15Rob Kearney, FB
14Keith Earls, W
13Robbie Henshaw, C
12Bundee Aki, C
11Jacob Stockdale, W
10Johnny Sexton, FH
9Conor Murray, SH
1Jack McGrath, P
2Rory Best, H
3Tadhg Furlong, P
4Iain Henderson, L
5Devin Toner, L
6Peter O'Mahony, FL
7Dan Leavy, FL
8Jack Conan, N8
16Sean Cronin, R
17Cian Healy, R
18Andrew Porter, R
19Quinn Roux, R
20CJ Stander, R
21Kieran Marmion, R
22Joey Carbery, R
23Jordan Larmour, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Aviva Stadium
2:15 PM, February 10, 2018
Capacity: 51,700

Match Commentary

81'+156-19 End of second half
80'The big news from Twickenham is that Leigh Halfpenny has been ruled out of the Wales XV. Plenty more to come on that and much more from Week 2 of the 2018 Six Nations!
80'Up next in the Six Nations, at 16:45 GMT, is England vs. Wales, which promises to be a much closer encounter than this one. Stay with ESPN for all the reaction from Dublin, as well as the action from Twickenham, and tomorrow's match between Scotland and France at Murrayfield.
80'It's a fine win for Ireland, who do more than enough in each half to always be in control. Conor Murray was majestic, Earls was unstoppable, Sexton was unflappable, Stockdale was explosive -- the only dampener is the serious-looking injury to Henshaw when he scored early in the second half.

For Italy, credit to them for not dropping their heads. They got three tries of their own, could have had more, but failed to make the game a contest -- their performance against England was more threatening than this, and that backwards step will be a disappointment for Conor O'Shea.
80'They've been turned over. Then Italy's kick forward is blocked. It's a knock on, and that's the end of the game.
80'Last play, time up. What will Ireland do? It's their throw at a lineout at halfway. They look to push a maul forward. They want another try.
80'Drama! An intercept by Italy suddenly opens up the entire field for Bellini, but Earls makes up a stunning amount of ground before dragging down Bellini, whose pass falls to the turf. The Aviva rises as one to recognise the wonderful commitment from Earls, with only the bonus point for Italy at stake. That was magnificent.
79'Conor Murray, completely deservedly, is man of the match. His marshalling in the first half made all the difference, he put barely a foot or a pass in the wrong place.
77'Suddenly, Italy are going in search of their own bonus point -- a quick lineout is taken around midway, amidst a stunning amount of traffic, but the adventurous spirit isn't rewarded as the boot forward smites its way into touch on the full.
76'Benvenuti set the play there with a wonderful loop pass left, then Hayward flicked it on to Minozzi for the finish. The conversion is missed, but three tries is a decent return from a disappointing afternoon for the visitors.
75'Oh, great try from Italy! They opt to kick for touch and a lineout with the penalty, and Minozzi finishes off a wonderful move from right to left with a beautifully executed sprint to the line.
75'56-19 Try - Matteo Minozzi , Italy
74'Italy are in the Irish 22, they're looking for a third try of their own. Ireland defending diligently and eventually a knock on pulls the play back for an off-feet infringement by Stander.
72'Ireland have scored nine tries in each of their last two meetings with Italy. This is basically par now.
71'Conversion from out on the left, and it's a pure strike from Carbery to keep the perfect 8 try/8 conversion symmetry in place.
71'56-14 Conversion - Joey Carbery , Ireland
70'The play is bogged down in midfield. Some supporters are heading for the exits. Italy win a penalty in Ireland's half and within moments they've lost the ball and Stockdale is streaking down the left wing! He beats the final tackle and that's another try for Ireland! And from an Italy quick-tap in Irish territory. It's been that kind of afternoon for the Azzurri.
70'54-14 Try - Jacob Stockdale , Ireland
68'Player substituted - Jack McGrath , Ireland
68'Substitute on - Cian Healy , Ireland
67'Only 13 minutes left now for Ireland to get to 68 points and set a new record margin of victory over Italy. That's really the only issue at stake now.
