Super Bowl LI coverage: What you need to know

Ryan thrilled for Falcons' organization (0:46)

Matt Ryan explains about what it's like going to his first Super Bowl, breaks down Julio Jones' performance in the NFC Championship and describes his rushing touchdown for the Falcons. (0:46)

The race for the Lombardi Trophy is on, and it'll be the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots squaring off in Super Bowl LI. Here's everything you need to know about the game -- which is Sunday, Feb. 5, at NRG Stadium in Houston -- and how we got here.

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Super Bowl LI

New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons

Sunday, Feb. 5 | 6:30 p.m. ET | Fox | Game HQ page

NFC Championship Game

(No. 2) Atlanta Falcons 44, (No. 4) Green Bay Packers 21

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AFC Championship Game

(No. 1) New England Patriots 36, (No. 3) Pittsburgh Steelers 17

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AFC divisional round

(No. 1) New England Patriots 34, (No. 4) Houston Texans 16

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(No. 3) Pittsburgh Steelers 18, (No. 2) Kansas City Chiefs 16

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NFC divisional round

(No. 2) Atlanta Falcons 36, (No. 3) Seattle Seahawks 20

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(No. 4) Green Bay Packers 34, (No. 1) Dallas Cowboys 31

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AFC wild card

(No. 4) Houston Texans 27, (No. 5) Oakland Raiders 14

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(No. 3) Pittsburgh Steelers 30, (No. 6) Miami Dolphins 12

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NFC wild card

(No. 3) Seattle Seahawks 26, (No. 6) Detroit Lions 6

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(No. 4) Green Bay Packers 38, (No. 5) New York Giants 13

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