9Ben Youngs, SH
7Tom Wood, FL
3Dan Cole, P
2Dylan Hartley, H
4Courtney Lawes, L
6Chris Robshaw, FL
5George Kruis, L
1Mako Vunipola, P
8Billy Vunipola, W
15Mike Brown, FB
14Jonny May, W
13Jonathan Joseph, C
12Owen Farrell, C
11Elliot Daly, W
10George Ford, FH
16Jamie George, C
17Joe Marler, C
18Kyle Sinckler, FH
19Charlie Ewels, C
20Teimana Harrison, W
21Danny Care, P
22Ben Te'o, SH
23Henry Slade, FL

*Players currently on the pitch are shown in bold

Game Info

Venue: Twickenham Stadium
7:30 PM, November 26, 2016
Attendance: 81,586

Match Commentary

81'+127-14 End of second half
80'The biggest question for Eddie Jones is how much did this Test against Argentina take out of them, with Elliot Daly sent off, as they look ahead to Australia.
80'Argentina knock the ball on and England march on.
80'England's scrum is firm, Wood, Care, Ford and falls into the arms of De La Fuente who makes a break but doesn't offload. Argentina still has the ball.
80'Player substituted - Teimana Harrison , England
80'Substitute on - Mako Vunipola , England
80'Player substituted - Facundo Isa , Argentina
80'Substitute on - Ramiro Herrera , Argentina
79'Robshaw is the man of the match, but can they end it in style with another try?
79'Argentina still looking for something but Wood snipes in and turns the ball over. England kick clear into the Argentina 22. Cordero gathers but Montoya knocks the ball on inside his 22.
79'Substitute on - Charlie Ewels , England
79'Player substituted - George Kruis , England
77'Tomas Lezana makes a break into the England 22, Cordero and Hernandez bring the Pumas up to within 10 metres of the England line, but a cross kick goes into touch.
76'De La Fuente breaks out of his own 22, Landajo and then Isa makes a 30 metre break.
76'England inching towards the Argentina line but Wood drops the ball and Argentina look to break.
76'Substitute on - Gabriel Ascarate , Argentina
76'Player substituted - Juan Pablo Estelles , Argentina
76'Yellow card - Joe Marler , England
76'Red card - Enrique Pieretto Heilan , Argentina
75'Pieretto sent off for a stamp while Joe Marler is yellow carded for holding.
75'Enrique Pieretto stamps on the face of Joe Marler.
75'England win their lineout and spin it left and there is Sinclair to break down the middle. In the end it comes to nothing, but the referee is told by his touch judge that there was a stamp.
75'Player substituted - Mike Brown , England
75'Substitute on - Henry Slade , England
74'Substitute on - Kyle Sinckler , England
74'Player substituted - Dan Cole , England
73'Argentina lose their penalty as the TMO penalises Argentina. Farrell kicks to the England 10 metre line.
73'Penalty for Argentina as Cole is penalised for not rolling away.
73'Argentina solid at the scrum, Isa sends Landajo away down the line. Argentina break deep into the England half, but slow ball means their attack doesn't end, so far, in a try.
72'Argentina have the scrum, Landajo to feed.
71'England have really come to life Ford, Robshaw, Farrell, Joseph and Mike Brown has crossed the the line but the referee goes to the TMO. Any reason why the referee can't award the try. The TMO shows he's knocked on. Scrum five Argentina. But we are going back for a tackle off the ball by Argentina.
70'Argentina have struggled to make any headway in the final quarter with the likes of Creevy off the field.
70'Substitute on - Danny Care , England
70'Player substituted - Ben Youngs , England
68'England perhaps fortunate that they don't need the extra points from Farrell today and England look home and dry.
68'27-14 Try - Jonny May , England
68'Player substituted - Tomas Cubelli , Argentina
68'Substitute on - Martin Landajo , Argentina
67'England make no mistake as they take Argentina apart. May runs in to score down the left. Youngs, Ford, Wood, Joseph and May touches down in the corner.
66'England and Farrell will line up the kick and he drags it left and wide.
66'Yellow card - Pablo Matera , Argentina
65'England have the penalty for a collapsed maul and the referee is going to his pocket.
64'England win the penalty off the back of the restart as Argentina are penalised for holding on. Farrell kicks down the line.
64'Owen Farrell stretches England's advantage to more than a converted try. Argentina have it all to do in the final 15 minutes.
64'Substitute on - Tomas Lezana , Argentina
64'Player substituted - Matias Alemanno , Argentina