66'Italy finally get into the Irish 22 and are immediately turned over, but when Carbery's kick deep starts working its way back towards the Irish line, Italy finally make a break through. Parisse bursts down the left flank, breaking a tackle and then tossing the ball inside. The ball bounces forward and Edoardo Gori pounces on it and dives over the line. Is it a try? TMO decides the ball left Parisse's hands backwards, and then bounced forward, so it's all above board and a conversion from Allan closes the gap again.
66'49-14 Conversion - Tommaso Allan , Italy
66'49-12 Try - Edoardo Gori , Italy
63'Italy are trying to make some inroads again, but there's not much give in the Irish defence. Parisse turns scrum-half to feed Castello, but he is brought down emphatically. They're probing, but making very little ground, and Jayden Hayward's grubber rolls harmlessly into touch. So little incisiveness in the Italian play, for all the effort and endeavour they are showing.
61'Easy conversion for Carbery, normal service is resumed.
61'Substitute on - Sean Cronin , Ireland
61'Player substituted - Rory Best , Ireland
61'49-7 Conversion - Joey Carbery , Ireland
60'The lineout is grabbed by O'Mahony. "Heave" squeals the Ireland crowd. Their team is three metres out. Two metres. Brilliant hands, and Carbery releases Stockdale for try number seven!
60'47-7 Try - Jacob Stockdale , Ireland
59'Ireland plough into Italian territory once again, and Italy are penalised for not rolling away. Carbery punts the ball to the five-metre line. Another try beckons.
58'Allan converts his own try. That's important in as much as keeping the record books at bay -- Ireland's record win over the Italians is 63-10.
58'Substitute on - Edoardo Gori , Italy
58'Player substituted - Marcello Violi , Italy
58'Substitute on - Federico Ruzza , Italy
58'Player substituted - Sebastian Negri , Italy
58'42-7 Conversion - Tommaso Allan , Italy
57'Ireland switch off for a moment and Castello's break through the defensive line allows him to ship it to his left and send Allan through for a try! The dreaded shutout is avoided.
56'Wait! What's this?! TRY! ITALY!! No, really...
56'42-5 Try - Tommaso Allan , Italy
54'Substitute on - Jayden Hayward , Italy
54'Player substituted - Tommaso Boni , Italy
54'Substitute on - Tizano Pasquali , Italy
54'Player substituted - Simone Ferrari , Italy
54'42-0 Conversion - Joey Carbery , Ireland
53'All it does is delay the inevitable, Rory Best grabbing his 9th try in Irish colours. The lineout goes to Toner, who hands off to Leavy, then the drive works its way to Best who is at the bottom of the pile as they dive over the line. Six tries, and Carbery adds his first conversion to keep Ireland perfect in that regard.
53'40-0 Try - Rory Best , Ireland
52'Carbery immediately makes an impact with a nice grubber through to the in-goal area, but Bellini is across to cover and Tommy Allan slides the ball into touch.
52'Joey Carbery and Kieran Marmion are on, and for all you Fantasy Rugby players, the afternoons of Jonny Sexton and Connor Murray are over. Sorry, that's all the points they are going to score!
51'Ireland two metres from the line, Stockdale just wrestled down, and eventually they are turned over but will get the ball straight back, as Italy had strayed offside on the right wing.
51'Substitute on - Joey Carbery , Ireland
51'Player substituted - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
51'Substitute on - Kieran Marmion , Ireland
51'Player substituted - Conor Murray , Ireland
50'It's taking an age to get the scrum set and Poite gets bored, awarding a quick tap to Ireland. Larmour trying to squirt towards the line, the ball goes left, Sexton with the loop pass wide left to Stockdale, and Ireland are slowed down but still on the move.
47'Conor Murray is playing a blinder, the Irish scrum-half probing perfectly with the copious possession his team are enjoying. An accidental intervention from referee Poite stops another near certain try, with Kearney clean through to the try line if the ball hadn't bounced off Poite. The referee can smile, but Kearney is furious!
46'High tackle against Italy as Earls takes a Murray pass, breaks two tackles and is then wrestled to the ground illegally by Dean Budd. Italy are all over the place, still.
