Team Norway ends up with 15,000 eggs thanks to translation error

The chefs for Norway's Olympic team ordered 1,500 eggs.

What the chefs got was 15,000 eggs.

With Norway boasting a team of 109 competitors, the team's chefs placed a bulk order for eggs from a local store. The order was apparently lost in translation, however, and they received a bumper batch -- some 13,500 more than expected.

"There was literally no end to the delivery," chef Stale Johansen told Aftenposten. "Absolutely unbelievable."

The chefs have since been allowed to return their excess produce, with Aftenposten attributing the original mistake to a mix up with Google's translation tool.

Although the excess eggs have been sent back, the Norway team can still expect plenty of egg-based dishes.

"There will be omelets, boiled and fried eggs and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs," Johansen told Aftenposten. "And we hope there will be a lot of sugar bread made for medal winners. We have made our provisions for that."