64'Substitute on - Santiago Garcia Botta , Argentina
64'Player substituted - Lucas Noguera Paz , Argentina
64'22-14 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
62'Farrell lines up another kick. Can he put to bed his missed kick a few minutes ago?
62'Last quarter. England's 100 per cent record looks firm as England win the penalty at scrum-time.
62'Player substituted - Ramiro Herrera , Argentina
62'Substitute on - Enrique Pieretto Heilan , Argentina
62'Player substituted - Agustin Creevy , Argentina
62'Substitute on - Julian Montoya , Argentina
61'De La Fuente is driven back by Owen Farrell and England have the advantage for a knock on. It's scrum England.
60'Argentina's scrum has been immense today and once more they provide ball for their back-line.
60'Substitute on - Joe Marler , England
60'Player substituted - Mako Vunipola , England
60'Substitute on - Jamie George , England
60'Player substituted - Dylan Hartley , England
58'England are doing superb to keep Argentina at bay so far.
54'Creevy takes the ball up towards halfway but England get another penalty with Estelles penalised for holding on. Farrell set to have a kick at goal, five metres inside the Argentina half.
54'Creevy somehow manages to turn the ball over and Moroni goes down the left wing.
53'They win their own lineout but they kick the ball back to England and they counter through Joseph.
52'19-14 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
51'Argentina have the lineout on halfway.
50'Owen Farrell is about to line up the kick at goal to stretch their lead to five.
50'England win their lineout and the maul drives forward as Ortega Desio is penalised for coming in from the side.
48'Argentina get the free kick at the scrum and Cubelli goes on the run. Cordero kicks the ball through but Argentina are penalised after a tackle around the neck of May's neck.
48'Player substituted - Kyle Sinckler , England
48'Substitute on - Tom Wood , England
47'England knock the ball forward and Argentina get the scrum.
46'England scrum and the ball goes from Youngs to Ford to Farrell but his chip is too high for May on the touchline as Dan Cole returns.
45'England gather in their own lineout through Lawes, Vunipola breaks into the Argentina half and the Pumas knock on.
44'England kick away possession but Juan Martin Hernandez is put into touch.
43'England get the ball back after a poor cross-field kick.
43'16-14 Conversion - Juan Martin Hernandez , Argentina
42'Orlando breaks for Argentina but Matera knocks on and England counter.
41'TRY 50 seconds into the second-half and Argentina are back to their best. They go down the left wing through Estelles, De La Fuente puts in Cordero who touches down.
41'16-12 Try - Santiago Cordero , Argentina
41'+4Yellow card - Dan Cole , England
41'+816-7 End of first half
41'+5Player substituted - Tom Wood , England
41'+5Substitute on - Kyle Sinckler , England
41'+716-5 Try - Facundo Isa , Argentina
41'+816-7 Conversion - Juan Martin Hernandez , Argentina
40'Facundo Isa gets a try at the end of the half. He takes the ball off the back of the scrum and touches down. The challenges of Ben Youngs and Farrell cast aside by Isa and England lead by nine at the break.
40'The scrum is reset yet again.
40'Another penalty for Argentina and Dan Cole is sin-binned.
40'Another penalty for Argentina and the referee warns Hartley for collapsing the scrum. Argentina go for the scrum again.
40'Argentina get the push on, George Ford is offside and Argentina go for the scrum.
40'16-7 Start of second half
39'Scrum is solid, but the referee gives another penalty at scrum time to Argentina.
39'Can England keep Argentina at bay?
39'Substitute on - Teimana Harrison , England
39'Player substituted - Billy Vunipola , England
38'Billy Vunipola is in pain and England and Saracens fans will be concerned. He's struggling to stay on his feet.
37'Creevy takes the ball on. It's an advantage but Argentina knock the ball on. And we come back for the penalty.
37'Following the scrum, Argentina break through Cubelli, he has Estelles free outside him but he goes it alone.
34'Argentina have the lineout five metres from the England line, they gather but England shut the door as Creevy knocks the ball forward. England have the scrum put-in, five metres from their line.
33'Chris Robshaw is offside, Argentina have the advantage, but they are going further back and after knocking on, they come back for the penalty.