45'Substitute on - Jordan Larmour , Ireland
45'Player substituted - Robbie Henshaw , Ireland
45'Substitute on - Maxime Mbanda , Italy
45'Player substituted - Braam Steyn , Italy
45'Player substituted - Luca Bigi , Italy
45'Substitute on - Leonardo Ghiraldini , Italy
45'35-0 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
44'Jordan Larmour makes his debut, but this is not the circumstances that anyone wanted to see the young Leinster flyer for making his Six Nations bow.
44'This is not great news for Ireland though, who seems to have damaged his elbow in scoring. He was taken to ground as he touched down by Benvenuti, having capitalised on a Parisse mistake in midfield. The gasps around the Aviva sum up how horrible the injury looks - it seems as though the weight of both Henshaw and Benvenuti is trapped between them and the ball as it is touched down. The cart is out for Henshaw, whose afternoon is most definitely over and whose arm may well be broken. A makeshift sling is being put together, and Henshaw is taking in oxygen through a tube. This is quite a dampener to put on a fine Irish afternoon.
44'Some sloppiness creeping in to Irish play, with Devin Toner knocking on on halfway. Advantage Italy, which they do virtually nothing with before referee Poite calls it over -- and within seconds Henshaw is sprinting towards the Italy line for the fifth Irish try of the day!
44'33-0 Try - Robbie Henshaw , Ireland
43'Much as in the first half, Italy are going left and right without going forward into Irish territory. Eventually Violi has to kick over the top and towards the Irish 22, but all that does is allow Ireland to build from deep.
42'Italy put in at a scrum on halfway, after Roux's first touch is a knock-on on a low pass at his bootlaces.
42'Iain Henderson was the man to make way at half-time for Roux, while CJ Stander is on for Jack Conan. That's not exactly welcome news for the Italians, given how destructive a presence Stander can be.
41'The teams are back out on the field - Quinn Roux is on the field for Ireland. Sexton to kick off -- and we are underway again!
41'Substitute on - CJ Stander , Ireland
41'Player substituted - Jack Conan , Ireland
41'Player substituted - Iain Henderson , Ireland
41'Substitute on - Quinn Roux , Ireland
41'28-0 End of first half
40'For those who feel Italy are not deserving of their place in the Six Nations (and this performance has done little to harm that argument), this report from Martyn Thomas is well worth a read over half-time. They're trying, the Italians, but this is going to take time...
40'And that's the half-time whistle. For everything that Ireland have been doing well, Italy have been doing equally badly. This is a mismatch, and the only thing in doubt is just how many points Ireland will have racked up by the end of this.
40'28-0 Start of second half
39'And from the lineout, Italy drop the ball! Braam Steyn knocks on horribly, going for the ball one-handed, unopposed. Brutal. Ireland will get to the half with the shutout, and quite what Coach O'Shea is going to say to his troops is anyone's guess.
38'Oh dear, Tommy Allan almost disappears under a high ball around halfway as Italy shrink en masse. They do, however, finally win a penalty, deep in the Ireland half. Italy kick for touch -- can they get on the scoreboard before half-time?
37'As Sexton lines up his conversion, an HIA has been requested for Quaglio -- rather surprising that he wasn't sent immediately for one. Regardless, Sexton puts over the kick. This is a thumping in every sense for Italy.
37'Substitute on - Andrea Lovotti , Italy
37'Player substituted - Nicola Quaglio , Italy
37'28-0 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
36'Well, huge credit due to Bundee Aki for his feinting, dummying, jinking run from midfield, but where was the Italy tackling?! Aki then plays a lovely pass to his right and Earls has an easy finish from 22 metres, touching down on the right flank.
36'TRY! IRELAND! There's the bonus point!
35'The Irish handling at close quarters has been spectacular today. Stockdale makes a fine grab behind his shoulder from Henshaw's pass, but he is unable to stay in bounds on the left wing. Lineout Italy.
35'26-0 Try - Keith Earls , Ireland
33'Ouch. Quaglio took a head in the jaw from teammate Alessandro Zanni as they converged on a tackle.
