Jordan Spieth loving Cowboys' run, but staying clear of social media

Jordan Spieth Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

SYDNEY -- Sit back and enjoy the ride. That's Jordan Spieth's message to Dallas Cowboys fans.

But be sure to keep any thoughts of gloating away from social media, too; until they reach the playoffs, at least.

"I've been quieter on social media this year about it, I'm kind of just like 'just let them do their thing,' " Spieth said at Royal Sydney Golf Club, where he is preparing to play in the Australian Open.

"But come Super Bowl time, if they go through the process and make it there, then we can go nuts ... most people aren't Cowboys fans and I've realized I'll just keep to myself [until then]."

Currently riding an eight-game winning streak and three games clear at the top of the NFC East, the Cowboys are the hottest team in the NFL.

And it's all been without star quarterback Tony Romo, with Dak Prescott thriving in the hot seat of one of the NFL's most scrutinized franchises.

"It's incredible what they're doing," Spieth said of the Cowboys.

"I think they actually just recently named that Dak was going to stay the starter, I think Jerry Jones named that," he continued when asked whether Prescott should retain the starting spot.

"It's awesome to have two fantastic quarterbacks on the team when we were kind of really struggling last year with Tony out. [It's] fun to watch. I hope I actually get to go back and get to a couple of games. It looks like they're going to make it into February - so to the Super Bowl."

Spieth said Dallas was a different place when the Cowboys were winning.

"I mean when the Cowboys are playing well, the city of Dallas is just rocking, it's just a different vibe.

"Texas is just a huge football state, so it's a lot of fun at home now and hopefully [I'll] get to a couple of games."

Before he heads back to the U.S. to take in some Cowboys action, Spieth's focus is firmly on this week's Australian Open -- a tournament he won two years ago before his runner-up finish in 2015.

This year hasn't reached the lofty heights of his amazing five-win 2015 season, but Spieth said he was maybe a little disappointed really only with the second half of the PGA Tour.

"I got myself into position early on this year, I mean Hawaii was a better performance than any of the ones in '15," he said.

"And then the Masters, I got myself into position there, a couple of swings away from another major and then, where else, Colonial, winning the way we did there was a lot of fun, too.

"So it was just the second half of the year where I would say I maybe tried just a bit too hard, didn't let it come to me, was getting a little frustrated with the lack of first-place finishes; I guess, even though if you win five times a year from the amount of time I expect to be on tour, I'll have more than Tiger [Woods]. So it's unrealistic."