31'England win the Argentina lineout and Owen Farrell kicks but it goes dead. Creevy to throw, this time Argentina win it.
30'England gather their lineout and Ben Youngs kicks down the line, midway inside the England half.
30'16-0 Conversion - Owen Farrell , England
29'Argentina inside the England 22 after a cross kick sees Estelles gather but May turns on the afterburners and puts him into touch.
29'Yellow card - Matias Orlando , Argentina
29'14-0 Penalty try
28'England putting massive pressure on as Farrell rips the ball from Hernandez's hand, Vunipola takes it on, Robshaw puts the ball out wide towards Wood, but its slapped down by Orlando.
28'Owen Farrell misses as it comes back off the right upright. Cordero runs it out of his own 22, De La Fuente, Cubelli, Herrera take it on, but they cough up possession and England end up getting a penalty try and a yellow card for Orlando.
25'Estelles knocks on for Argentina, and Jonathan Joseph counters. Another penalty against Argentina as Cubelli makes a tackle with no hands. Farrell likely to go for goal.
24'9-0 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
23'Argentina finding it very difficult to make use of their extra man.
22'George Ford goes down the left wing but as Argentina turn the ball over, the referee gives England another penalty. Farrell goes for goal.
20'Argentina making the hard yards and Isa carries inside the England half. But they give away another penalty.
19'England cough up the ball on their own lineout and Argentina can break on the right wing.
18'England gather their lineout but Argentina turn the ball over. The second time England have coughed up possession inside the Argentina 22.
17'Estelles takes out May in the air, May lands on his front, but the referee and TMO say just a penalty.
16'Brown ran from inside his own half, up past the Argentina 10 metre line and then May kicks the ball out of play.
16'Mike Brown makes an incredible break and May kicks the ball into touch and the attack comes to nothing.
15'England win their lineout and an up an under is gathered by Robshaw. England look good, and they just throw the ball straight into touch.
14'England absorb the attack and Argentina are penalised at the breakdown. Farrell can clear.
13'Argentina into the England half but little breakthrough from the back-line.
13'6-0 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
11'England win their lineout outside the Argentina 22 and maul forward through Hartley. The ball is spun wide through Ford and Farrell but Argentina are penalised for infringing in the maul. Farrell lines up the kick.
10'England intercept in the Argentina half but the Pumas turn the ball over again but Cubelli's clearing kick goes out on the full.
9'Tom Wood gives away a penalty for England and Hernandez who has returned kicks but doesn't make touch.
8'Substitute on - Juan Martin Hernandez , Argentina
8'Player substituted - Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias , Argentina
5'Brilliant burst forward for Argentina but Vunipola intercepts to save England blushes.
5'Red card - Elliot Daly , England
5'Substitute on - Facundo Isa , Argentina
5'Player substituted - Leonardo Senatore , Argentina
4'Elliot Daly is red carded in the fourth minute as Senatore lands on his neck and back.
4'Elliot Daly with awful timing and takes out Leonardo Senatore in the air. TMO decides...
4'3-0 Penalty goal - Owen Farrell , England
4'Player substituted - Juan Martin Hernandez , Argentina
4'Substitute on - Jeronimo De La Fuente , Argentina
3'Argentina were down to 14 players in that phase of play with Juan Martin Hernandez down and he's replaced by De La Fuente.
2'Hernandez clears to halfway, and back come England, Billy Vunipola, spread wide to Joseph, Farrell and May who is put to ground on the Argentina 22.
1'Take two with the 22 drop out for Argentina.
1'The referee goes to the TMO to see if May is taken out by Cordero but surely not enough contact to warrant a penalty.
1'Argentina win their own lineout but when they spread the ball wide, England turn the ball over. A lineout inside Argentina's half, sees May kick through but an Argentina hand touches it down for a 22 drop out.
1'We're under way in Twickenham. England surely set for another win under Eddie Jones.
1'The teamsheet from Twickenham. One change sees Cordero moving to fullback, Estelles starting on the wing, with Tuculet missing out.
1'0-0 Start of first half