33'Italy look like they've made it tricky for Ireland with Allan hitting a great kick into the 22, only for Stockdale to show perfect hands with the grab over his shoulder. Some ping-pong rugby before another Ireland penalty. It also stops play for attention to Nicola Quaglio, the Italy prop, who seemed to take a heavy blow to the jaw.
31'Sexton tries to grubber it through for Earls but it's overhit and out through the back of the in-goal area. Italy get to temporarily alleviate the pressure with a drop-out from the 22.
30'Ireland are playing with such pace, even dead balls are being dealt with fast. Unfortunately, there's a haste to it all as well as Earls tries to play off the ground and Murray eventually knocks on. Back they go again for another Italy penalty, Parisse gets a talking to from Romain Poite, the referee, who asks for more discipline "like the first 10 minutes". Italy need half-time badly.
30'Conan picks up from the base of the scrum, but he's stopped in his tracks. Penalty advantage Ireland. More good handling but eventually Keith Earls runs straight into Rory Best and they come back for the penalty against Parisse, for being off his feet. Sexton boots out for a lineout. Ireland want the bonus point -- they are one try away.
28'Beautiful rugby from Ireland, their handling in the back line has been spectacular so far today. First it's Murray with a great catch and pass, then more great handling almost sets Henshaw free. Eventually Ireland lose the ball but a penalty for offside gives them it straight back. Rory Best opts for a scrum -- like a shark sensing blood in the water.
26'Just as Italy get beyond the 10-metre line, they conceded a stupid penalty, Ferrari lifting a player illegally. Sexton will punt into touch, Ireland lineout on the Italy 22.
25'Luca Bigi has a bleeding nose. Italian rugby has a bit of a collective sore head. They also have the put-in at a scrum, though.
25'Italy need to do something, anything, to stop this turning into a rout akin to the 63-10 mauling they took from Ireland in Rome last year. They do at least have possession for a spell now, with Allan and Bellini combining in midfield. Italy haven't yet had possession any deeper in the Ireland half than the 10-metre line. It's crab rugby, everything going sideways. And eventually into touch. In the Italy half. Conor O'Shea can't be enjoying this.
22'Sexton to convert -- camera phones out again in the crowd. It's just to the left of the posts, a good angle for the right-footed Sexton, and he punts it over with ease. Ireland are in complete control.
22'Ireland are on the Italian line again. Briliant surge from Porter, the substitute, then it's Bundee Aki who bundles over from close range, his first try for Ireland on his fourth appearance.
22'21-0 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
21'19-0 Try - Bundee Aki , Ireland
19'More nice handling in the backs as Murray scoops up the ball quickly from the scrum and switches it out left, before it's chipped through and eventually covered up by the Italians, but at the expense of an Ireland lineout in the 22.
19'Important tackle from Ferrari as Earls looked like he'd been set free by Sexton, and after a brief foray forward by the Italians, Ireland will have the put-in at a scrum just inside the Italian half.
18'Boni -- who is not having a great game, truth be told -- is bundled into touch at halfway. Ireland are in complete control here.
17'Conor Murray heaves an up-and-under downfield but it's well handled by Allan under the high ball. Italy trying to get something going, they've barely seen any of the ball in the last 10 minutes and need to stem the flow.
16'14-0 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
15'Sexton with the conversion from wide left -- the camera phones are out behind him. And he's nailed it. Straight as an arrow.
14'That was a beautiful string of handling from the Irish. Conan, the No. 8, does a beautiful job of drawing the last man and flipping the ball to his left for Murray on the overlap, and he can't help but laugh as he covers the final 30 metres unchallenged. Easy looking try, but that was brilliant handling all round.
14'12-0 Try - Conor Murray , Ireland
13'A misplaced pass from Parisse stops Italy in their tracks and Ireland are pushing into Italy territory once again. Murray shipping the ball left and right and eventually he's the man who breaks through! TRY IRELAND!
12'7-0 Conversion - Johnny Sexton , Ireland
11'It was fine work from Ireland from a scrum and Stockdale is stopped just short. Murray plays a fabulous pass and Henshaw has an easy finish from three metres, just to the left of the posts. Sexton dinks over the conversion, and the scoreboard is ticking.
