Russian curling coach says Alexander Krushelnitsky unknowingly slipped meldonium

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea -- Russian women's curling coach Sergei Belano says he is convinced a Russian curler charged with doping was slipped meldonium without his knowledge.

Belano says he doesn't believe Alexander Krushelnitsky would have taken the drug because it would be foolish to do so. Belano said he is certain someone must have drugged Krushelnitsky. Belano did not explicitly say who he suspects would have done such a thing, but he said that multiple housekeepers come in and out of the athletes' rooms each day.

Krushelnitsky won bronze with his wife in mixed doubles, but he now is likely to be stripped of the medal.

Russian curling officials have said Krushelnitsky could have been set up by a rival Russian athlete or a political enemy of the country.

Meldonium is designed for people with heart problems and some believe it can help athletes increase stamina. It was banned in sports in 2016.