch around halfway.
27'Wales turn the ball over. Scott Williams comes up to the Welsh 10 metres line and England turn the ball over again. Ford kicks in behind Patchell. He feeds Adams who kicks down Brown.
25'Our man at Twickenham gives us the latest after that try being ruled out for Wales.
25'Wales win the lineout but aimlessly kick the ball back and Mike Brown comes running back. England midway inside the Welsh 22.
24'England look so much in control, Ford jinx through and Farrell kicks through. Steff Evans makes sure they have the lineout as he lets the ball go out.
24'12-3 Penalty goal - Rhys Patchell , Wales
23'Alun Wyn Jones complains to Jerome Garces, saying the penalty count is against England. Garces replies by telling him there were two advantages for England before the English try. Eddie Jones might be making another complaint.
23'We go back to the penalty. Patchell kicks for goal.
23'TMO says not clearly grounded. Very harsh on Wales.
22'TMO - We go the TMO. Try Yes or No. Rhys Patchell kicks a cross kick to the corner, Steff Evans bounces the ball off his knee and Gareth Anscombe following up, with Watson, Anscombe gets there.
22'Eight metres out, the lineout is gathered by Wales, their drive is stopped. Garces shouts use it. Patchell runs in to Farrell. Hill takes it forward. Ken Owens gets an extra metre.
21'Wales get the penalty straight from the restart and Patchell kick to the corner. 12 points down, they need something to get them back into this game.
21'12-0 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
20'10-0 Try - Jonny May , England
19'TRY Jonny May. His second try. Launchbury gets the ball over the top from a Farrell pass and he puts it back inside, taking Patchell and Parkes out of the game and May runs in to score. Easy.
19'Launchbury, Simmonds takes the ball to within eight metres out. Advantage England. Farrell gets up to within three metres.
17'Farrell gets absolutely crushes by Moriarty, but still the English come through Joseph, Itoje and Mako Vunipola. Midway inside the Welsh 22.
16'Hartley throws in the lineout and England are up to the 22 through Watson.
16'The ball is spread wide following the lineout and Evans and Parkes take up the Welsh cause. England force the turnover, with Wales being off their feet.
15'Anscombe kicks the ball forward and England clear to touch on their 10 metre line.
14'England in control after the scrum, Simmonds picks and goes, but England kick the ball away aimlessly. Gareth Davies kicks long and Adams knocks forward. England kick away advantage through Ford.
12'Wales spread the ball wide, but lose the ball forward. England have the put in to the scrum. Hadleigh Parkes was tackled by Owen Farrell and leads to the scrum.
12'So far, 12 minutes in, this is clearly the goal for England and it is working.
11'England making no headway, still around the 10 metre line. Wales win the penalty for players going off their feet.
11'Substitute on - Dylan Hartley , England
11'Player substituted - Jamie George , England
10'Hartley has returned to the action before the last lineout. Mike Brown back in action, Shingler puts him to ground on the Wales 10 metre line.
9'Five-man lineout and the ball is spread back. Ford chips ahead, Farrell gathers and England are on the attack. The ball is spread wide, Ford dinks the ball out wide to May who can't stay in touch. Lineout Wales.
9'The lineout from George is stolen by Wales and Hadleigh Parkes buries the ball downfield and back into English half. They have the lineout on their own 10 metre line.
8'Danny Care kicks in behind off the breakdown, we have some kicks back and forth and England come up to the Wales 10 metre line and Farrell kicks in behind. Steff Evans kicks to touch midway through the Wales half.
6'Patchell is back with ball in hand after the restart, and jinx to avoid contact. A Gareth Davies kick is gathered by Mike Brown and England spread the ball wide.
6'Straight in front of the posts, from just over 40 metres out and Patchell pulls it slightly wide.
5'England concede the penalty after the restart and Patchell has his first kick at goal. How good is he? We'll soon see whether Eddie Jones' comments had any impact or, were right, that he would suffer under pressure.
4'Farrell misses the conversion, pulling his kick wide right of the far upright. It is well and truly game on in London.
3'Patchell should have taken the high ball but was beaten to it by Watson. When the ball came back Farrell kicked the ball into what seemed like an eternal space and May ran in to score.
3'5-0 Try - Jonny May , England
2'TRY - Jonny May scores the first try of the game. Watson beats Patchell to the ball and Owen Farrell kicks the ball into space and May runs onto the ball and scores.
1'Ford smashes the ball into the Welsh half and after the ball is returned, Mike Brown takes in the air. The pack edges forward for England. It is the weather for it.
1'Davies feeds, Patchell-Parkes-Patchell combine and Anscombe kicks the ball dead. 22 drop out for George Ford.
1'Wyn Jones and Navidi stripped the ball from Watson and now have the scrum. Dylan Hartley is also gone off for a HIA.
1'Anthony Watson spills the ball on his 22 and Josh Adams has brought Wales back towards the 22 and they have the immediate advantage with the scrum after a knock on.
1'Jerome Garces gets us under way and Rhys Patchell gets his first kick of the ball.
1'And with that, the anthems are done and dusted. Lets bring on the game.
1'The scene is set. All the talking has been done and for Eddie Jones and Warren Gatland, it is now over their players .
1'Welcome to the coverage of England's monster Six Nations clash with Wales. Leigh Halfpenny is out and ESPN's Martyn Thomas is at Twickenham taking a look at Rhys Patchell's kicking.
1'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
1'Substitute on - Jamie George , England
1'0-0 Start of first half

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