15Chris Pennell, FB
14Bryce Heem, W
13Wynand Olivier, C
12Jackson Willison, C
11Josh Adams, W
10Ryan Mills, FH
9Francois Hougaard, SH
1Val Rapava Ruskin, P
2Joe Taufete'e, H
3Nic Schonert, P
4Donncha O'Callaghan, L
5Will Spencer, L
6Christopher Vui, FL
7Sam Lewis, FL
8Marco Mama, N8
16Matt Williams, R
17Ryan Bower, R
18Biyi Alo, R
19Tevita Cavubati, R
20Dewald Potgieter, R
21Luke Baldwin, R
22Ryan Lamb, R
23Perry Humphreys, R

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Sixways
3:00 PM, March 5, 2017

Match Commentary

81'41-24 End of second half
80'A brilliant display from Worcester. They fought hard and relegation edges closer to Bristol as the Warriors supporters erupt in applause.
80'Player substituted - Jamal Ford-Robinson , Bristol Rugby
80'Substitute on - Gaston Cortes , Bristol Rugby
79'TRY - Wynand Olivier gathers after a kick through and scores and that is that.
79'41-24 Try - Wynand Olivier , Worcester Warriors
77'Player substituted - Jackson Willison , Worcester Warriors
77'Substitute on - Ryan Lamb , Worcester Warriors
74'Warriors back to within five metres of the Bristol line, but they are driven back. Josh Adams is hit. They are driven back outside the Bristol 22, Alo brings it on, Vui takes it into the 22. Bristol playing with Mitch Eadie down but Warriors knock the ball on.
73'36-24 Conversion - Jack Wallace , Bristol Rugby
72'TRY Warriors want more as Adams sprints towards the line but they lose possession and Varndell sprints clear after picking the ball off on the left side. Bristol one try away from a bonus point and that would bring them within seven points, and another bonus point.
72'36-22 Try - Tom Varndell , Bristol Rugby
71'Player substituted - Nic Schonert , Worcester Warriors
71'Substitute on - Biyi Alo , Worcester Warriors
71'Substitute on - Jack O'Connell , Bristol Rugby
71'Player substituted - Ryan Bevington , Bristol Rugby
70'Varndell is hit and he drops the ball. Nothing has gone right for Bristol today, or Varndell. On another day he might have had a hat-trick.
68'36-17 Conversion - Jason Woodward , Bristol Rugby
68'Player substituted - Donncha O'Callaghan , Worcester Warriors
68'Substitute on - Tevita Cavubati , Worcester Warriors
68'36-15 Try - Max Crumpton , Bristol Rugby
66'TRY - It is far too little, too late, but Bristol have a try as Max Crumpton stretches over from close range.
66'They kick down the line, gather the lineout, but the maul is driven back. Jack Lam, Fenton-Wells, Piutau all take it forward and Bristol have a penalty, Worcester penalised for not rolling away.
64'Bristol get a penalty for obstruction but unless they are planning a miracle, this game is done.
64'Player substituted - Sam Lewis , Worcester Warriors
64'Substitute on - Dewald Potgieter , Worcester Warriors
64'Player substituted - Marc Jones , Bristol Rugby
64'Substitute on - Max Crumpton , Bristol Rugby
64'Player substituted - Jordan Crane , Bristol Rugby
64'Substitute on - Nic Fenton-Wells , Bristol Rugby
64'Substitute on - Jack Wallace , Bristol Rugby
64'Player substituted - Gavin Henson , Bristol Rugby
64'Substitute on - Rhodri Williams , Bristol Rugby
64'Player substituted - Alby Mathewson , Bristol Rugby
63'36-10 Try - Bryce Heem , Worcester Warriors
62'TRY - Wynand Olivier makes a break and offloads to Bryce Heem who brings Warriors up to the Bristol line, but Varndell takes him down. He is driven back seven metres, but when the ball is recycled right, it is Heem who touches it down.
60'Another attack, another chance for Varndell, and once again he is put into touch. This hasn't been a good showing from Bristol. If they had gone down the drop goal route every time they were in the Worcester 22, this game would be a lot closer.
