Buzz Williams admonishes Virginia Tech fans for swearing in team's victory over Duke

Williams implores Virginia Tech students to 'quit cussing' (0:17)

Virginia Tech fans rain jeers down at the refs after a foul is called on the Hokies. Head coach Buzz Williams goes to center court and tells the students to stop cursing and stop throwing things on the court. (0:17)

Virginia Tech coach Buzz Williams grabbed a microphone and admonished the school's fans for swearing with 3 minutes, 3 seconds left in the Hokies' 64-63 victory over No. 5 Duke.

"Guys. Quit cussin'. Don't throw anything on the floor, regardless of what's happening," Williams told the raucous fans as they complained about a foul call on Virginia Tech's Justin Robinson with Duke holding a 60-56 lead.

Williams' announcement was met with applause by the crowd, which roared even louder as Duke's Grayson Allen missed the first of two free throws to break a personal streak of 24 straight.

The Virginia Tech fans were rewarded for their enthusiasm -- despite the brief bad behavior -- as the Hokies held Duke scoreless over the game's final two minutes and Chris Clarke tipped in a missed shot with 4 seconds remaining for the victory.