15Simon Hammersley, FB
14Vereniki Goneva, W
13Chris Harris, C
12Juan Pablo Socino, C
11Sinoti Sinoti, W
10Joel Hodgson, FH
9Micky Young, SH
1Sam Lockwood, P
2Scott Lawson, H
3Scott Wilson, P
4Calum Green, L
5Will Witty, L
6Will Welch, FL
7Gary Graham, FL
8Ally Hogg, N8
16Santiago Socino, R
17Rob Vickers, R
18Trevor Davison, R
19Evan Olmstead, R
20Ryan Burrows, R
21Sonatane Takulua, R
22Maxime Mermoz, R
23Alex Tait, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Kingston Park
7:45 PM, April 13, 2018
Capacity: 10,200

Match Commentary

81'35-30 End of second half
80'That is that. Brilliant game. Newcastle keep their playoff hopes alive, up into third with victory.
80'35-30 Conversion - Joel Hodgson , Newcastle Falcons
78'TRY Rob Vickers burrows over and scores what could be the victorious try. What a game. What a battle. Sale don't deserve to lose this but will need something from the kick off to win here.
78'33-30 Try - Rob Vickers , Newcastle Falcons
77'Huge effort from both needed. Two and a half minutes and Hodgson could take a step back for a drop goal. Newcastle two metres from the Sale line.
76'And Hodgson breaks into the 22, Vickers and Socino inch their way closer to the Sale line. Goneva stopped. Hodgson stopped once more.
75'Falcons on the Sale 10 metre line. Hodgson, Harris to Hammersley. Newcastle over the 10 metre line. In kicking range, they can't make an error.
74'Player substituted - Josh Beaumont , Sale Sharks
74'Substitute on - Bryn Evans , Sale Sharks
74'28-30 Penalty goal - Alan MacGinty , Sale Sharks
73'MacGinty in front of the posts and Sale lead with seven minutes to play.
71'Sale gather in the lineout. The maul is stopped. De Klerk finds Luke James, a penalty advantage to come.
71'Player substituted - Will Welch , Newcastle Falcons
71'Substitute on - Ryan Burrows , Newcastle Falcons
70'A superb kick in from Sam James from halfway, it bounces up and Hammersley has to play it and he is put into touch. Lineout Sale. inside the Falcons 22.
70'A huge kick from Hodgson and Newcastle now lead. Huge 10 minutes for both Newcaslte and Sale's seaosns.
70'Substitute on - TJ Ioane , Sale Sharks
70'Player substituted - Josh Strauss , Sale Sharks
70'Substitute on - Marc Jones , Sale Sharks
70'Player substituted - Rob Webber , Sale Sharks
70'28-27 Penalty goal - Joel Hodgson , Newcastle Falcons
68'Newcastle on the forward foot with Socino on the Sale 10 metre line. De Klerk flies out of the line, Hogdson kicks in behind. It is poor and taken for the mark and the referee gives a penalty.
68'Substitute on - Halani 'Aulika , Sale Sharks
68'Player substituted - WillGriff John , Sale Sharks
66'De Klerk box kicks and it goes into touch. We finally get some time to catch a breath.
66'De Klerk takes the ball in the air after a long kick and then box kicks. Sinoti takes but is quickly put to ground. Newcastle in big trouble. They need something.
65'De Klerk with a box kick to Sinoti, who bounces off Tom Curry. But Newcastle still have it.
64'Player substituted - Bryn Evans , Sale Sharks
64'Substitute on - Josh Beaumont , Sale Sharks
61'Sale have the lineout as Hammersely fails to take a high kick. De Klerk though throws straight to touch. Falcons with the lineout to come.
61'Substitute on - Evan Olmstead , Newcastle Falcons
61'Player substituted - Will Witty , Newcastle Falcons
61'Player substituted - Sam Lockwood , Newcastle Falcons
61'Substitute on - Rob Vickers , Newcastle Falcons
61'Substitute on - Santiago Socino , Newcastle Falcons
61'Player substituted - Scott Lawson , Newcastle Falcons
61'Player substituted - Micky Young , Newcastle Falcons
61'Substitute on - Sonatane Takulua , Newcastle Falcons
60'25-27 Conversion - Alan MacGinty , Sale Sharks
59'TRY Marland Yarde gets his second try as Sale fightback as Sam James feeds Luke James on halfway, just as he is tackled, James breaks down the line and after drawing the tackle he feeds Yarde who runs in to score.
59'25-25 Try - Marland Yarde , Sale Sharks
57'Newcastle take and kick downfield. But as always Sale look to run it back, the forwards go to the gaineline before the ball is spread wide left.
56'Newcastle take the lineout well and Young's box kick is blocked down but the ball goes to touch and Newcastle have the lineout once again.
55'The ball is cleared but Sale run the ball back. No let up. De Klerk goes directly into touch and Newcastle will have the lineout.
54'Sale keep the ball alive after the restart, they run it before James kicks downfield and Hodgson runs from his own line but is put to ground.
54'25-20 Penalty goal - Alan MacGinty , Sale Sharks
53'Penalty for offside and Sale will go for the posts again. It all started with the hit on Goneva. Yarde popped the ball up to MacGinty and Curry took the ball in from the touchline that led to the penalty.
52'Macginty, and Marland Yarde take the ball up, Curry, Webber all make good ground and they are 10 metres from the Newcastle line.
51'The scrum is solid, and Goneva goes out wide right. They switch back left but Goneva knocks the ball on in the tackle and Faf de Klerk counters.
49'Newcastle have the ball on the Sale 10 metre line, but the referee comes in and awards the scrum to Newcastle.
49'Young runs it back before offloading to Goneva who is put to ground over halfway.