60'Player substituted - Chris Pennell , Worcester Warriors
60'Substitute on - Perry Humphreys , Worcester Warriors
60'Player substituted - Val Rapava Ruskin , Worcester Warriors
60'Substitute on - Ryan Bower , Worcester Warriors
58'Eventually it is Varndell who is put into touch. The story of Bristol's day, no return from renewed pressure in the Worcester 22.
57'Warriors drive the Bristol scrum back, they spread it wide. Woodward brings it on, on the right flank. it goes back left, Ford-Robinson, Lemi, Woodward all take it on, they are still on the five metre line.
55'Advantage Bristol as Worcester are off their feet. Five metres from the Warriors line. They inch towards the line, its stolen but we come back for the penalty.
53'We've had some more kicking back and forth and now Bristol are up to the Warriors 22 and have to get something. Henson's long floated pass eventually releases Varndell. He goes to within inches of the line but tosses it back off a Worcester player before it goes dead. Scrum Bristol, five metres from the line.
50'This time Varndell knocks, Bristol counter and Pennell bursts down the left touchline but he's adjudged to be in touch. Bristol clear and Adams brings it back for the Warriors.
48'Bristol attack and Henson runs through the Worcester 22 and loses control of the ball and the Warriors clear.
48'Some kicking back and forth here before Bristol win the penalty at the breakdown. It seems like the energy which Worcester injected in the first half is gone. Do they think it's all over?
45'That was a let off for Bristol. The eventually clear having endured some severe pressure at the start of the second half.
42'Jamal Ford-Robinson penalised for Bristol and Worcester kick down the line and back into the Bristol half.
41'Disappointing as Bristol give possession away in their first play of the second half.
41'And we're back under way. A very big 40 minutes for Gavin Henson and Bristol to possibly save their season.
41'Player substituted - Will Hurrell , Bristol Rugby
41'Substitute on - Tusi Pisi , Bristol Rugby
41'Substitute on - Jamal Ford-Robinson , Bristol Rugby
41'Player substituted - Gaston Cortes , Bristol Rugby
41'+131-10 End of first half
40'And there is halftime and Worcester look to be putting daylight between them and Bristol at the break. If things stay the same they will be seven points clear of Bristol at the end of today.
40'31-10 Start of second half
39'31-10 Conversion - Ryan Mills , Worcester Warriors
38'29-10 Try - Bryce Heem , Worcester Warriors
37'TRY - Worcester have four before half-time, Francois Hougaard splits through the defence after the lineout and feeds Bryce Heem who goes over to score an easy try.
36'And not for the first time do Bristol come away empty handed from the Worcester 22. They have the lineout inside the Bristol half.
36'Varndell kicks through and kicks away possession needlessly and Worcester win the penalty with Bristol penalised for not rolling away.
35'Final five minutes, Bristol need a score before the break. The go from left to right and back again but no real impact.
34'Bristol back up to the Worcester 22 but Worcester turn the ball over, and their forwards look to get them out of trouble. A box kick goes straight to David Lemi and he brings it into midfield.
34'Substitute on - Sam Jeffries , Bristol Rugby
34'Player substituted - Dan Tuohy , Bristol Rugby
34'24-10 Conversion - Ryan Mills , Worcester Warriors
33'22-10 Try - Will Spencer , Worcester Warriors
32'TRY Vui gathers once again, Bryce Heem takes it close to the line and Will Spencer goes over after a quick pick and go as the Bristol defenders scramble to get the defence right.
31'Worcester get the penalty at the scrum once again. It hasn't been a great day at the scrum for Bristol. Worcester kick to the corner.
30'Chris Vui picked out by Joe Taufete'e and the maul is going forward but Bristol put a stop to it and get the put in to the scrum.
29'Worcester spread the ball wide, Wayne Barnes calls a maul and Bristol are penalised. Worcester will kick back to the Bristol 22.
28'A box kick from Francois Hougaard is knocked into touch by Henson as he attempts to gather. Lineout Worcester.
27'Bristol get the ball from the lineout, Henson kicks long and Worcester are back inside their own 22 after an awkward bounce.
