15Lachlan Turner, FB
14Jack Nowell, W
13Henry Slade, C
12Sam Hill, C
11Olly Woodburn, W
10Joe Simmonds, FH
9Nic White, SH
1Alec Hepburn, P
2Luke Cowan-Dickie, H
3Tomas Francis, P
4Mitch Lees, L
5Jonny Hill, L
6Dave Ewers, FL
7Don Armand, FL
8Sam Simmonds, N8
16Jack Yeandle, R
17Ben Moon, R
18Greg Holmes, R
19Sam Skinner, R
20Thomas Waldrom, R
21Stu Townsend, R
22Gareth Steenson, R
23Ian Whitten, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Sandy Park
3:30 PM, May 19, 2018
Capacity: 8,000

Match Commentary

81'36-5 End of second half
81'36-5 Conversion - Gareth Steenson , Exeter Chiefs
80'TRY! For a second the crowd think Waldrom is about to sprint over from 20 yards. But the No. 8 is stopped and he finds Armand on his shoulder to do the rest.
80'One last attack from the hosts as they build possession towards the Newcastle 22.
80'34-5 Try - Don Armand , Exeter Chiefs
77'NO TRY! Newcastle think they have another try back but the replays show that Tait dropped the ball as he went to ground it in acres of space.
75'Newcastle are enjoying a spell of possession and they have a penalty advantage as they head towards the Chiefs 22.
73'Newcastle penalised for collapsing a scrum and Steenson boots the ball into the corner.
69'Another intelligent kick from Townsend keeps Newcastle pinned inside their own 22.
68'NO TRY! Townsend thinks he has scored Exeter's third try but Carley refers the decision to his TMO and the replay shows the hole was opened up by an illegal clearout from Armand.
68'Player substituted - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
68'Substitute on - Gareth Steenson , Exeter Chiefs
67'A Newcastle attack becomes mired on their own 22 before Sonatane Takulua is forced to kick and the ball drifts out on the full.
65'Tait is forced to scamper back and cover Jack Nowell after Stu Townsend's chips the ball into the in-goal.
65'Player substituted - Sam Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
65'Substitute on - Thomas Waldrom , Exeter Chiefs
65'Substitute on - Ian Whitten , Exeter Chiefs
65'Player substituted - Henry Slade , Exeter Chiefs
65'Player substituted - Calum Green , Newcastle Falcons
65'Substitute on - Will Witty , Newcastle Falcons
64'Newcastle launch an attack from inside their own 22. They haven't given up hope just yet.
62'Player substituted - Nic White , Exeter Chiefs
62'Substitute on - Stu Townsend , Exeter Chiefs
62'Player substituted - Luke Cowan-Dickie , Exeter Chiefs
62'Substitute on - Jack Yeandle , Exeter Chiefs
62'29-5 Conversion - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
60'TRY! Woodburn finishes well in the left corner following some good work from White. That should be the game.
60'27-5 Try - Olly Woodburn , Exeter Chiefs
58'Flood's conversion has been charged down by Turner. Remarkable.
57'22-5 Try - Alex Tait , Newcastle Falcons
56'TRY! Alex Tait finishes off a good period of Newcastle pressure to score with his first touch since coming on. A lovely pass from Flood to set him up.
56'Player substituted - Josh Matavesi , Newcastle Falcons
56'Substitute on - Juan Pablo Socino , Newcastle Falcons
55'Player substituted - Mitch Lees , Exeter Chiefs
55'Substitute on - Sam Skinner , Exeter Chiefs
55'Substitute on - Greg Holmes , Exeter Chiefs
55'Player substituted - Tomas Francis , Exeter Chiefs
55'Player substituted - Alec Hepburn , Exeter Chiefs
55'Substitute on - Ben Moon , Exeter Chiefs
55'Substitute on - Alex Tait , Newcastle Falcons
55'Player substituted - Simon Hammersley , Newcastle Falcons
54'Carries from Latu, Goneva and Sinoti Sinoti take Newcastle into the Exeter half.
52'Hammersley knocks on as he attempts to field a clearing kick. Falcons fans will hope today has been a horrible, horrible dream.
51'Substitute on - Rob Vickers , Newcastle Falcons
51'Player substituted - Sam Lockwood , Newcastle Falcons
51'Player substituted - Kyle Cooper , Newcastle Falcons
51'Substitute on - Santiago Socino , Newcastle Falcons
51'22-0 Penalty goal - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
51'Player substituted - Micky Young , Newcastle Falcons
51'Substitute on - Sonatane Takulua , Newcastle Falcons
51'Substitute on - Nili Latu , Newcastle Falcons
51'Player substituted - Ally Hogg , Newcastle Falcons
50'Another penalty for Exeter as Mark Wilson is adjudged to have played the ball off his feet. That looked a little harsh.
49'A brilliantly judge kick from Joe Simmonds takes play into the Newcastle 22.
48'Simon Hammersley receives treatment following what looked like a head injury but the Falcons fullback is up and will continue.
47'19-0 Penalty goal - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
46'Falcons penalised at the breakdown as the Cheifs build towards the Newcastle 22. Simmonds will take a shot at goal.