48'Newcaslte scrum is solid and Young clears down to the Sale 22. We have some back and forth in the air before Hammersley kicks long, MacGinty gathers outside his 22 and De Klerk clears.
46'Newcastle clear through Young, but back come Sale Sharks. There is a huge overlap but Ross doesn't and he's put to ground and Newcastle have the put in to scrum after a knock on.
44'It is a very different Sale Sharks team in the second half and a very different Newcastle. They look very poor. Sale Sharks break into the 22 with McGuigan, but as he tries to release the one-handed off-load he puts it forward.
44'25-17 Penalty goal - Alan MacGinty , Sale Sharks
44'Player substituted - Ben Curry , Sale Sharks
44'Substitute on - Tom Curry , Sale Sharks
42'Penalty for Sale as Lockwood is penalised for not rolling away. Can they do it? De Klerk made the break but Welch doesn't do it legally.
41'A huge second half started. Few could have thought it would be like this after Newcastle were 25-0 down after a half hour. Immense recovery from Sale but what does the second half hold? Let us find out.
41'25-14 End of first half
40'25-14 Start of second half
40'25-14 Conversion - Alan MacGinty , Sale Sharks
39'25-12 Try - Marland Yarde , Sale Sharks
38'TRY MacGinty charges up to the Newcastle defence, the ball is spread wide by De Klerk James finds Marland Yarde who finds a gap to run in to score. Sale Sharks back into it.
36'Sale Sharks somehow manage to avoid conceding their and De Klerk looks to kick to touch, Goneva runs it back and Yarde hits him. Then a box kick sees Simon Hammersley take De Klerk in the air.
33'The game starts with a penalty after the pushing but Hodgson misses touch. Huge let off for the Sharks.
33'25-7 Conversion - Alan MacGinty , Sale Sharks
32'25-5 Try - Ben Curry , Sale Sharks
31'TRY Sale win the penalty and kick to the corner. This time the ball is taken in the lineout. Luke James goes into contact, Hodgson tries to rip the ball from him, Hodgson kicks the ball on the ground, backwards and Ben Curry picks the ball up and scores with some pushing and shoving afterwards.
27'25-0 Try - Scott Lawson , Newcastle Falcons
26'TRY The ball goes to Witty. Hodgson is delayed, Hammersley looks to go over but is stopped. Scott Lawson at the bottom comes up with the ball and gets the plaudits.
25'And the ball doesn't go to hand in the lineout and Newcastle quickly make up 80 yards. Scrum-half Young intercepts from 10 metres from the Falcons' line. He gets to halfway, puts Goneva away. The Sharks somehow get back to get some defensive structures in place.
24'It has gone to Sale hands in the lineout, the ball is spread left and Yarde is stopped short, but the referee gives a penalty for hands on the floor. Sale to kick to touch. Another five metre scrum.
24'Yellow card - Will Welch , Newcastle Falcons
23'And the TMO and referee see Will Welch to the sin-bin with a deliberate knock on. Sale kick to the corner. Five metre lineout.
22'Sale Sharks up inside the Newcastle 22 with Josh Strauss making some inroads. De Klerk looking for quick ball off the back of each ruck. De Klerk is played by Will Welch. TMO Has a chat with the referee.
20'20-0 Try - Simon Hammersley , Newcastle Falcons
19'TRY Goneva takes the ball after a poor Yarde pass. He isn't put into touch. The ball goes left to the other side of the field and Simon Hammersley hands of Odogwu to score in the corner.
18'Lineout Newcaslte, is good, Green takes, Socino punches through but Lockwood can't hold onto the ball and Sale escape.
17'Sale with no possession, McGuigan penalised for not releasing. Newcastle have the penalty. Hodgson kicks to the Sale 22.
16'15-0 Conversion - Joel Hodgson , Newcastle Falcons
16'13-0 Try - Gary Graham , Newcastle Falcons
14'TRY Sale escape from their own 22 but Newcastle are coming back like a train. Midway through the Sale half, a huge break out wide through Sinoti. The forwards take charge and Welsh is held short. Gary Graham barges over from close range. His first Premiership score and Newcaslte off to a flying start.
12'The game is being held up as McGuigan gets seen with blood coming from his nose.
11'A sarcastic cheer goes up around Kingston Park after another poor lineout from Sale. This time it isn't straight.
10'Callum Green manages his first try in a decade of rugby.
9'8-0 Try - Calum Green , Newcastle Falcons
8'TRY Sinoti takes the ball inside the Sale 22. Goneva bursts to within 5 metres of the line. Young, Harris Sintoi and Callum Green goes over to score for the first try of the game.
6'Newcastle win the lineout on the Sharks' throw and a kick forward isn't gathered by Sale by either Yarde or MacGinty. Newcaslte counter and have the lineout on the Sale 22 after a kick in behind.
6'3-0 Penalty goal - Joel Hodgson , Newcastle Falcons
4'Gary Graham barges forward after Sale kick the ball away. He brings Newcastle back inside the Sale 22. Newcaslte win the penalty at the breakdown.
3'The lineout doesn't go to hand but Newcastle's Gary Graham bursts off his own line and makes about 35 metres. Welsh is on hand to take the ball on and the Sharks go from their own line to outside the Sale 22.
1'Sharks go right and a kick in behind from Sam James kick and Falcons will have the lineout.
1'A knock on in the lineout against Newcastle and Sale have the scrum on the Falcons 10 metre line.
1'We are underway through AJ MacGinty. It goes out of play and our first lineout inside 30 seconds for Sale.
1'Newcastle and Sale Sharks looking to get the upper hand in the battle for the Aviva Premiership playoffs. Newcastle lie fifth, two points off Wasps in fourth, with Sale a further point back.
1'0-0 Start of first half