26'Bristol turn the ball over and Henson clears to touch.
26'17-10 Conversion - Gavin Henson , Bristol Rugby
25'Jordan Crane is put out of play after gathering the restart.
24'17-8 Try - Jason Woodward , Bristol Rugby
23'TRY Bristol kick to the corner. They will be hoping they get a better result from this lineout. Bristol gather and the maul gets going, inching towards the line, a penalty advantage coming as Woodward dives over for the try.
22'Bristol win the lineout and the forwards take it on. Henson kicks throug hand Chris Pennell gathers but we come back for the penalty advantage.
21'Bristol in attack again. Haven't really had much of an opportunity in this half to date. Eadie, Crane take it into contact before it goes wide. Woodward goes through, doesn't feed the free Varndell and in the end Worcester turn the ball over. Really poor decision making by Jason Woodward there.
20'17-3 Conversion - Ryan Mills , Worcester Warriors
19'15-3 Try - Francois Hougaard , Worcester Warriors
18'TRY - Bristol get the throw wrong, it goes over the top, Francois Hougaard reacts quickly and bursts through to score under the posts.
18'10-3 Penalty goal - Gavin Henson , Bristol Rugby
17'Ryan Mills' restart is knocked on and Bristol look to run it out, through Mitch Eadie. The ball goes wide and Tom Varndell attacks down the left. Bristol lineout.
16'Bristol win the penalty at the scrum and they opt to have a shot at goal. Here comes Henson.
15'Yellow card - Bryce Heem , Worcester Warriors
14'Worcester down to 14 men temporarily due to a dangerous tackle, Bryce Heem taking the player in the tackle and judged to have put him dangerously to the ground.
14'Bristol win the penalty and go down the line.
13'Chris Vui gathers in the lineout, and Francois Hougaard clears. Back come Bristol through Jones. He is put down by O'Callaghan one halfway.
12'Bristol gather their lineout and a bock kick is knocked backwards by Josh Adams but Bristol get possession and spread it wide to Tom Varndell and he is put into touch.
11'Bristol win the penalty at the scrum on their own 22 and will get to clear to halfway through Henson.
10'Henson it was who put Marco Mama to ground before Bristol managed to get their defence set.
10'Marco Mama gathers and runs it all the way back to the Bristol 22. A kick through is hacked away by David Lemi and back come Worcester.
9'O'Callaghan takes and they spread it wide and they are up to the Bristol 22, but Tom Varndell is in to gather and Gavin Henson clears.
8'Tom Varndell gathers a kick by Mills, he gives it to Alby Mathewson who is put into touch. Lineout Worcester.
7'Bristol looking to get some possession and Alby Mathewson's box kick is gathered once again by a Bristol hand and they are up to past the Worcester 10 metre line. Worcester kick through at the ruck and chase and are up to halfway with possession.
6'10-0 Penalty goal - Ryan Mills , Worcester Warriors
4'Bristol losing another penalty at the scrum, this time on their own put in. Donnacha O'Callaghan pats all his forwards. Definitely up for this game. Ryan Mills will have a shot at goal.
4'Worcester win the lineout but Wynand Olivier loses the ball forward in the tackle.
3'A scrum penalty for Worcester. They kick down the line into the Bristol half.
2'Bristol's first opportunity inside the Worcester half and they cough up possession, with a knock on and Worcester have the put in to the scrum.
2'Yellow card - Dan Tuohy , Bristol Rugby
2'7-0 Conversion - Ryan Mills , Worcester Warriors
2'5-0 Penalty try
1'PENALTY TRY - Wayne Barnes awards a penalty try inside 65 seconds with Ian Evans penalised for coming in at the side as the maul gets rolling.
1'First penalty going Worcester's way and they kick to the corner. Huge opportunity early on.
1'Worcester run out, led by former Irish international Donnacha O'Callaghan. He and Bristol's Gavin Henson will be key in today's game.
1'Welcome to the live coverage of this relegation six-pointer between Worcester and Bristol. Both badly in need of points, and a win for either would ease their plight temporarily, at least. Here are the teams.
1'0-0 Start of first half