12Lina Guerin, C
11Jessy Tremouliere, W
10Elodie Guigliou, FH
9Jennifer Troncy, SH
1Rose Thomas, P
2Audrey Amiel, H
3Marjorie Mayans, P
4Pauline Biscarat, L
5Jade Le Pesq, L
6Fanny Horta, FL
7Caroline Ladagnous, FL
8Camille Grassineau, N8

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Deodoro Stadium
10:00 PM, August 8, 2016

Match Commentary

15'5-19 End of second half
12'5-19 Conversion - Richelle Stephens , USA Women 7s
12'5-17 Try - J'oanne Falvesi , USA Women 7s
10'5-12 Try - Jessica Javelet , USA Women 7s
9'5-7 Conversion - Alev Kelter , USA Women 7s
8'5-5 Try - Alev Kelter , USA Women 7s
7'5-0 Start of second half
8'5-0 End of first half
6'5-0 Try - Camille Grassineau , France Women 7s
1'0-0 Start of first half