44'Goneva's eyes light up as Simmonds floats a long pass towards Slade. The Falcons wing steps inside to try and claim the ball but it just eludes him.
41'We're back underway at Sandy Park, a slack kick from Micky Young puts pressure on the Falcons and the Chiefs secure a penalty which is kicked to the corner.
41'Player substituted - Juan Pablo Socino , Newcastle Falcons
41'Substitute on - Toby Flood , Newcastle Falcons
41'16-0 End of first half
40'Exeter are steamrolling their way to the Premiership final. It hasn't been pretty at times but it has been effective and White's late try is the least they deserve following 40 minutes in which they had 92 percent of possession.
40'16-0 Start of second half
39'Meanwhile, Flood has taken a blow in the defensive effort and will head off temporarily with blood streaming from his nose.
39'TRY! A brilliant break from Turner takes Exeter into the Newcastle 22 and as the ball is recycled the Chiefs continue to punch holes in the Falcons defence before White powers over from close range.
39'16-0 Conversion - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
39'Player substituted - Toby Flood , Newcastle Falcons
39'Substitute on - Juan Pablo Socino , Newcastle Falcons
39'14-0 Try - Nic White , Exeter Chiefs
37'Goneva snags an interception but Woodburn does well to wrap him up and the Fijian can't do anything other than kick out on the full.
36'Substitute on - Kyle Cooper , Newcastle Falcons
36'Player substituted - Santiago Socino , Newcastle Falcons
34'A rare knock on from Niki Goneva hands possession back to Exeter on halfway after the Falcons worked hard to win it back. Newcastle are playing like a team that don't believe they can win.
32'Newcastle have some possession on halfway but Flood elects to kick in behind Jack Nowell and the ball rolls over the goal line.
29'Wilson receives a standing ovation as he is wheeled off the pitch on a stretcher. It looks like it could be a serious head injury for the Newcastle prop.
29'A stretcher is on for Scott Wilson who stayed down after making a heavy tackle on Luke Cowan-Dickie. Wilson is being attended to by several medics.
29'Yellow card! Joe Simmonds makes a smart break inside the Falcons 22 before offloading to Turner. As the ball is recycled Evan Olmstead dives over the ruck to slap down White's attempted pass. He'll have 10 minutes in the bin.
29'Player substituted - Scott Wilson , Newcastle Falcons
29'Substitute on - David Wilson , Newcastle Falcons
29'Player substituted - Kyle Cooper , Newcastle Falcons
29'Substitute on - Santiago Socino , Newcastle Falcons
29'9-0 Penalty goal - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
29'Yellow card - Evan Olmstead , Newcastle Falcons
26'A poor restart from Newcastle leads to an Exeter penalty and a chance for the hosts to boot possession downfield.
25'6-0 Penalty goal - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
24'Now Exeter put some pace into the attack and with a penalty coming, Woodburn and Turner take the Cheifs into the 22. Referee Carley ultimately comes back for the original penalty.
22'Exeter on the attack and making their way towards the Flacons 22 through Armand and Woodburn.
17'Flood almost glides through a gap between Slade and Jonny Hill but the latter produces a fine tap tackle to halt his progress.
15'Exeter have enjoyed 92 percent possession in the opening 15 minutes. If they continue to do so then opportunities will come.
15'3-0 Penalty goal - Joe Simmonds , Exeter Chiefs
14'Exeter are back inside the Falcons 22 and Sam Lockwood is penalised for not rolling away. Joe Simmonds will take the points.
11'Exeter build possession into the Newcastle half again but Lachie Turner finds himself isolated and the Falcons win the penalty.
8'Slade plays Mitch Lees into space, who in turn pops a pass to Sam Simmonds and Exeter are up to the Falcons 22.
6'Graham penalised for a high tackle on Olly Woodburn. The wing had ducked into it though so penalty only.
3'Exeter enjoying the lion's share of possession in the opening exchanges.
1'Matthew Carley blows his whistle and we're underway at Sandy Park.

Henry Slade fields the kick off before Nic White box-kicks clear.
1'Toby Flood is back for Newcastle at fly-half and he will face the inexperienced Joe Simmonds.

Willis' unfortunate injury makes the battle of the No. 7s Don Armand and Gary Graham that bit more interesting. Could either one find themselves on the plane to South Africa?
1'In relation to the injury picked by Jack Willis in the earlier semifinal, it seems that the back row is heading to hospital with his knee in a brace. Still early days, but Wasps boss Dai Young has admitted "it doesn't look god".
1'Hello and welcome to live coverage of today's second Aviva Premiership semifinal as Exeter face Newcastle for a place in the final and a meeting with Saracens.
1'0-0 Start of first half