11'And there we have it! TRY! HENSHAW!
11'5-0 Try - Robbie Henshaw , Ireland
9'Brilliant hands from Sexton! The lineout ball was working its way across the back line and it took a brilliant intervention from Sexton to keep it moving. Stockdale looked like he was going to score the first try of the game, but Minozzi makes a vital tackle to break it up. Ireland still pushing on.
9'Ireland building well again, with Henderson scooping the ball well off his feet. Aki makes a great feint to open up more space, and Italy are pinged for failing to release. The first penalty of the game, and Jonny Sexton weighs up his options. He's going for touch, and the home crowd sends up a roar - they love this positive approach!
7'Italy are taken a positive approach with their play, but they're not making much ground. A boot from deep is taken with a mark by Rob Kearney, and Ireland return the favour, with a lineout coming 10 metres inside the Italian half.
6'There is a quiet murmuring descending on the Aviva Stadium, perhaps reeling a little from seeing Furlong helped off. A kick from deep is taken well in touch by Bellini and Italy launch a quick counter.
4'A concern for Ireland though as Tadgh Furlong is helped from the field, with Andrew Porter coming on. It seemed that was a hamstring injury, and he's receiving treatment on the Irish bench right now. His afternoon is over.
4'A slack pass from Boni towards Parisse flies into touch and Italy waste a promising opportunity 10 metres inside the Irish half.
4'Player substituted - Tadhg Furlong , Ireland
4'Substitute on - Andrew Porter , Ireland
3'Well executed lineout, which is a catch and drive, but a knock on from Bundee Aki gives Italy a chance to build and they immediately surge over halfway through Minozzi.
2'Jacob Stockdale chips over the top towards the Italian 22 but Matteo Minozzi does well to cover. A boot into touch around halfway, and Ireland will have a lineout.
1'Ireland immediately playing with a verve they struggled to find in Paris last weekend. First Robbie Henshaw makes inroads and then Peter O'Mahony makes spectacular ground towards halfway. The crowd are loving this.
1'Italy to kick off, Tommaso Allan the man with the ball... and we are off!
1'As expected, those empty seats are now filled. Next up, KICK OFF!
1'With Ireland playing at home, they have a rendition of both Soldiers Are We and Ireland's Call, back-to-back (or shoulder-to-shoulder...). To be frank, captain Rory Best just looks like he wants to get on with the game!
1'A gutsy rendition of Il Canto degli Italiani from Parisse and Co. And there are a fair few Italian fans in attendance in Dublin as well.
1'Drums and flamethrowers welcome the teams onto the field. With 10 minutes till kick-off, there are still a few empty seats, but expect those to have been filled by the time the introductions and the anthems are over.
1'The teams are in the tunnel and it's very nearly time for the anthems!
1'The pre-match weather report had predicted a dank and windy day in Dublin, but the weather is arguably better than what Ireland had to contend with in Paris last weekend. That should help them play the kind of running rugby that will test Italy and put Ireland on the front foot.
1'Italy keep faith with a back line that caused England occasional problems in defeat in Rome last weekend, but bring some fresh bodies into the pack, with Braam Steyn coming into the back row and Nicola Quaglio and Luca Bigi starting in the front row. Their main man, however, remains Sergio Parisse -- he needs a big game of Italy are to replicate what France did last weekend and slow down the ball enough to frustrate Ireland.
1'Ireland come into this match looking to put right some of the wrongs from their eventual victory in Paris last weekend. They need tries, at the very minimum four to claim the bonus point, and we could see the debut of Leinster's Jordan Larmour, who is listed on the bench.
1'Hello and welcome to ESPN's coverage of the first match of Round 2 in this year's Six Nations -- Ireland vs. Italy at the Aviva Stadium.

It is the first time Irishman Conor O'Shea has taken his Italy team to his native land as coach, and he is looking to reverse an overwhelming weight of history -- in all of the Six Nations games between these nations in Dublin, Ireland lead on aggregate 328-103.
1'0-0 Start of first half

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